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Blockchain foreign exchange Canada MSB license new application channel guarantee, licensing

Time : 09/07/2022 Author : 6jrid7 Click : + -
        The scope of supervision of Canadian MSB license is very wide, whether it is doing digital currency, exchanges, or engaging in foreign trade, Canadian MSB license can be done, which also causes the livelihood of Canadian MSB license in the market is much higher than that of American MSB license 165. In Canada, before doing business, you must bring the MSB registration to fintrac. Even if you have implemented the MSB registration in Canada, you must also bring the registration to fintrac. B. Develop and apply written compliance policies and procedures approved by senior management. Apply and document risk assessments, including mitigation measures and strategies. D. Develop and promote a written training plan for employees, agents and others who have the right to represent you: review you every two years to test its effectiveness.
        American MSB and Canadian MSB have become the choice of most exchanges because of their low application cost. In particular, the price advantage of American MSB licenses is too obvious, and many exchanges tend to ignore that their gold content is also the lowest among these four licenses. In addition, there are too many transactions of all American licenses, so now the Canadian MSB is more popular. It is estimated that this situation can be managed for 1-2 years. During this period, there will be no problem with the reputation of this license plate, and the number of applications will certainly be relatively large. For most exchanges, 1-2 years is enough, after which they can apply for a more valuable and convincing compliance license.
        Holding a Canadian MSB license is already a trend!! At present, among all AA regulatory licenses, the Canadian ftrmsb license has the lowest cost performance. Low cost and minimal negative cost are the best choice for advanced licenses used in the middle and later stages of all large and medium-sized platforms. The full name of the Canadian license is a financial services company, often referred to as FTR or financial services company. 3. Cashing or selling money orders, traveller's cheques or anything similar: this may also include cashing or selling traveller's cheques or anything similar. This does not include cashing checks to specific individuals or organizations. Return to Sohu to see more.
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