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Talk to okoyun chain: No, all, in, don't touch your heart, web30

Time : 18/10/2021 Author : wqjpn0 Click : + -
        "If you don't miss Web2.0, you shouldn't miss Web3.0; if you miss Web2.0, you can't miss Web3.0 anymore.". "If you don't miss Web2.0, you shouldn't miss Web3.0; if you miss Web2.0, you can't miss Web3.0 any more." Some "veterans" who used to "fight high and high" in the Web2.0 era keenly smell a breath: Web3.0, like the Internet more than 20 years ago, is full of opportunities. Talent migration is a signal. At the beginning of 2022, davidmarcus, head of meta cryptocurrency, resigned and started the Web3.0 entrepreneurship project; Juliengaillard, chief data scientist of social platform twitterspaces, announced that she would join the defi lending giant AAVE as the head of data science. The latter's goal is to build twitter on Ethereum and become a decentralized social platform for Web3.0; Almost at the same time, some middle and senior management of youtube and Amazon cloud computing also announced their entry into Web3.0 one after another.
        Web3.0 is also gaining popularity in China. Wang Huiwen, co-founder and former senior vice president of meituan review, and Zhao Feng, technical director of ant, have also begun to actively explore the world of Web3.0. What is Web3.0? Does it represent the next stage of the Internet? In the increasingly fierce wave of Web3.0, the answer seems to be less important for some scientists. The more important question now is whether it will be too late to get on the bus again?. Web3.0 is not a new concept. It was first proposed by gavinwood, the co-founder of Ethereum, in 2014. In the report of Web3.0, a dangerous social experiment, Jiazi guangnian concluded that Web3.0 is a new Internet system, with the keywords of "antitrust", "anti platform", "user ownership".
        In the Web2.0 era, users create data, but do not own data. The value generated by data belongs to major platforms. However, in recent years, there have been continuous disputes over the information monopoly of Internet platforms, and the chaos of over collection of personal information, big data, unfair competition and so on, has gradually heated the contradiction between Internet platforms and users. The United States, the European Union and China have begun to strengthen the antitrust supervision of Internet platforms. Web3.0 returns the data value relationship to "who creates, who owns" through decentralized technologies such as blockchain, which is considered by supporters to be the best solution to solve the above contradiction. If you imagine along the narrative of Web3.0 that users have regained the ownership and use right of data, then you may face a practical problem: how to identify, protect and reasonably use massive online data.
        Vice president of Oko cloud chain According to Zhang Chao, executive director of okoyun chain holdings, the data on the chain is open and can be browsed arbitrarily. They are presented in the most primitive state, but not everyone has the ability to extract, process and integrate such a large amount of data. If you are not a professional, you cannot understand the true value of these data. If Web3.0 is compared to a gold mine, then every gold prospector needs a "shovel" A large amount of data has been collected, analyzed, calculated, stored, classified, transformed and deducted into a usable database, from which big data on the business value chain can be shown, and a new blue ocean is emerging.
        Okoyun chain has been established for nearly 10 years, claiming to be "an old face in the young industry", which has witnessed the great changes of blockchain and Web3.0 in the past decade. Zhang Chao said that nowadays, more and more countries have begun to pay attention to the healthy development of the blockchain industry, while strengthening the supervision of virtual currencies and related stable currencies; Blockchain technology has long jumped out of the field of virtual currency and is widely used in finance, government affairs, energy, people's livelihood and many other fields; All sectors of society have gradually deepened their awareness of blockchain, and the de stigmatization of blockchain has been basically achieved. When the popularity of Web3.0 roars, how do players in the industry perceive it? How to rationally view the future and controversy of Web3.0? What is the value of massive data on the chain, and how can it be protected and utilized? With these questions, "Jiazi guangnian" had an in-depth exchange with Zhang Chao, vice president of okiyun chain and executive director of okiyun chain holdings, trying to uncover the mystery of the industry track.
        Jiazi guangnian: last year, Web3.0 and metauniverse were hot, and some middle and high-level transformations of big companies in the Web2.0 era entered Web3.0. What do you think of these changes? What is the impact on you?. Zhang Chao: first of all, it's gratifying. Whether it's seniors or younger technical talents, some more friends come to pay attention to Web3.0, and everyone's eyes look forward a step further. This is a hopeful thing for both the development of the Internet industry and the growth of technologists themselves. Orco cloud chain is a blockchain data and technology service enterprise. This year, it is about to enter its tenth year of establishment, which is regarded as "an old face in the young industry".
        I believe that in the future, with more talents and capital pouring into Web3.0, more new projects and new application scenarios will attract users to generate more online behaviors, and more new users will also be online. As the amount of data on the chain increases, we can analyze and show more scenarios. For example, there are many favorite games and NFT projects in the polygonstudios ecosystem. The polygon browser has recently been launched on the Oko cloud chain. The data index library is richer, and there are more valuable information that can provide user visualization in the foreground. First of all, at the policy level, more and more countries begin to pay attention to the healthy development of the blockchain industry, pay more attention to the integration of blockchain technology and the real economy, and strengthen the supervision of virtual currencies and related stable currencies.
        At the industrial level, the global blockchain industry, especially China's blockchain industry, has developed rapidly in recent years, the industrial chain has been gradually improved, the number of blockchain enterprises has increased rapidly, and the number of blockchain patents ranks first in the world. At the same time, we also see that in a good industrial development environment, blockchain technology is no longer limited to the field of virtual currency, and has been widely used in many fields, such as finance, government affairs, energy, people's livelihood, and so on, boosting the healthy and orderly development of the digital economy. At the level of social cognition, blockchain is no longer out of reach. All sectors of society have gradually deepened their understanding of blockchain. The strong binding relationship between blockchain and virtual currency is disappearing, and the de stigmatization of blockchain has been basically achieved.
        With the continuous development of the blockchain industry and the rapid prosperity of the ecosystem on the chain, a large number of high-value data are deposited in the blockchain network. Coupled with the frequent occurrence of various security events on the chain, the criticality of the blockchain big data track will become increasingly prominent and become an important support for the healthy development of the blockchain industry and the digital economy. Zhang Chao: the development of Web3.0 is traceable. Even at present, Web3.0 is still a relatively advanced concept, and we cannot define Web3.0 simply and clearly. However, compared with the discussion at the beginning of the 21st century, the development environment of Web3.0 is obviously more mature now. First of all, now the traditional Internet is falling into the bottleneck of development, the space for traffic growth is almost at the top, and the traffic dividends brought by the rapid expansion of early users are gradually disappearing; Secondly, since the end of 2020, there has been a new round of anti-monopoly boom in the world, and many Internet technology platforms around the world are facing unprecedented regulatory pressure.
        Web3.0 will bring a new narrative logic to the Internet industry and enhance the future development space. Of course, the rapid development of various digital technologies supporting the construction of value Internet, including blockchain, is also the basis for many domestic and foreign giants and entrepreneurs to decide "allinweb3.0". Zhang Chao: blockchain technology is one of the underlying technologies supporting Web3.0 and the meta universe. The core change it brings is that on the basic layer, distributed technology and consensus mechanism are used to store and verify data through cryptography; In the application layer, combined with 5g and Internet of things technology, it can do data collection, data transmission and data logic rule verification of terminal equipment.
        Okoyun chain has been exploring the technical concept and application value of blockchain, hoping to contribute to the upper blockchain application through data governance and data security technology. Zhang Chao: through the integration of machine learning, data modeling, similarity algorithm, feature engineering and other key technologies, okoyun chain has established a mature data analysis model on the chain, and has analyzed about 200million address tags, including behavior tags and attribute tags in addition to entity address tags. We have launched the product "master on the chain", which is called "Bloomberg on the chain", covering 15 public chains. The data indicators have exceeded 10000, greatly enriching the data sources needed by researchers in finance, education and blockchain industry.
        Another online data monitoring and trading behavior visual chemical tool, online SkyEye series products, helped public security organs across the country to crack down on more than 80 cases involving virtual currency in 2021 alone, and helped public security and victims freeze and recover assets of more than 30 billion yuan. In addition, in recent years, blockchain based innovative formats such as defi and NFT are rising rapidly, and a large number of smart contracts are deployed and invoked. At the same time, a large number of digital assets are locked in smart contracts, which are easily targeted by hackers. Even a small code error may lead to huge capital losses. Although no blockchain system can be absolutely safe, we can avoid security risks to the greatest extent through prior code security audit and real-time data tracking on the chain.
        Zhang Chao: most of the other blockchain technology enterprises in China focus on applications. Eurocloud chain has long focused on blockchain technology research and development, concentrating on breakthroughs in core technology and underlying technology, and has chosen a development path different from most blockchain enterprises, that is, taking on-line data as the entry point, it has developed a series of products based on leading on-line data structured processing capabilities, radiating the upstream and downstream of the blockchain industry chain, Protect the implementation and long-term development of blockchain industrial applications. In addition, the reason why AUC cloud chain has the courage to explore the blockchain big data track is that it has a relatively complete online database in the industry. At present, it has basically covered the world's major blockchain networks, including nearly 10 billion online transaction data and more than 1 billion online monitoring addresses.
        Zhang Chao: if oil is regarded as the energy of the industrial era, then data is the energy of the digital economy era. Massive data itself cannot directly show value. It needs to be collected, analyzed, calculated, stored, and further classified, deformed, and deducted to form a usable database, so as to finally release the commercial value of the data. The data on the chain is public and can be browsed arbitrarily, but they are presented in the most primitive state. Not everyone has the ability to extract, process and integrate such a large amount of data. If you are not a professional, you cannot understand the true value of these data. Just like crude oil needs smelting, the data on the chain can be recognized and used by a broader group only by being "translated" and "refined".
        Blockchain data services have become very popular in the global market. In the United States, chainalysis, ciphertrace and other institutions provide virtual currency tracking, industry analysis and research, virtual currency custody and other services for U.S. law enforcement agencies. Other well-known providers of online data services include duneanalytics, Nansen, glassnode, etc., which have also been frequently recognized by capital in recent years. Jiazi Lightyear: last year, NFT became the first popular track in Web3.0, constantly breaking price records. Some metauniverse and Web3.0 games are selling virtual plots.
        This inevitably makes some people think that Web3.0 is "speculation". What do you think of this statement?. Zhang Chao: the basis for NFT to reach a consensus is that the image, audio, video and other data elements it points to and their combinations (such as virtual objects in the game) are recorded through the blockchain, which is unique and irreplaceable. The clarity of property rights enables it to be traded like real-world goods. Value is based on people's consensus, and price is the monetization of the value of goods. The value law of human society in the real world is still common in the virtual world. The preconceived impression of "speculation" is mainly due to the fact that the social form from the real world to the virtual world is not rich enough.
        Zhang Chao: blockchain technology is not equal to virtual currency, and blockchain technology companies are not equal to "speculation". As a breakthrough of independent innovation and an important part of new infrastructure, the intrinsic value of blockchain technology has been tested by the market. In the past few years, a number of replicable demonstration application cases and a number of blockchain technology enterprises with core technology capabilities are emerging. Okun chain is a typical representative of them. It adheres to "linking a better future with technology" and is determined to become a leading blockchain big data technology service provider in the world. Zhang Chao: at this stage, most blockchain technology enterprises basically encounter the same problems in business, that is, how to find the appropriate business needs and how to make our customer base trust and understand us more.
        In the past, blockchain enterprises often "look for nails with a hammer". Even if they find a demand, it will be difficult for the other party to have a sense of trust in the enterprise because of their insufficient understanding of blockchain technology, and they often watch while doing it. First of all, our SkyEye team on the chain has assisted public security organs in many places across the country in cracking a number of cases related to virtual assets in the past year, established an industry benchmark image, and proved the technical strength of okiyun chain with facts and results;. Secondly, we also spread more professional knowledge related to blockchain technology and on-line data analysis to our customers and wider user groups through online science popularization and police training, so as to enhance the social image of Oko cloud chain.
        Jiazi guangnian: attracted by the huge wealth effect, some domestic companies and individuals are also ready to seek opportunities in the Web3.0 wave. Is there a threshold for joining Web3.0? What qualities do you need?. Web3.0 is a frontier field with high content of digital technology, which is now in the early stage of development. At this stage, we observed that there are mainly two types of people who have the courage to choose "allinweb3.0": one is engineers with strong technical background, and the other is financial talents with strong cognitive ability of the Internet or technology industry. In the future, most people will have the opportunity to participate in and experience the new Internet brought by Web3.0, but Web3.0 will not become a field suitable for everyone's long-term development.
        To join Web3.0, especially to choose "allin" in the early stage of industry development, we must first identify with the cultural concepts and value characteristics represented by Web3.0, and then have sufficient digital quality, including digital technology ability and digital cognitive ability. Address: 751d·, No. 4 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing; Park is a geek Park in room 105, building C8 in the yard of Zhengdong group.
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