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Is blockchain alarm useful,Will blockchain become an effective guarantee for network security in the future

Time : 07/07/2021 Author : li08z3 Click : + -
        Is blockchain technology the next big thing in the field of network security? Implementing blockchain as a network security solution can limit the number of targets attacked by hackers. The process of decentralization creates a more secure system that prevents easy access to cybercrime and potential fraud. As an accompanying technology of bitcoin, blockchain is now in great demand and even more popular than this cryptocurrency. People are increasingly interested in this evolving solution. It is estimated that the global expenditure on this technology will reach $12.4 billion by 2022. This is because the solution can be used and implemented in different ways in various industries, from banking to healthcare.
        Network security is the most important use. Due to the increase of DDoS attacks and other attacks, 75% of CEOs listed the security of digital information as the top priority in 2019. Nowadays, cyber attacks are more and more frequent. Companies with large databases are the main targets of fraudsters. Therefore, in October 2018, Facebook database was attacked by hackers, and cyber criminals obtained the personal information of 30million users. Unfortunately, this is a growing threat, and it is quite common. Living in the digital age, security is an important aspect that needs to be considered. Blockchain technology can become the answer to this problem and a way to combat customer data theft.
        The company is responsible for the trust and security of internal data. This is why it is crucial to protect the exchange of personal and private data between employees on email, messages, chat and social media. In addition, a lot of information is collected from consumers through social media. Today, end-to-end encryption used by most messaging ecosystems does not ensure complete security. All these can be improved by implementing blockchain technology. The solution promotes unified communication between various message platforms and protects all information exchanges. Today, public key infrastructure encrypts messaging applications and other communication methods.
        One big disadvantage of using PKI in applications is that they rely on third-party certification authorities, which can easily become the target of cyber criminals. Therefore, hackers can use fictitious identities to disguise as your communication objects to penetrate communications. The system can be improved through blockchain solution. Storing and publishing the key on the blockchain makes the application unable to penetrate the attack, and eliminates the risk of damaging data by verifying the wrong key generation. The biggest disadvantage of existing DNS (domain name system) is that a large part of it is still centralized. This makes cyber criminals easy to become targets. They can invade the connection between site DNS and IP for a period of time.
        Hackers can combine DNS and DDoS attacks to disable the service for a long time. By implementing blockchain solutions, you will decentralize the system. For hackers, this will make it more complicated to find a single target to be attacked. In this way, distributed ledgers can be used to store domain information. In addition, continuous smart contracts will provide impetus for all connections. Internet of things technology has broadened the possibilities and made life easier. At the same time, it will make routers, switches, security cameras, doorbells and other intelligent devices vulnerable. Hackers can access the system by destroying weaknesses in the firmware. The integration of blockchain can decentralize permissions, making the device "smart" enough to lock any suspicious nodes without requesting central permissions.
        In addition, the data exchange between IOT devices will also be secure. The absence of a central government means that a more violent attack is even impossible. DDoS attacks are a nightmare for all companies with large amounts of data. Slow down or shut down the service, make the legal system unable to access the service, refuse to provide the service to users, and finally endanger the website data. This is what DDoS attacks look like. As mentioned above, the biggest difficulty and problem in preventing DDoS attacks is that DNS is only partially decentralized. This means that hackers can attack one site after another by attacking the centralized part of DNS. Integrating blockchain technology can solve this problem and reduce and eliminate the risk of fraud and attack.
        Decentralizing all systems makes them harder to target. Nowadays, blockchain technology promises to achieve better security. It expects to reduce a large number of successful cyber attacks in the near future. The focus of the solution is decentralization, which is a key factor of network security. Of course, with the improvement of security, there will be more sophisticated hackers. In any case, implementing blockchain in your security system will make it more difficult for cyber criminals and fraudsters to attack you. Statement: the content and pictures of this article are written by the settled author or reprinted by the settled cooperative website with authorization. The views of this article only represent the author himself, not the position of The article and its accompanying drawings are only for engineers to learn. If there is any infringement of content and pictures or other problems, please contact this site for infringement and deletion.
        Infringement complaint. The system protects the infrastructure from unauthorized use by applying physical and software based controls, thereby protecting surrounding endpoints and data centers. This method protects servers and other IT equipment from data theft or destruction, as well as attacks on other assets. Department, we call it for short: network security, commonly known as network police. The internet police is divided into departments, and the public security at the department level / city level / county (District) level has a department called. The research industry regards it as a growing problem. In this regard, Lumu has made an information map of the impact of extortion software and the cost of enterprises' response in 2020, so that we can have a more intuitive understanding.
        Provide research support. Qinglianyun won this honor with its professional technical strength, innovative product concept, clear business model and good industry reputation. From July 2020, CCIA will jointly count. Provide research support. Qinglianyun won this honor with its professional technical strength, innovative product concept, clear business model and good industry reputation. From July 2020, CCIA will jointly count. Provide research support. Qinglianyun won this honor with its professional technical strength, innovative product concept, clear business model and good industry reputation. From July 2020, CCIA will jointly count.
        It is a work that cannot be ignored. Data privacy regulators will severely punish and supervise those companies that disclose customer data, and they will fail. A powerful tool to solve this problem. With it, patients can no longer flock to large hospitals because of minor diseases, and the contradiction between doctors and patients may be greatly reduced. And in. Industry institutions. We call on our communities to nominate and vote for their favorite use cases. Now we are very excited to announce that quantstamp has won the championship!. Information is an inexhaustible driving force to promote world development and scientific and technological progress, and as a product of the information age &mdash& mdash; Big data has attracted a lot of attention.
        Recently, in the era of big data at the sub forum of the fourth East Lake International Legal Forum. It is a highly dynamic, scalable and highly specialized discipline, but staff will still use some traditional tools and processes for manual processing.? WiFi has also been upgraded. Last week, the WiFi alliance officially launched the official WiFi 6 certification program. Compared with the previous generation of WiFi technology standards, the data transmission speed of WiFi 6 has increased by 40%, and expanded. It changes the way data is stored. Due to the invariance and decentralization of technology, data theft, fraud and manipulation are difficult to achieve.
        In order to make any changes, you need to close the entire., And prevent denial of service and other attacks on air traffic services. They will use distributed ledger technology, which is usually associated with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, to achieve this. Obviously, in protecting enterprises and. The development of smart phones extending to the edge of the Internet has opened a new trend of interconnected devices, which can not only perform some form of calculation and decision-making, but also change the way we associate with the world around us. These devices pass. The company partnered with cyberspec to announce a new partnership, namely, cooperation in the selection of certificates. The ability to tamper with the entire system of oil and gas operators has many benefits.
        First, this comprehensive protection means ensuring the integrity of the system through operation. " The differences and connections among the three are summarized. We have summarized the definitions of the three given by the official institutions, and netizens have also given their views. Let's have a look.
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