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Enter the blockchain and surpass bitcoin to earn 100 million!

Time : 04/05/2021 Author : tr8o0s Click : + -
        The core of blockchain economy, whether technological innovation or reconstruction of business logic, is a cognitive revolution for us, rather than a simple technological revolution. In a few years, people will talk about blockchain as we do about the Internet today. By then, 100% of the transactions will be completed on the blockchain. This is very likely to happen, and those who have threatened not to be interested in blockchain will probably say: it would be great if we entered blockchain in 2018!. All technologies should be applied in the end, which is an inevitable trend. At present, the application of blockchain is in the exploration stage, and the technology is constantly improving. Whoever can see the most essential things and solve the key problems has the hope of becoming the final winner and unicorn.
        Therefore, compared with the speculation between "bankruptcy" and "sudden wealth", it is better to learn and study blockchain technology in a down-to-earth manner to earn 100 million yuan. At present, mature professionals in the blockchain field are too scarce! Not to mention the most basic technology, it is difficult to find high-quality content editing talents like me. (don't fight, be shameful.). We must not easily reject new things. Although too hot will produce many speculators, innovation itself is a process of the outbreak of all kinds of things. It is normal that there are weeds in good fields. The birth of new things must go through a foam period and a foam free period, and finally return to reason. People who really do things in a down-to-earth manner, create value for mankind and stick to their beliefs are the most needed talents for the blockchain.
        Leeks are not easy to be. Successful speculators are only one in a million. Enter the blockchain and think about how to go further. This is a major opportunity when various social forms are saturated. The birth of the Internet in that year created a number of leading companies. Up to now, almost one or two companies in every industry have occupied the leading position. It is difficult for the newcomers to enter and occupy a certain market share. This can be seen from the cooling down of the market for entrepreneurship and investment. From the perspective of investors, we should see the innovation points and pain points that can be solved. Blockchain technology solves the problem of information value and is a supplement to the existing Internet technology. With a new data storage structure and transmission mode, it will solve the problems such as trust, cost and efficiency existing in the current industry. It has a wide range of applications.
        With the tightening of regulatory policies and the collapse of a wave of blockchain projects, the technology-based chain has gradually become calm and rational. But the coin circle is still hot. One after another leek dumplings are still entering with their eyes closed. They don't know how to die. This song of ice and fire about blockchain has not yet been staged, and anyone may become the protagonist. Just like George · Martin said: chaos is not an abyss, but a ladder. Many people try to climb up, but fail, and never have a chance to try again — They fell and died. Some people had the opportunity to climb, but they refused. They kept the Kingdom, the gods and love — All are illusions.
        Only the ladder really exists, climbing is the whole of life.
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