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Facebook, CEO, Zuckerberg: it's time to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of using blockchain login

Time : 20/01/2022 Author : sqdl6p Click : + -
        According to coindesck's report on February 21, Facebook CEO mackzuckerberg is carefully evaluating the potential of blockchain, that is, blockchain allows Internet users to log in to various services through a set of credential systems without relying on third parties. I have been thinking about using blockchain, although I haven't figured out how to use this technology in terms of authentication and granting information access to different services. I think we should replace our existing concept on facebookconnect with something truly distributed. Zuckerberg said that this login method will attract a group of software developers who do not want to rely on those who can cut off user access.
        Of course, he also supports that there is also a disadvantage, because it will also prevent the company from dealing with the perpetrators. People choose to provide their own data information related to Cambridge University, but someone sold this information to Cambridge analysis, which violates our policy. Therefore, we cut off the access rights of developers. If you have a fully distributed system, it can greatly enhance the ability of individuals on the one hand, but on the other hand, it raises the question of how people can really know that they agree (authorize) an organization. In some respects, it is much easier to supervise and hold accountable large companies. I think this is a very interesting social problem.
        The question is, do you really want that? Do you have any more cases? Yes, people can have no middlemen, but there will be more abuse problems, and resources will be more difficult to find. Of course, the level of distributed computing that Facebook is doing is very high. Decentralized computing intensive things will be more difficult to calculate. But in the end, maybe you have enough resources to do it.
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