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Time : 18/02/2022 Author : 75yc3g Click : + -
        Haikou, November 23 (reporter Chen Weilin) at the weekend special lecture for leading cadres of Hainan Province held on the morning of November 23, Zhu Xingang, professor and doctoral supervisor of the school of computer science and engineering of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, was invited to give you a special report on blockchain technology and Application. Zhu Xingang is a scholar of the National Youth "thousand people plan" and a member of the national e-government Expert Committee. He was a researcher at the National Institutes of health of the Ministry of health of the United Kingdom, an honorary researcher at Moorfields Eye Hospital of the United Kingdom, and a researcher at the University of London. His research interests include knowledge computing, trusted computing on blockchain, machine learning, probability modeling and reasoning, medical informatics, etc.
        His bi-directional security computing framework of "algorithm exchange instead of data exchange" based on blockchain and Knowledge Computing realizes the data sharing mode of "available invisible, available not copied, and burned after reading". It has been successfully applied to the data exchange and business collaboration between governments and enterprises in the fields of people's health care, cross-border trade, e-government, and industrial Internet. At the 18th collective study of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, General Secretary Xi emphasized that blockchain should be taken as an important breakthrough in independent innovation of core technology, and the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation should be accelerated, which provides important guidance for doing a good job in the application of blockchain technology. In the lecture, Zhu Ronggang explained the relevant knowledge of blockchain technology and application through vivid cases, focusing on "the development and evolution of blockchain technology", "the application status of blockchain in all walks of life and governments" and "how to realize data security sharing and business collaboration based on blockchain technology".
        In his concluding speech, Shen Danyang pointed out that the provincial Party committee and the provincial government attach great importance to the development of blockchain. All localities and departments should improve their political positions, adhere to the problem orientation, and formulate targeted development guarantee measures for the new generation of digital economy industry represented by blockchain, 5g and artificial intelligence, so as to ensure the high-quality, sustainable and healthy development of digital economy in our province. We should pay attention to the current situation and trend of blockchain technology development, improve the ability to use and manage blockchain technology, and make blockchain technology play a greater role in building a strong network Province, developing the digital economy, and helping the construction of Hainan free trade pilot zone and free trade port with Chinese characteristics.
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