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Blockchain originated from,What is the origin of blockchain

Time : 30/05/2022 Author : id4hp2 Click : + -
        Brief history, application, prediction and Prospect of technology. Every time you pay attention, forward and collect is the source power for us to update high-quality content. Talk about. Originated from P2P, P2P here refers to splitting the files to be downloaded into numerous pieces and placing them in different computers. These computers. Blockchain is an important concept of bitcoin. In essence, it is a decentralized database. At the same time, as the underlying technology of bitcoin, it is a series of data blocks generated by using cryptographic methods. Each data block contains the information of a batch of bitcoin network transactions, which is used to verify the effectiveness of its information (anti-counterfeiting) and generate the next one.
        It is usually attributed only to the behavior of a mysterious genius who works under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto. This view of history often makes the technology seem almost inconceivable and difficult to understand. When people understand the actual history behind the development of these systems, they will add more basic knowledge. In this paper, we will outline the most important topics in the research on consensus algorithms and distributed systems over the past decades, which have led to. "Nine days drive out of Chengdu, and thousands of households enter to draw pictures." Throughout the ages, I do not know how many literati and poets have splashed ink on it, leaving famous and excellent works to be handed down through the ages. Today, when we go from Kuan Zhai alley, Chunxi Road to ocean Taikoo Li, we comb the urban gene and history of Chengdu.
        Very simply, it is essentially a set of database storage system, which is distributed all over the world and can work together. However, unlike other database storage systems, the operator of this system can be anyone who has the ability to set up the server. In the past, the traditional database storage system can only be operated by one company or one center, showing the characteristics of centralization. The "gold miners" in the network have become a node in the system grid. All nodes have the same rights and obligations, and can access the database system. It is stepping into the vision of financial institutions, large enterprises and government decision-makers, and has a great potential to trigger economic change from "grassroots forces".
        Stock Exchange: in december2015, Nasdaq was used by individual stock dealers for the first time. Technology can prevent data tampering, and can be used to trace the source in a safe and transparent way, so as to build a trusted network. After years of successful operation of bitcoin system, around 2014, some financial institutions began to realize that as the underlying supporting technology for bitcoin operation, one by one. " Technology has attracted much attention because of its tamper proof, traceability, distributed fault tolerance (robustness), low credit cost and other characteristics. Domestic financial institutions continue to use landing news in newspapers. This concern is not only guided by the central bank's policy of focusing on digital currency, but also derived from.
        The emergence of technology is an accident. The global financial crisis in 2008 caused many people to discuss and think. On the Internet, an anonymous person named "Nakamoto" proposed a technology called bitcoin (it is unknown whether the emergence of bitcoin is directly related to the financial crisis). He wrote a paragraph under the title of bitcoin white paper: a peer-to-peer e-cash system. At the beginning, he said: we cannot achieve completely irreversible transactions because financial institutions will inevitably come forward to coordinate disputes. And Kim. It has become a core component of the electronic currency bitcoin: as a public account book for all transactions.
        And the impact of our real currency, from the beginning of the virtual currency derived into real life. Of course, we can analyze his reality step by step, from the inside to the outside, from small to large, to differentiate him, because all the expanded Dorothy are composed of a small part and a small part. So first, what is. New things often do not come out of thin air, and development and evolution are rarely achieved overnight. To understand a new thing, we must first make clear its context. Only by knowing his origin can we know why. (blockchain) structure attracted attention for the first time, which originated from the bitcoin open source project launched in early 2009.
        From the perspective of thousands of years' evolution of accounting technology,. As an important breakthrough in independent innovation of core technologies, we should clarify the main direction of attack, increase investment, strive to overcome a number of key core technologies, and accelerate the promotion. And concept from the perspective of digital money in history, the form of money has experienced multiple stages of evolution, including physical money, metal money, alternative money, credit money, electronic money, digital money, etc. The value of money itself depends on the value of physical goods, the credit value of the issuer, and the trust value of information systems (including algorithms, mathematics, cryptography, software, etc.) that appear today. The general equivalent of demand can be used as money.
        Development history 1. Chronology and memorabilia (1) the long road to bitcoin in 1982, the Byzantine general problem was proposed by leslielamport and others, which is a basic problem in point-to-point communication; In 1982, the cryptology network payment system was proposed by davidchaum. The system pays attention to privacy security and has the characteristics of untraceable; In 1990, Paxos algorithm was proposed by Leslie Lambert, which is a consistency algorithm based on message passing; 1991 usage time. In the 1960s, Wall Street was keen to invest in electronic stocks. As long as the stock name included "electronic", no matter what business the company did, it would soar.
        Do you feel familiar with this scene? Speculation is as old as a mountain. History is always spiraling up, but human nature has never changed. This crazy speculation has come back, and this time the protagonist has become. The number of snowball bacteria on the list of recent bull stocks is countless. There are nearly 20 concept stocks on the Xunlei, Renren, Kodak and Siku A-share market today. The ocean of information with the Internet (Information Internet) according to the report of data age 2025 released by IDC, the annual data generated worldwide will increase from 33zb in 2018 to 175zb, equivalent to 491eb of data generated every day.
        1zb is equivalent to 1.1 trillion GB. If all 175zbs are stored in the DVD disc, the height of the DVD superimposed will be 23 times the distance between the earth and the moon (the nearest distance between the earth and the moon is about 393000 km), or it will circle the earth 222 times (one circle is about 40000 km). Day. Uncle Xu bad: what is the difference between the key escrow mode and the public key upload mode in the BSN blockchain service network?, Well written, thanks for sharing, and look forward to the big guy's return visit!. BSN Seminar: in the comment area at the bottom of this article, there will be interactive messages. The editor will select the small partners with the highest number of likes and 2 creative replies from the comments to give them to BSN commemorative surroundings.
        Let's give full play to your wisdom and wisdom, leave messages and interact with each other, and pull in your friends to help you to post likes and comments! Activity time: January 11, 2022 to January 18, 2022, prize: 1 Top three: 1 BSN commemorative sweater; 2. the fourth and fifth place: one BSN commemorative gift.
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