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Coin Ring donkey head: what is an acceptor

Time : 03/02/2022 Author : vx0ejz Click : + -
        At first, many people of celA asked many questions, because celA is based on the acceptance business, so many people don't understand it very much, because this is caused by the limitations of the industry, but in fact, people who speculate in money have basically contacted the acceptors. The so-called acceptors are those people who provide us with access to money in and out during the process of cash in and cash out in the exchange, and they are collectively referred to as acceptors. What is an acceptor? [money Porter] an acceptor refers to an individual or collective enterprise that holds money or assets. It mainly plays the role of acceptor in the blockchain acceptance platform, that is, the acceptor solves the problem of cash in and cash out, and is the core role of the whole payment platform.
        Of course, many platforms themselves will also become acceptors of platforms. Blockchain payment can effectively solve the security problem of mobile payment. Transactions supported by blockchain technology are based on the account book of blockchain technology. Entering user accounts is difficult. So many mobile phone frauds, such as fraud, repeated payment, bid up prices, etc., will not occur after using blockchain technology. Blockchain payment is a new payment channel tool. Blockchain digital assets are used as a payment method to solve the inbound and outbound payment problems of various industries and realize cross industry docking. Blockchain digital asset payment has the functions of decentralization, record verification, large-scale transfer, cross-border transactions and so on.
        The purpose of blockchain payment system is to solve the problems of large payment amount, cross-border payment, high handling charges and slow account arrival. The third is to provide payment functions for some "special industries" to solve the problems of difficult application channels and easy stamping of card numbers. 1. The new mode of "money goes through channels and money goes offline" means that platforms and businesses have no direct contact with funds. 2. Using the acceptor as the payee can realize the transfer of funds and solve the problem of cash inflow. 3. The acceptor uses account polling to achieve immediate arrival and t+0 settlement. 4. As a means of payment, digital assets can expand market operations such as overseas markets. 5. The payment platform and merchants are more secure, and the account will not be closed.
        CNT anchor soft sister currency, without violent price fluctuations. As a platform valuation standard, it is easier for customers to understand and accept. 2. Channels will never be blocked and funds will never be frozen. Digital asset transfer is a distributed point-to-point accounting system based on blockchain. In addition to the independent payment system, it can only complete the transfer payment through a series of digital passwords and digital wallet addresses. It has the concealment and decentralization of blockchain technology. 3. C2C point-to-point decentralized transactions between individuals global digital currency transactions are peer-to-peer transactions between individuals. Capital is scattered and channels are unblocked. 4. Efficient, fast arrival in 5 minutes. Based on Lightning network and blockchain technology, a mature and efficient payment and settlement system has been developed, so that customers can arrive in 5 minutes for each payment.
        The speed is much faster than the t+1 arrival time, and the fund recovery is more efficient and safe.
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