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Three major issues of Rural Revitalization from the perspective of "blockchain to the countryside"

Time : 16/12/2021 Author : 8yn65x Click : + -
        According to the "half month talk", last September, the government of Dangshan County, Anhui Province, the Agricultural Bank of China Anhui branch and ant chain signed a framework cooperation agreement to build the first "blockchain village" in China in Liangli village, Liangli Town, Dangshan County. Liangli village has put the production, sales, logistics and other reliable data of crisp pears on the blockchain platform, so that farmers with good credit can obtain unsecured loans. Two months after its launch, the Agricultural Bank of China Anhui Branch has made a loan of 13million yuan in Liangli village, and the local e-commerce sales have increased by more than 20% year-on-year. Blockchain technology goes deep into the fields, farmers can easily obtain unsecured loans from banks, and high-quality agricultural products have a stronger push and a broader platform.
        The first "blockchain village" in China uses blockchain technology to accelerate the digitalization of agricultural products management, which is a vivid epitome of the active participation of rural grassroots organizations and farmers in the practice of "blockchain +" in the context of comprehensively promoting rural revitalization and accelerating agricultural and rural modernization. In recent years, rural e-commerce in China has developed rapidly, laying a solid foundation for "blockchain to the countryside". For example, Dangshan County currently has more than 1300 e-commerce enterprises, 50000 online stores and wechat businesses, and more than 100000 people engaged in related industries. In 2019, Dangshan County's online sales of agricultural products reached 4.67 billion yuan, leading the country for many consecutive years. During the development of rural e-commerce in China, a large amount of trade data flows in the network. After the introduction of blockchain, every single transaction and logistics data of farmers are recorded on the chain, which has become an unalterable credit voucher and the most potential data asset.
        In this sense, just as blockchain is the product of the development of Internet technology to a certain stage, "blockchain to the countryside" is also the product of the development of rural e-commerce to a certain stage. It is an upgraded version of "e-commerce into the countryside", which will provide a new pattern for opening up the production, supply and marketing cooperation system of agricultural products. This is one of the major issues that must be faced in comprehensively promoting rural revitalization. The second major issue that must be faced in promoting rural revitalization is to solve the contradiction that the transaction cost is too high and various elements are difficult to be effectively activated caused by the insufficient credit quantification of business entities. The data information stored in blockchain has the characteristics of "unforgeability", "full trace", "traceability" and "collective maintenance". The biggest advantage is to shape and confirm credit in the form of quantification and technical embodiment. Therefore, "blockchain to the countryside" is conducive to breaking the credit barrier of farmers' transactions, so as to activate transactions and accelerate the activation of rural industries.
        The exploration of "blockchain +" in Dangshan County, Anhui Province is not an isolated case. Ant group data show that in 2020, the agricultural business volume of ant chain nationwide increased by more than 12 times, of which the traceability of agricultural products increased by nearly 7 times year-on-year. More and more farmers are beginning to taste blockchain, and "online" is becoming a new choice after rural "Internet access" and a powerful propeller for Rural Revitalization. The third major issue that must be faced in promoting rural revitalization is to vigorously strengthen the construction of rural public infrastructure, including the construction of digital rural infrastructure focusing on the Internet, big data, blockchain and 5g big data. The development of blockchain is another key point.
        In recent years, the level of rural infrastructure construction in China has significantly improved. The proportion of optical fiber and 4G networks in administrative villages across the country has exceeded 98%. In 2020, the number of rural Internet users was 309million, and the Internet penetration rate in rural areas reached 55.9%. On this basis, the coverage of "blockchain to the countryside" is increasing, which is expected to drive the construction of rural digital infrastructure to further speed up. Further expanding and strengthening rural e-commerce, strengthening rural credit construction and digital rural infrastructure construction are important conditions for consolidating and expanding the achievements of poverty eradication and rural revitalization, and the only way to unblock the urban and rural economic cycle and accelerate agricultural and rural modernization.
        In this major historical process, "blockchain +" and "blockchain to the countryside" are by no means an optional episode, but will certainly be a wonderful chapter with thick ink and heavy colors.
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