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Blockchain media portal,Qilu Yidian blockchain system is online! Deeply protect the digital assets of news media

Time : 13/05/2022 Author : nosxl5 Click : + -
        On May 6, the intelligent media system of Qilu Evening News added wings, and the Qilu one point blockchain system was officially launched, realizing the technical application of media + blockchain in the first batch in Shandong Province. The original content released through Qilu Yidian platform will be linked at the first time, certified and authorized on the Internet, so as to better protect the rights and interests of creators. Behind the blockchain system is the big data support of Qilu Yidian content library. At present, the one point content library has collected more than 15 million pieces of data information, including multimedia forms such as graphics, text, audio, video, etc; At the same time, the content library has the ability of self-learning. With the continuous expansion of the database, the learning ability is continuously enhanced, which will provide users with a more accurate and convenient retrieval experience.
        The launch of one point content library and blockchain system will better protect the digital assets of news media and reconstruct Qilu Evening News · The communication pattern of Qilu Yidian intelligent media era. In the Internet age, copyright protection has always been a headache for many creators. The country has issued quite perfect copyright protection laws, but in practical operation, creators often face many difficulties in safeguarding their rights. The virtual nature of the network makes it difficult for infringement to be found and identified in time; The immediacy and fission propagation of the network make the development of infringement more rapid, and it also brings difficulties to copyright traceability, evidence collection and rights protection. According to the "people's copyright development big data report" recently released by "people's copyright", in recent years, nearly 60% of original media authors have encountered content infringement, and the infringement frequency of original manuscripts is as high as 3.64 times per work.
        The launching of Qilu Yidian blockchain system can gradually solve these problems. Blockchain technology with the characteristics of "decentralization" and "data cannot be tampered with" is being applied in more and more fields, and copyright protection is one of them. Qilu Evening News · Relying on the "hyperledgerfabric" solution and its own big data capabilities, Qilu Yidian technology center has built a one-stop copyright management platform, which will establish blockchain digital authentication for each news release and better protect the digital assets of news media. In short, once the original content is on the chain, its specific content and release time will be recorded in one point blockchain, forming a unique blockchain authentication. This authentication is like a person's fingerprint or ID card, which will not be repeated and difficult to be tampered with. It is recorded in the whole Internet.
        Once the manuscript is found to be tampered with or plagiarized, one point blockchain can initiate one key rights protection. What will happen after the original manuscript is linked? In fact, the blockchain will not affect the content of the manuscript itself, but give the manuscript an "ID card". This electronic authentication can truthfully record the release time and the text of the manuscript. As shown in the following figure, this is a "one point blockchain works certificate", including the name of the work, author, content, certificate storage time and other information. Among them, the ID of the deposit card block and the hash value of the work can be simply understood as the "ID number" of this work, which is unique and cannot be tampered with. Once someone tampers with or plagiarizes this manuscript, one point blockchain system combined with content similarity algorithm will be able to provide evidence at the first time.
        For infringement platforms, there will be no hiding place for the "taking doctrine" of copying and pasting. For the original author, how to query the blockchain authentication of the manuscript? After the manuscript is blockchain, there will be a prompt "this article has been blockchain" at the bottom of the text. Click this place to view the deposit information of this manuscript. (as shown below). It is understood that there is a precedent for using blockchain to protect copyright. In July 2019, launched the "people's copyright" platform. As of April 26 this year, the platform has accumulated copyright certificates for 2million news articles. As one of the first news media platforms in Shandong Province to launch blockchain system to protect multimedia digital assets, Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yidian blockchain will continue to innovate and better protect the rights and interests of creators.
        Behind the one point blockchain system is the big data support of one point content library. Up to now, Yidian content library has collected more than 15 million pieces of data, including 13.9 million text drafts, more than 1.2 million photos, more than 200000 videos and more than 8600 audio. One point content library is an intelligent database, which integrates a variety of artificial intelligence technologies such as blockchain, image recognition, label extraction, and has the ability of self-learning. It can not only intelligently identify data content, but also intelligently feed back data to users. Image and video data label extraction and intelligent recognition. For the collected pictures and videos, the content library can automatically identify 200 categories of objects, use the deep convolution neural network to achieve target detection, and autonomously realize the function of automatic tag extraction, which is convenient for users to query.
        Moreover, with the continuous expansion of subsequent samples, the classification and accuracy of recognition can be further improved, effectively supporting the label extraction of videos and pictures in the media library. Extract phrases from audio and manuscript data to effectively track hot spots. At present, after one point audio library is converted into characters through speech recognition, entity words can be recognized by using Bert deep learning network and combining with manual rules, which can recognize place names, person names, organization names, media professional nouns and other entities; Through the relationship between entities and parts of speech effectively, HMM is used to complete the combination of entity recognition and form the extraction of phrases. The content library can also complete the ranking of phrase popularity through big data technology, which can enable reporters to effectively track the current hot spots of the media library.
        Search engines support billion search. The comprehensive search of Yidian content library adopts the elasticsearch based on lucense, word segmentation algorithm, new word discovery, artificial rules, etc. to complete the extraction and index construction of pictures, videos, audio, manuscript tags, and complete the search through keywords or phrases, which can support the data level of 100 million. At the same time, the content library will use stream processing technology and spark offline batch processing to build user portraits according to the user's operation records (search, upload, etc.), and reorder the search results according to the search results and user portraits. Since the rapid development of mobile Internet and big data technology in 2010, the media industry has undergone fundamental changes.
        Internet media represented by portals and social media has gradually changed to smart media based on big data technology and artificial intelligence technology. Qilu Evening News ·, a producer who has pursued journalistic professionalism for more than 30 years and has a large number of excellent content; Relying on its own brand communication power, content creativity and resource integration, Qilu Yidian has further realized specialization, scientization, digitization and systematization in the process of smart media transformation. On July 23, 2019, Qilu Yidian launched its version, which applies AI to news collection, production, distribution, reception and feedback, and highlights the three characteristics of online, intelligent and intelligent.
        In the era of intelligent media, Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yidian is building a new influence by highlighting the three guides of products, technology and data. The launch of Qilu Yidian content library and blockchain system can not only better protect the digital assets of news media, but also is expected to continue to enrich the business model of the media industry, reconstruct the incentive and restraint mechanism of the media industry, and establish a healthier and sustainable media industry on the basis of thorough reconstruction.
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