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Focus on the present and future. This blockchain summit "aims" at the real economy

Time : 24/09/2021 Author : hc85m2 Click : + -
        On December 15, the reporter learned from the press conference of the 2021 blockchain Industry Development Summit on the future of the chain that at the summit, the organizers will set up several booths to highlight the application scenarios and modes of blockchain, and focus on the forefront of new industrial trends to hold four forums to discuss the acceleration of the enabling real economy of blockchain. It is understood that there are 18 booths in the comprehensive exhibition area of the summit. It mainly focuses on the optimization of life style, management mode and production mode of blockchain, and closely combines the latest blockchain technology, products, services and business models to highlight the characteristics of smart government, finance, agriculture, intelligence, networking and digital construction.
        Four forums will be held during the summit. Including 1 main forum and 3 sub forums. The main forum will carry out exchanges around the new development, new platforms and applications brought by blockchain, the new pattern of blockchain technology development, future development trends, etc. the sub forum will mainly focus on "blockchain enabled government", "blockchain enabled Rural Revitalization", "blockchain and metauniverse", etc., to exchange and promote a number of blockchain technology pilot applications with broad development prospects. The summit will also discuss how blockchain can accelerate the transformation and integration of the real economy, exchange experience and trends in application innovation, technology and regulation, and offer suggestions for cultivating and expanding Chongqing's blockchain industry. At the press conference, Wu Yongjun, deputy director of the Internet Information Office of the municipal Party committee, and Qiao Hong, deputy head of Yuzhong District, respectively answered reporters' questions on the key directions and policy support for the development of Chongqing's blockchain industry, and the digital economy industry in Yuzhong District.
        Next, Chongqing's blockchain industry will continue to deepen the industrial layout of "two cores, one corridor and multiple points", and promote the construction of a blockchain technology industry development highland with national influence. First, breakthrough core technology. Focus on breakthroughs in key technologies such as consensus algorithms and smart contracts. Strengthen the research on basic theories such as applied mathematics, cryptography and game theory. Second, promote application innovation. Focus on commercial, political and civil use, and organize innovative applications in key areas. Third, help industrial development. Coordinate multi-party resources, consolidate the foundation of blockchain technology application and industrial development, and promote the integrated development of blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other technologies. Fourth, prevent major risks.
        We will severely crack down on illegal cryptocurrency transactions and financial crimes in accordance with the law, and clean up and rectify "mining" and other high energy consumption industries. Therefore, in terms of guidance and cultivation, our city will further improve the innovation and entrepreneurship environment and accelerate the formation of industrial cluster effect. In terms of finance, we will further implement tax preferential policies such as tax cuts and fee reductions, and the addition and deduction of high-tech enterprises and R & D expenses. In terms of finance, we will further optimize the government's investment structure, the proportion of reinvestment, profit transfer support and other policies. Encourage the establishment of market-oriented industrial funds and support blockchain start-ups to finance through intellectual property pledge. In terms of talents, we will improve the talent introduction supporting service system, deepen regional talent exchange and cooperation, support colleges and universities to innovate and build blockchain colleges, set up blockchain specialty, and create a blockchain innovation talent training base.
        As one of the organizers of the summit, Yuzhong District has made great progress in the development of blockchain industry in recent years. This year, Chongqing urban block chain technology innovation strategic alliance and Chongqing urban block chain application innovation industry alliance have all settled in Yuzhong. At the same time, Chongqing urban block chain association also takes Yuzhong as its development place, and the area has formed an industrial development cluster of one association and two alliances around the blockchain industry. In addition, Yuzhong District also has the only provincial blockchain Industrial Park in China &mdash& mdash; Chongqing urban block chain digital economy industrial park. At present, the park has gathered more than 200 enterprises such as IBM, Langchao, Qulian, MCC CCID, etc. At present, the cluster development trend of blockchain industry in Yuzhong District is good. By 2025, the district will strive to achieve an output value of 100billion yuan of blockchain industry.
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