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Illegal fund-raising: a complete fraud

Time : 12/10/2021 Author : o3907v Click : + -
        Illegal fund-raising is very harmful, and sometimes mixed with pyramid selling mode. Swindlers have set many traps in fraud related software, financial investment, pension, false tourism and other aspects. Let's take a look at illegal fund-raising cases and preventive suggestions. Swindlers operate online investment platforms, allowing investors and bidders to register and pay fees on the platform. On the one hand, they induce the release of bidding information, and on the other hand, they attract investors to invest a lot. The so-called financial innovation, in fact, is the operation of a false platform, which ostensibly provides financing services for bidders. In fact, it is a fiction of various projects to pay investors ultra-high returns as a bait to raise funds from unspecified groups in society. In the actual operation process, the funds raised by the platform did not enter the corresponding projects, but were controlled and controlled by the fraud gang. Except for part of the funds used to repay the due principal and income of investors, the rest of the funds were transferred by swindlers.
        Some investors only look at high returns and fail to assess the fraud risk behind them. Some have a fluke mentality, thinking that they will not be the last receiver. They want to make a profit and then stop, and the result is deeper and deeper. The common routine is to invent money making projects to develop early members, and then through member recommendation, develop other members, and claim that there is no need to buy goods, just pay a deposit or develop offline, and you can make profits. For consumers, swindlers also throw out bait. As long as they spend 100 yuan on fake websites and pay 10 yuan, they can register as rebate members and get cash rebate and virtual currency rebate. This kind of illegal fund-raising is mixed with the characteristics of online pyramid selling. Swindlers use various gimmicks to attract others to invest money by constantly developing offline money. We must be vigilant.
        There are many types of illegal fund-raising on the Internet. Some use new concepts such as blockchain and virtual currency, and some use gimmicks such as pension, original shares and mutual assistance to induce capital injection. Once trapped, it will either reveal personal information or be cheated out of property. In terms of form, swindlers absorb funds in the name of issuing or transferring equity and creditor's rights, raising funds, or engaging in various asset management and virtual currency. In terms of publicity, it will promise to pay high-yield funds and equity, and the routine is as follows:. After a period of time, swindlers will disappear with money. When you encounter projects with high returns such as online publicity of overseas investment and housing pension, you must be vigilant. Whether it is to induce investment in virtual currency and blockchain, or to attract financial management under the guise of mutual assistance, film and television, etc., are common means of illegal fund-raising, which should be recognized.
        Fictitious projects, confusing concepts and exaggerating profits are the usual routines of swindlers. We should improve our awareness and identification ability of illegal fund-raising. In case of suspected illegal fund-raising fraud, please call the police in time.
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