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        Fiscobcos open source community has deposited hundreds of articles covering all stages of blockchain learning. In order to facilitate you to find appropriate tutorials corresponding to your own learning stage, we sort the community articles according to the blockchain learning growth path, hoping that along this path planning, everyone can become an independent blockchain expert. We divide blockchain learning into three stages: introductory, advanced and professional, which correspond to the three modules in this article: Beginner's practice, climbing mountains and mountains, and proficient. As the module difficulty increases, learners' understanding of blockchain will gradually deepen. We also sorted out the ways of community application and issue/pr to the community at the end to facilitate everyone to understand the application direction of blockchain.
        [learn more about vfiscobcos010]. 1. Blockchain is a decentralized distributed ledger database. Every node without central data storage will synchronously copy the entire ledger information, which is transparent and difficult to tamper with. In short, blockchain is a distributed database that provides Byzantine fault tolerance and ensures final consistency; In terms of data structure, it is a chained data block structure based on time series; From the perspective of node topology, all its nodes are redundant backups to each other; Operationally, it provides a public-private key management system based on cryptography to manage accounts. User portrait Aunt Wang is a rural woman with little knowledge. In her early years, her biological child was accidentally lost. Although she called the police, there has been no news of her child. She hopes to help her find her child as soon as possible through the vast information network.
        User portrait Mr. Chen is an ordinary Internet author who makes money by writing articles, but he is famous and online C; It's hard to write good works, and they are always easy to be plagiarized in disguise when they are published on the Internet. Copyright can't be well protected, and litigation is time-consuming and expensive. User portrait Xiaomei is an exquisite female college student who likes to shop online and often looks for overseas purchasing agents to help buy cosmetics and famous brand bags, but fakes of popular goods emerge in endlessly to buy items on line C; She doesn't want to spend money wrongly. User portrait boss Qian is the boss of a small start-up company. The company's development needs financing, but the company is small, unstable and high-risk, and it is difficult to obtain high loans from the bank. If the bank can ensure the reliability of the company's data, it can alleviate the financing difficulties by comprehensively evaluating the transaction information such as bills and contracts.
        User portrait Mr. Li, as an enterprise manager, went abroad to negotiate business, but the capital transaction process after signing the contract is very cumbersome, the settlement cycle is very long, and he relies on third-party institutions with high handling fees. He hopes to simplify the process, arrive in the account immediately, and do not violate the regulatory requirements to improve work efficiency. At the end of 2020, bitcoin hit a record high, and everyone's attention once again focused on the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem. Bitcoin is a currency system customized for the digital world. Just as the currencies issued by central banks support the world's trade, bitcoin will support the flow and development of the blockchain encryption world. With the maturity of smart contract technology and developer tools, the number of cultivators in the blockchain industry continues to increase, and the goal is also further and clearer.
        We interviewed several blockchain project parties to see what they predicted about the trend of the blockchain industry in 2021 and how they laid out in advance. I also hope that the blockchain industry in 2021 will pay more attention to the implementation and application of blockchain technology, and truly use this new technology to solve the pain points in the current industry and improve people's lives. Less short-term speculation focuses on the nature of blockchain and industry applications. In 2021, with the explosion of NFT market scale, NFT will sweep the world and become an individual new entertainment media. All non food consumer products will become NFT. Wax has made a lot of investment in the field of NFT and won the title of "king of NFT".
        We have developed mature developer tools and established many heavy strategic cooperation. We are confident to become a global leader in the emerging field of NFT. We expect that the blockchain ecosystem will continue to pay attention to DFI and make more attempts in decentralized governance, and the blockchain game field will also grow significantly. The performance of the main network of many blockchains has been greatly improved, and it can support the uploading of game assets. We also see that multiple cross chain solutions and supporting developer SDKs are constantly iterating. The earnbet team has made a full layout for 2021, and we will focus on the three aspects mentioned above: game, governance and DFI.
        In 2021, the focus will be on cross chain technology. Next year, more blockchain main networks will be launched. Smart contract technology will have more blockchain platforms. The tokens initiated by these platforms will appear in multiple blockchain ecosystems through cross chain technology, including Ethereum, EOS, Cardano, money security chain, etc. How to simplify the Multi Chain deployment and exchange use of the pass will be the key, and this is exactly what the FIO protocol and the FIO foundation are doing. We realize the cross chain technology through the wallet address. FIO has humanized account addresses, such as lukestokes, and our self-developed "FIO data" and "FIO request" functions. This system, combined with wallet, can solve the problem of using different formats in multiple blockchain systems, and will no longer cause any trouble to users.
        In the future, the FIO protocol will help the defi platform realize cross chain users to transfer vouchers to multiple FIO addresses and lock them into the flow pool, send "FIO request" to unlock the mortgage and extract the vouchers. In 2021, financial institutions will accept blockchain. They will help reduce the threshold of cryptocurrency, and secure, decentralized and independent FIO can provide solutions. We will see a batch of high-quality blockchain application products for mass users, including ultra one-stop entertainment platform. We have always believed that the popularity of blockchain is inevitable, and 2021 is likely to be the first year of popularity. I predict that institutional investors will more carefully evaluate the value and potential of bitcoin, and global financial services institutions will provide trading services for cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.
        While blockchain attracts more mainstream attention, bloks IO will continue to provide the preferred website for eosio blockchain information query. In 2021 and the next few years, we expect the popularity of blockchain to continue. Blockchain technology will continue to iterate, and better experience will attract all people to participate. Greymass team will accompany the evolution of blockchain technology, and we will focus on developing core underlying technologies. The application scope of blockchain technology exceeds our imagination today, and we will continue to see innovation in application. After our team has completed the development of ESR and anchor underlying technologies and products, we will transfer our energy to the development of upper applications to make our blockchain products.
        One of the directions in 2021 is the non impact of the user-side blockchain experience. We will enter the user experience of a new generation of blockchain. When users use the app, they will not feel whether there is a blockchain system connected in the background. At present, many users need to use blockchain wallets when using blockchain applications. In the new generation of experience, the wallet will be replaced by the user login process of the platform, which will be similar to the login method of today's Internet platform. Users can directly use blockchain applications without learning or paying blockchain transaction fees or pledging main network resources. At present, I think the eosio applications that do better in user experience are voice, ultra and blankos.
        The consortium platform will also focus on optimizing the user experience of the platform, with the goal of creating a centralized application experience while providing the characteristics and advantages of all blockchain applications. For example, at present, when voting, consortium users need to sign their wallets every time they vote. In the next version, users only need to sign with their wallet when they vote for the first time, and then they don't need to use their wallet again to greatly improve the user experience. NFT will become a new hotspot of cryptocurrency ecology, and NFT has many untapped potentials. I'm probably convinced that the protagonist in 2021 will be NFT. The prospectors team also saw this opportunity. We have made a lot of investment and are ready to go.
        We believe that digital assets will be subject to stricter supervision and better compliance requirements. At a certain point in time, users will realize that they must comply with local regulations or international regulations formulated by FATF, and enterprises that comply will have better development. In such an environment, supervision forces enterprises to comply and make corresponding adjustments. Chintai has prepared a series of services to meet the needs of enterprises. Chintai is established in Singapore. The government and regulatory landscape here is very friendly to cutting-edge technology. We can easily expand the jurisdiction of Singapore to other regions. Our technology is highly compatible and applicable to all regulatory rules. I think the popularization speed of blockchain will be similar to this year, and there will be no explosive development. The openness and transparency of blockchain will be applied in many industry fields, which will be the direction of industry development.
        In this era, technology enterprises are often criticized by public opinion because society pays more attention to user data and questions the intention of enterprises. Such an environment is conducive to the development of EVA. Our shared travel platform based on blockchain technology data is open and friendly to users, drivers, cities and governments, and our development is just beginning. The field of defi will be more mature in 2021. I look forward to seeing a new algorithm that can solve the volatile losses of AMM platform. With this algorithm, more people can participate in the lock up of liquidity pool, highlighting the advantages of decentralized exchanges. The vigor agreement will continue to explore the possibility of decentralized lending and continue to evolve to stay ahead. We will continue to review the token on the market. Targeted platform support will also improve the platform application experience based on user feedback.
        Vigor application will have new functions, and the operation mode of vigordac will be adjusted. Next, we will announce vigor 2021 route C; Let community members have a better understanding of the development direction of vigor. Next year, the fields of defi and NFT will be more mature, and the optimization of blockchain client applications will further reduce the threshold of blockchain. We will see more new users enter the blockchain ecosystem. The NFT protocol independently developed by pixeos team will give full play to its performance advantages, and we will expand our ecosystem with the tide of NFT. Foreword recently, metauniverse has become popular, and I have been talking with my friends about what is metauniverse (vr virtual reality, the digital twin of the real world) I won't talk about it because I don't understand VR technology, but now there are many domestic fool tools. Thingjs and Yunuo technology have good products,.
        Some people call him eBay forillegaldrugs. Like eBay, he has an online trading platform, and like eBay, he also has a reputationsystem. When you trade online, this business. This markdown editor is modified from stackedit. Blogging with it will bring a new experience: markdown and extended markdown concise syntax code blocks highlight relevant information. Relevant information and logs of installation process can be obtained through my baidu cloud disk.
        Other briefs. Industry teaching experience, sorted out the knowledge points related to smart contract development, and used the current relatively new 0.6 X compiler version for smart contract. The review of consensus mechanism has a reading volume of more than 1000, which really makes me feel lucky. Here I would like to briefly explain why there is no new blog post after such a long interval. 1. Private chain. Digital asset group (DAH) mainly solves the problem of internal liquidation efficiency R3 alliance, which mainly solves inter-bank (3) Regulatory issues,. With the characteristics of privacy protection, the legitimacy of transactions is difficult to be regulated and traced back.
        (4) Technical issues, as. Let's open the permission first and update the apt package index sudosuapt getupdate to install git (gitversion2.17.1). In other words, it has been recently. There is no news here, because I found a job in the enterprise a while ago and went to write c++ to play (does this mean that my c++ series can be updated.
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