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Popular blockchain farms,Central South construction cooperates with Beidahuang to layout blockchain farm

Time : 26/09/2021 Author : uzaore Click : + -
        At the end of April, Jiangsu Zhongnan Construction Group Co., Ltd. (000961, hereinafter referred to as Zhongnan Construction) and Heilongjiang Beidahuang Agriculture Co., Ltd. (600598, hereinafter referred to as Beidahuang) decided to jointly establish Shanliang flavor company to jointly build the world's first blockchain farm. It is reported that this joint venture will, based on the Agricultural Internet of things, agricultural big data and blockchain technology, rely on Beidahuang's large-scale intensive land resources and highly organized management mode, carry out the standardized management mode of "platform + base + farmers", establish a closed-loop production marketing ecological chain of high-quality rice and other products from the origin to the table, and create an e-commerce platform for high value-added products in the field of agricultural products.
        In an exclusive interview with the 21st Century Business Herald reporter, liuchangyou, chairman of Beidahuang, said frankly that China's agricultural development has been in the "chemical stage" in the past three decades, and poisonous ginger and chromium rice have been frequently reported in the newspapers. Due to insufficient legal constraints and supervision, as well as some enterprises and individuals blindly pursuing the maximization of interests, China's food safety problems are still emerging in endlessly. "We want to test the whole planting, production and sales process of high-quality rice through the tamper proof characteristics of blockchain technology, so as to ensure that consumers can buy assured rice." He said. At present, blockchain farms have entered the practice stage. This year, it is expected to complete the application of blockchain technology in agricultural infrastructure. Next year, 10000-20000 Mu will be selected to test and promote rice products that track the production and sales process based on blockchain technology. In the next 2-3 years, it will gradually expand to other farms under Beidahuang.
        Specifically, in the business model of "base + farmer" of Beidahuang, Zhongnan Construction has introduced blockchain technology to combine the agricultural big data of Beidahuang, covering 12.96 million mu of black land, covering 30000 + farmers, 400000 + planting workers, 9 kinds of IOT collection standards, 112 electronic forms, 63 planting standards, 23 risk point thresholds, 1639 detail fields and 55 key nodes, with blockchain. On the one hand, it uses blockchain technology to establish distributed autonomous organizations, Build the world's largest digital farm &mdash& Mdash; Blockchain certification starts from land contracting, gradually covers all processes from sowing to processing, and closely integrates with offline core links to continuously track and detect the quality of agricultural products; On the other hand, through the Internet and Internet identity technology, all the information of each product produced is recorded in the blockchain, so that consumers can see the real life track of each agricultural product through the blockchain technology.
        Mu Chen, the person in charge of Shanliang flavor, said that the greater value of the integration of blockchain technology and traditional agriculture lies in making the whole agricultural product planting, production and circulation process eliminate the possibility of farmers' cheating from the source. The Shanliang flavor platform will record all the planting and processing data of agricultural products on the blockchain and design smart contracts. Once farmers cheat (such as applying fertilizer crops, etc.), they will refuse to receive grain; On the contrary, farmers whose production process meets the standard will obtain higher retail rebate in proportion while obtaining the income from the purchase and sale of raw grain. In his opinion, the current problem of grain that is widely concerned in China mainly appears in the circulation and processing links. To completely change this problem, the platform needs to cooperate with modern rice factories, warehousing and logistics companies, transform every risk link in the circulation and processing chain through blockchain technology, and establish a traceable and monitorable certification management system and a separate closed pipeline management mode.
        In the view of insiders, the concept of integration of blockchain and agriculture is very new. At present, there are few successful cases actually applied in this field. In particular, as a new technology, blockchain has many immature and imperfect aspects, such as privacy, which may have a great impact on the blockchain + agriculture model. Qiuzeyong, CEO of Zhongnan investment, a wholly-owned holding company of Zhongnan Construction, said that at present, the company will still invest a lot of money to build the technical advantages in the blockchain field, support the application of blockchain technology in more agricultural scenarios, and create a "matrix" in the blockchain field.
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