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2022 digital economy case 100 (1, 50)

Time : 30/07/2021 Author : y7xnrm Click : + -
        1. The Ministry of emergency management of the people's Republic of China and Unicom Digital Technology Co., Ltd.: the big data engineering collection of the Ministry of emergency and the data service of emergency transfer personnel. The big data engineering general integration and emergency transfer personnel data service of the emergency department covers the construction of emergency management digital platform, unified portal, application integration, information asset management, standard and specification formulation, emergency transfer personnel analysis model and push service. The total integration service gives full play to the advantages of China Unicom's overall informatization construction, organizes and completes the construction of the overall informatization architecture according to the internationally leading overall architecture (EA) method, and creates a standard and specification system; Highlight the economization and sharing of capabilities, strengthen the actual effectiveness of various applications, and build collaborative linkage scenarios between different businesses.
        The data application service of emergency transfer personnel makes full use of Unicom's characteristic population big data to conduct refined analysis on the human and geographical dimension data involved in the whole process of floods, typhoons and other disasters before, during and after the event, and provides data analysis models such as population transfer, centralized resettlement, personnel return and so on; It has improved the ability of emergency management departments to verify the disaster situation, command and make decisions, and supervise and manage major accidents and disasters. The smooth implementation of the project will further accelerate the digital transformation of the emergency management system, create a digital intelligent management capability system of emergency management, and promote the emergency management from informatization to intelligence and then to intelligence, and constantly step to a new level.
        2. The National Examination Institute of the Ministry of education and Guangzhou pixel data Technology Co., Ltd. accelerated the scene landing of the "certifier" certificate photo portrait detection platform, adding help to the "national registration of educational resources". In order to fully escort the qualification examination for primary and secondary school teachers undertaken by the National Examination Institute of the Ministry of education, and provide photo self-service collection and compliance detection and processing services for candidates' written examination registration, pixel data launched the wechat applet "teaching endowment certificate photographer", which applies the patented "Ai automatic fading" technology to fully open the "mobile terminal channel" for the collection, detection and processing of certificates for national primary and secondary school teaching endowment registration. For examinees, the implementation of "teaching endowment license home" solves the problem that they need to pay in the photo studio to complete the license shooting and processing in the past, and ensures that examinees can enjoy simple, efficient and economical license collection, detection and processing services without leaving home with only one mobile phone.
        For the test organizers, the technology of "Ai compliance detection and processing of certificates and licenses" contained in the teaching and funding applet has improved the accuracy of candidate identity verification in the later stage, greatly reduced the workload of examination staff and improved work efficiency. On the empowering Ningbo Lishe International Airport, hainayun mirrors Lishe International Airport in the virtual space through the digital twinning ability to query and locate the digital twinning materials in time and space, so as to quickly obtain the relative position of the required materials and improve the efficiency of material operation and use; The heat map module in the digital twin system can check the material distribution and material density in real time, and can assist the material management personnel to allocate materials reasonably; At the same time, the digital twin system, combined with GIS system, synchronizes the movement of materials in reality to the virtual space in real time, and realizes the visualization, efficiency and intelligence of material management.
        The Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao intelligent travel information service platform applied by the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge Authority takes millimeter wave radar as the main technology, and obtains multidimensional data such as bridge deck traffic flow monitoring and road condition monitoring through IOT sensing devices and vehicle terminals, so as to realize abnormal behavior analysis, multidimensional risk warning and situation feature extraction and analysis of cross-border traffic operation, and carry out classified and hierarchical risk prediction and early warning on this basis. At the same time, Yuntong intelligent gives full play to the advantages of digital twin technology, builds a digital twin system integrating "perception, control, coordination, management and service", realizes all-weather real-time simulation of all elements of traffic operation of Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, and provides data support for the construction of travel integration in the three places and the active management and control decision-making of vehicle groups.
        Dtsphereifp, the operation platform of the index system of digital dream workshop, and the large screen of key small things monitoring, supported the development and Reform Commission of Zhejiang Province to establish and improve the integrated service system of "intelligent quick handling of key small things", and helped the people deal with 50 key small things online, covering six categories: birth, enrollment, employment, life, assistance and pension. Dtsphereifp is a management tool for indicators and indicator systems. It faces governments, cities and industrial customers, and provides the full life cycle operation management of indicator systems such as indicator standard definition, indicator system construction, indicator processing and data binding, indicator intelligent perception monitoring, indicator sharing and opening. Driven by digitalization, it realizes the availability, manageability and insight of indicator systems, and promotes the reform of management business.
        Adhering to the original intention of "data power dream", digital dream works implements the strategy of "building an integrated intelligent data platform based on digital chain and using digital brain", and continues to explore and innovate in the field of big data together with ecological partners. As an official collaborative office software supplier for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and the winter Paralympic Games, Jinshan Office assists the Technology Department of the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee in the early stage of demand communication, system planning, and independent research and development of business systems based on specific plans. At the same time, the whole process has supported the technical operation guarantee work. Jinshan office collaborative document management system (privatization) solution takes the cloud native technology with container as the core as the core support. The entire office cloud products and related services have withstood the test of international events, including the virtualization platform construction before the launch, product deployment, disaster recovery test, server launch, online pressure test, and post launch technical support.
        In terms of shared Olympic Games, collaborative office products can quickly improve office efficiency, provide streaming and layout editing capabilities with wpsoffice, and provide shared editing, rapid sharing, document management and other capabilities with WPS collaborative office system to improve office efficiency; In terms of Green Olympics, collaborative office products can greatly reduce communication costs, and electronic documents can better help the "paperless office" of the Winter Olympics, saving many paper printing costs in the past. Based on the core technologies of artificial intelligence such as speech recognition, speech synthesis, semantic understanding and text analysis, Jietong Huasheng launched Lingyun smart city 12345 convenience service hotline, which adopts AI capability midrange and knowledge midrange to deeply integrate with the business system of the consulting center to drive the intelligent service of the whole scene.
        Through the unified scheduling, maintenance management and capability arrangement of the core technology of artificial intelligence, each business line can flexibly call and combine various capabilities according to its own needs to form intelligent modules such as text robots, intelligent voice navigation, intelligent outbound calls, real-time seat assistance, intelligent robots, voice quality inspection and analysis. Nanjing 12345 government affairs hotline is a non emergency government affairs service acceptance and management platform established by the municipal Party committee and the municipal government. Through the docking and integration of business, knowledge base and intelligent interactive system of various government departments, a unified intelligent knowledge base is built to realize the co construction, common and sharing of local knowledge bases, support multi-channel answers, and ensure the unification of the latest policies and hot issues.
        The intelligent knowledge base can mine new questions and knowledge points from the original question and answer records, manual seat question and answer records, and machine question and answer records, continue to improve the knowledge base, and carry out self-learning training to improve the accuracy of question and answer, so as to make the operation of intelligent customer service simpler and more worry-free, make the social public more satisfied, and achieve "everything is implemented and every piece is answered". As the cornerstone and foothold of the development of digital economy, the role of new infrastructure represented by 5g, data center, industrial Internet, etc. has become increasingly prominent. In this regard, China Unicom has shown great foresight by accelerating the deployment of data centers around the national hub node of "counting from the east to the west". As early as 2013, China Unicom actively responded to the requirements of the national big data development strategy and invested in the construction of China Unicom Gui'an cloud data center.
        At present, 3000 racks have been built in the first phase of the data center, which can accommodate 45000 servers, and the capacity utilization rate has reached 70%. It is planned to carry out the scale construction of the second phase this year. China Unicom Gui'an cloud data center has abandoned the traditional mode of using the surplus capacity of small hub computer rooms to carry out commercial operations, carried out large-scale construction, integrated multiple data centers, and rapidly increased space, functions, computing power, memory, network infrastructure and storage resource capacity. At the same time, with the help of the computing and storage resources provided by the server, the system will provide the capabilities of artificial intelligence, big data and database to various enterprises in the form of cloud services.
        As the builder of the intelligent general integration of centralized isolated medical observation sites, Jiadu technology, with the support of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, as well as the Health Commission, the Bureau of industry and information technology, and the resident units of centralized isolated medical observation sites, in accordance with the safe, comfortable, and intelligent construction concept proposed by the leaders of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, reduces the risk of cross infection through process optimization and intelligent application, reduces unnecessary contact and enhances supervision means through intelligent management application, Strengthen humanistic care through characteristic intelligent applications, and support international application scenarios through multilingual adaptation. The main measures include isolating the whole one yard passage, reducing unnecessary contact and minimizing the risk of cross infection; The room intelligent terminal is seamlessly connected with the business application to realize intelligent integrated epidemic prevention management; AI intelligent analysis and alarm of business abnormalities and personnel behavior, and strengthen safety assurance services; Segregate personnel and staff into different levels and categories, and strengthen refined management; Unmanned vehicle robots replace human beings to improve efficiency and reduce the risk of artificial infection; Three types of intelligent application systems provide the safety, comfort and intelligent level of epidemic prevention and control.
        As the national 03 special pilot demonstration base, Yingtan City, Jiangxi Province is accelerating the construction of Yingtan smart science and technology innovation city and striving to achieve the goal of building a regional comprehensive hub city. With the goal of building a regional innovation center and a national science and technology enterprise incubator, Yingtan smart science and technology innovation city focuses on building a "six in one" source of high-tech innovation, a high-tech enterprise incubator, a high-level R & D platform carrier, and an innovative enterprise export place, including technology research and development, product testing and standard setting, transformation and display of scientific and technological achievements, industrial incubation, talent cultivation, and financial services. Based on the principles of open cooperation and resource sharing, world, with its digital twin technology capabilities accumulated for many years, has jointly created a digital twin integrated management and control platform for the smart Park of the science and technology innovation town for the "future science and technology innovation city" industrial community project, truly restoring the overall picture of the park, and providing a comprehensive underlying technical support for the intelligent operation and efficient management of the park, Help Yingtan become another "tipping point" and "new landmark" in the construction of national 03 special pilot demonstration base after Zhilian Town, and build a new highland of innovation, entrepreneurship and achievement transformation that is "provincial benchmark and national first-class".
        On the basis of the public security and police cloud computing system, radio and television Xinyi will further deepen the innovative application of the new generation of police information technology such as cloud computing, big data, mobile Internet, Internet of things, artificial intelligence through the construction of front-end data acquisition system, public infrastructure, application software development, intelligent command center system and related supporting content, so as to promote the reform and innovation of Maoming police system and mechanism, It plays an important role in improving the level of urban governance and the modernization of governance capacity in Maoming City. Its traffic congestion mitigation urban brain system, using artificial intelligence and big data, breaks through the technologies of automatic diagnosis of traffic problems, automatic recommendation of control strategies, peak coordination and optimization, and can quickly help traffic managers find traffic problems, effectively manage congestion, and improve the ability of urban traffic comprehensive analysis and signal optimization.
        12. Jiashan County government service and data resource management office, Hangzhou Anheng Information Technology Co., Ltd.: Jiashan County integrated network security ecological governance system. Relying on the advantages of digital reform and development in Zhejiang Province, Jiashan County aims to build a county level integrated network security ecological governance system with high standards, and build a regional identification characteristic project "Jiashan on cloud" e-network security application scenario of network comprehensive governance and network governance according to law. With the overall goal of "county integration, regional collaboration, intensive empowerment, and intelligent control model", Jiashan on cloud has built a "1+6 + 6" framework system, including six small incision application scenarios, including an integrated command (operation) center, an integrated command e-desk, a project holographic health e-file, an asset classification and classification e-library, an E-road for government security supervision, a cross domain data security e-island, and an e-place for security talent incubation, as well as Jiashan County wide coverage, whole network sharing A network security ecosystem with full controllable security monitoring ability, early warning ability, analysis ability and disposal ability.
        Through the security assurance and collaborative management of infrastructure, data resources, business support systems, applications and other integrated public data platform related objects, improve the ability of safe operation and service, and promote the network security assurance system of Jiashan County to meet the requirements of digital reform and development. Located in the southeast of Changchun, Jilin Province, with an area of 478.7 square kilometers, a permanent population of 410000, an urban supporting area of 65 square kilometers and a total road length of more than 240 kilometers, Changchun Jingyue high tech Industrial Development Zone is a national smart city construction pilot. In order to implement the strategic deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on building a network power, a digital China and a smart society, Jingyue district actively promotes the construction of a new generation of information infrastructure, builds a digital space base for smart city construction, builds a smart spatial information platform with CIM basic platform as the core, and constructs a unified three-dimensional governance map and urban twin for the whole region.
        Driven by the overall goal of "finding out the family background, building a platform and building a mechanism", Jingyue CIM basic platform builds a three-dimensional spatial data base of the city by integrating the above ground, underground, indoor and outdoor, historical, current and future multi-dimensional and multi-scale information model data and city perception data of Jingyue city. At the same time, a three-dimensional visual CIM basic platform with functions such as data aggregation and management, data query and visualization, platform analysis and simulation, platform operation and service, and platform development interface is established to carry out urban public management and public services, explore the construction of a smart city basic platform, promote the high-quality development of the city, and promote the modernization of urban governance system and capacity to a higher level.
        Automobile data owned by enterprises is the core asset of enterprises. The value of these data can be activated in the industry through data sharing transactions. How to protect the privacy and tamper proof of data in data transactions is particularly important. The data trading platform based on blockchain technology relies on its technical characteristics to ensure the privacy and tamperability of data storage and trading. It is the best practice of anti tampering means and mechanisms for automotive data. The zero technology intelligent Internet connected auto big data trading platform connects many auto enterprises through blockchain nodes. The decentralization and tamperability of blockchain ensure the reliability of data and transactions. The enterprise data sharing transaction is completed on the blockchain. The transaction can be confirmed and written into the block only after multiple enterprise nodes reach a consensus. The data transaction is true and reliable and cannot be tampered with.
        The consensus mechanism solves and ensures the consistency and correctness of each transaction on all accounting nodes, so that it can still achieve large-scale and efficient cooperation and complete operation without relying on centralized organization. In terms of the operation and maintenance security of the data trading platform, a comprehensive product safety risk prevention technical means and management system are used to ensure the safe and stable operation of the platform, so as to establish and maintain an open, fair and trusted ecosystem for the collection, sharing and application of automotive data for the entire automotive industry. 15. China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, 706 Institute of the second Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation: China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation shangmi network mobile security office platform.
        Aerospace 706 so China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation as a pilot, in order to further meet the group's purpose of online and mobile office, built a mobile security office platform, connecting personal general terminals to the merchant secret network, and realizing the effective extension of merchant secret network applications to the Internet. In terms of technical implementation, according to the level 3 standard of network security level protection 2.0, the
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