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B. The station will display account number, IP and territory; Ideal car responds to suspension fracture; Central cyberspace office: seriously investigate and deal with the use of online celebrities

Time : 26/01/2022 Author : tw50nx Click : + -
        Recently, Shanghai minimally invasive brain science was listed on the main board of the stock exchange of Hong Kong. The prospectus shows that the total amount of funds raised by the company this time is about 338million Hong Kong dollars. Minimally invasive brain science, originally called microportneurotech, is a high-end medical device company in the field of Neurointerventional therapy. It has a perfect stroke intermediary treatment product line, covering the three fields of aneurysms, acute stroke and arterial stenosis. Its products include bridge vertebral artery drug stents. (Ryan capital). Krypton learned that according to the documents of the Hong Kong stock exchange, the producer and distributor of online dramas and online films, Naikan entertainment Holdings Co., Ltd., submitted a listing application to the Hong Kong stock exchange.
        Krypton learned that on July 18, the website of Shenzhen Stock Exchange disclosed the "decision on terminating the examination of Tuba rabbit's initial public offering and listing on the gem". A few days ago, CICC securities, the sponsor of Tuba rabbit, submitted an application to Shenzhen Stock Exchange to withdraw Tuba rabbit's listing on the gem. Kevin, the co-founder of Tuba rabbit, also responded on Weibo. This withdrawal of Tuba rabbit from the gem IPO is based on a comprehensive consideration of the current overall market environment and other factors, not affected by performance factors. At present, the company's business situation continues to improve, and the listing plan will be restarted at an appropriate time in the future. Due to the political turmoil in the British government, Softbank group has suspended arm's plan to list on the London Stock Exchange next year and may choose to list in the United States.
        In June, son Zhengyi told shareholders that he preferred to list in the United States because many of arm's customers were in the United States. (Sina Technology). Station B: it will gradually open the display account IP territorial function, and it is expected to be fully launched in a week. Krypton learned that the official announcement of station B said that in order to ensure a real and orderly discussion atmosphere in the community, and continue to prevent and control bad behaviors such as impersonating hot event parties, malicious rumors, and traffic, the community will gradually open the display account IP territorial function in accordance with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations. Users are temporarily unable to actively open or close relevant displays, and it is expected to be officially launched to all users in a week. Regarding the rupture of the air suspension of the ideal L9 test drive car, ideal car responded that in fact, the test drive car in Chongqing rushed through a pit of more than 20 cm at a speed of 90 km / h, resulting in the damage of the buffer ring inside the air spring.
        Ideally, because of the supply problem, some of our test cars use the buffer ring in the trial production stage. Although the trial version meets the safety standard, it will fail occasionally in case of large impact. The strength of the buffer ring of the actual mass production version is 2.5 times that of the trial version, and there will be no problem in the face of greater impact. The reason for the enhanced buffer ring is that the 21 inch wheel hub has become a standard configuration, and the buffer pressure is greater. (surging). Cnnmo and other departments will organize and carry out a two month special action to focus on platforms such as short video live broadcast, social networking, learning apps, online games, e-commerce, children's intelligent devices and so on, which are frequently used by minors, and focus on solving the chaos of problems involving minors.
        These include: ① strictly control the infringement of minors' personal privacy, investigate and deal with cyber bullying such as personal attacks and insults against minors; ② Seriously investigate and deal with the use of online celebrity children to make profits and let minors make indecent gestures and sexual suggestive actions to attract traffic; ③ Urge the website platform not to provide network anchor services for minors under the age of 16; ④ Focus on cleaning up pornographic novels and comics created in the image of minors. (CCTV News). Station B has continuously adjusted its organizational structure in the past week, involving multiple core business departments and six business heads. Liu Zhi, vice president of station B and former head of operation, will be responsible for the commercialized middle platform system (commercial product department, commercial technology department, commercial operation Department, commercial resource management department) and the main station business center.
        Liu Binxin, the former head and vice president of the commercial center of station B and the main station, will leave; Zhang Zhendong, head of business and vice president of yuanmengpai and marketing center, will be transferred to innovative business. (later latepost). The reporter learned on July 17 that Huawei has launched an application called petal travel in the application crowd test. The details page shows that this is a taxi express application that aggregates domestic high-quality online car Hailing suppliers. It is very similar to Gaode taxi and meituan taxi. A person in the online car Hailing industry analyzed Huawei's online car Hailing mode, but at the current test stage, there are only a handful of suppliers cooperating to access, only Shouqi car hailing and Shenzhou car Hailing. Moreover, the online car Hailing service provided by petal travel is only tested and supported in Beijing, Shenzhen and Nanjing, and will continue to increase the number of serviceable cities in the future.
        (Economic Observer). 36 krypton learned that at the close of July 18, the three major U.S. stock indexes opened high and closed low. The Dow fell 0.69%, the S & P 500 fell 0.84%, and the NASDAQ fell 0.81%; Large technology stocks rose and fell, with apple falling more than 2%, saying it would slow down some recruitment and spending; Google fell more than 2%, Microsoft fell nearly 1%, meta rose 1.54%, Netflix rose 0.96%; Most of the popular Chinese concept stocks strengthened, with Shang multiplier section up more than 72%, Qu store up more than 39%, iqiyi and B station up more than 6%, up nearly 3%, ideal car up more than 1%, and Xiaopeng automobile down more than 4%.
        36 krypton learned that Yunda announced that the express service business revenue in June was 4.14 billion yuan, an increase of 25.11% year-on-year; The business volume was 1.614 billion tickets, a year-on-year decrease of 1.71%. 36 krypton learned that SF holdings announced that the operating revenue of express logistics business in June was 16.125 billion yuan, an increase of 11.16% year-on-year; The operating revenue of supply chain and international business was 10.567 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 486.08%. 36 krypton learned that Shentong express announced its business briefing in June 2022, and the company realized a revenue of 2.982 billion yuan from express service business in June, an increase of 55.09% year-on-year; The business volume was 1.188 billion tickets, an increase of 30.83% year-on-year; The single ticket revenue of express service was 2.51 yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 18.40%.
        36 krypton learned that Yuantong Express announced that the express business revenue in June was 4.107 billion yuan, an increase of 31.57% year-on-year; The number of business completed was 1.572 billion, with a year-on-year increase of 5.61%. Cnnmo and other departments will organize and carry out a two month special action to focus on platforms such as short video live broadcast, social networking, learning apps, online games, e-commerce, children's intelligent devices and so on, which are frequently used by minors, and focus on solving the chaos of problems involving minors. (CCTV News). Recently, it was rumored that the internal staff of snowball revealed that the existing staff size of snowball was only about half of the peak when it was preparing for listing last year. Snowball's Xueying securities was reduced from a first-class department to a fourth level department, and the original team of more than 100 people only retained about 20 people.
        In this regard, the customer service staff of Xueying said that the saying that Xueying securities had entered the stagnation stage was false, and the saying that it was reduced from the first level department to the fourth level department was pure rumor. Xueying continues to operate stably and has sufficient team members to provide customers with continuous services, so customers can use it at ease. (Financial Associated Press). Due to the adjustment of business development, Tiktok will be offline on July 29. At that time, all local circle functions will not be accessible, and the offline will not affect the works published by users in Tiktok. In this regard, a customer service staff member said that he had not received relevant information about the subsequent arrangement of this function. (Beijing business daily). Liu Jiaming, chairman of Tencent Weibo, officially resigned on July 15 and will soon join animocabrands, a Hong Kong mobile game development company, as the chief business officer (CBO), responsible for managing all its more than 300 acquisition and investment companies, and taking the lead in mergers and acquisitions and foreign cooperation.
        Weibo also confirmed to reporters that Liu Jiaming resigned as the executive director of Weibo for personal reasons. (Interface). Krypton learned that goer shares announced that the company and its holding subsidiary tongge venture capital signed a partnership agreement with MIHA you and Sanqi mutual entertainment, and plans to subscribe a total of 555.56 million yuan to carry out venture capital activities. The partnership will make equity or quasi equity investments in unlisted start-ups in the fields of advanced manufacturing, intelligent connected vehicles, augmented reality / virtual reality, and semiconductors. Recently, the Tianjin Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development issued an "urgent notice on the need for real estate development enterprises to make loans to financial institutions". The notice said that in order to help real estate enterprises solve the difficulties of project construction funds and support enterprises to speed up project construction, it is now urgent to investigate and arrange the loan situation of real estate development projects from financial institutions, and ask all real estate enterprises to fill in the relevant questionnaire and feed back to the real estate development and construction office at 16:00 p.m. on July 16.
        In this regard, the Tianjin Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development told reporters that it was not clear, but a number of real estate enterprises told reporters that they had received the relevant notice. (Financial Associated Press). 36 krypton learned that the website of universal Beijing resort released the latest tips on admission requirements. Since July 18, all tourists entering universal Beijing Resort (including Universal Studios theme park, Universal City Avenue, universal Universal Studios Hotel and Nuojin resort) must hold a valid nucleic acid test negative certificate within 72 hours, verify Beijing health treasure and valid identity documents, and show a valid reservation code when entering the theme park. According to Nikkei news, Intel has informed customers that it will raise the price of semiconductor products in the second half of 2022.
        The reason is that the cost rises due to global inflation. It is expected that Intel will raise the price of a wide range of products such as core servers, computer CPU processors and peripheral chips. According to a relevant person, the increase varies with the type of chip, and has not been finally decided. The lowest is in the single digit, and some products may increase by 10% to 20%. (Interface). People familiar with the matter said that because the economy is likely to decline, some departments of apple are preparing to slow down the pace of recruitment, and the growth rate of expenditure will be reduced. Before Apple, meta and Tesla have also slowed down the pace of recruitment. Apple's adjustment is not aimed at all teams. Apple's product launch plan in 2023 is still radical, including Mr helmets.
        (Sina Technology). It is reported that iphone14plus is affected by the panel supply chain, and the production progress lags behind the original plan. As the first wave of sales of the new iPhone will affect the subsequent orders, Apple may adjust the delivery ratio of the first wave of products originally ordered when the production progress lags behind. The iphone14plus model is mainly assembled by Heshuo and Tencent. (Sina Technology). Boeing recently released the 2022 civil aviation market outlook (CMO), predicting that the world will need more than 41000 new aircraft by 2041, highlighting the tenacity of the aviation industry in the two years since the outbreak.
        The latest CMO predicts that the delivery of new aircraft worth $7.2 trillion in the next 20 years will increase the size of the global fleet by 80% by 2041 compared with the pre epidemic level in 2019. About half of the newly delivered airliners will be used to replace the existing models, which will improve the fuel efficiency and sustainability of the global fleet. (Shanghai Securities News). The Asian Football Association announced on the 18th that four countries, Australia, South Korea, Indonesia and Qatar, had proposed to bid for the 2023 Asian Cup before the deadline on July 15. According to the regulations, countries interested in bidding for the 2023 Asian Cup must formally submit their bidding materials before August 31, and the AFC Secretariat will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the bidding materials.
        The final host country will be announced by the AFC Executive Committee on October 17. (First Finance). Krypton learned that Swire Pacific announced that on the date of this announcement, Swire Coca Cola and Swire beverage Holdings (both wholly-owned subsidiaries of Swire Pacific) entered into an agreement with the seller (which is an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Coca Cola). Accordingly, Swire Cola agreed to purchase and the seller agreed to sell all the shares of the target company at a total consideration of US $1.015 billion (equivalent to about HK $7.917 billion), which will be adjusted according to the status at the completion of the transaction as described below in this announcement. The subsidiaries of the target company are engaged in the preparation, packaging, distribution and sale of instant drinking beverages in Vietnam and Cambodia respectively.
        36 krypton learned that Deyi communication, a digital RF innovation enterprise, announced the completion of the pre-A round of financing of nearly 100 million yuan. This round of financing is jointly led by grcsinogreenfund and Junke Danmu, the sub fund of Junlian capital. The former shareholder Mingshi capital continues to increase its investment, and potential capital acts as the exclusive financial adviser of this round of financing. The financing funds will be mainly used for the company's R & D investment, new product development, market expansion and the company's operation expansion. Recently, Nezha automobile announced that it had completed a round of D3 financing of hundreds of millions of yuan, and the investor was the beginning of the day capital. Nezha automobile is an automobile brand under Hezhong New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. and its parent company Hezhong new energy was founded in 2014.
        The main products of Nezha automobile include electric logistics vehicles, pure electric passenger vehicles, etc. (investment community). 36 krypton exclusively learned that Guoxin Tongchuang, the R & D and production manufacturer of new electronic glass, announced that it had recently completed an angel round financing of more than 10 million yuan, which was exclusively invested by the industrial fund of Suzhou Industrial Park. Guoxin Tongchuang said that after this round of financing, mechanized production lines will be established to further expand market share. 36 krypton learned that fermion technology, an ai+ new drug R & D company, has completed a round B financing of more than 100 million yuan. The investors in this round include iFLYTEK venture capital, Zhengxuan capital, the old shareholder panda capital and Challenger venture capital continue to follow. This round of financing funds will be mainly used to promote the research of the company's core pipeline and the subsequent validation of concept (POC), the pre clinical development of other pipelines, and the further upgrading of the company's AI drug research and development platform and team.
        36 krypton learned that at the baidu world 2022 Conference on July 21, Baidu AI Cloud will launch a digital human live broadcast platform, which can realize the 24-hour pure AI live broadcast of super realistic digital human, and support the free switching of makeup, hair, clothing and scenes. It is reported that compared with live anchors, digital human live broadcasting can reduce the restrictions of people, time and space, without the support of live anchors, central control personnel and complex hardware, and reduce the live broadcasting cost for businesses by more than 30%.
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