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Blockchain concept stocks continued to rise sharply, and Aikang technology and other companies rose directly at the opening limit

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        The announcement said that in order to carry out the research on the trading mechanism of energy Internet market based on blockchain energy technology and promote the early and comprehensive implementation of blockchain plus energy, the Energy Research Institute, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, established a branch engaged in blockchain related businesses in Shanghai. Xinchen technology also disclosed on the evening of January 10 that the company's domestic letter of credit business system based on blockchain technology had been successfully launched in a commercial bank in 2017. Up to now, the amount of blockchain related contracts and orders signed by the company is about 4 million yuan, accounting for a small proportion of the company's operating revenue. In early April 2017, easy to see announced the launch of a blockchain based pharmaceutical procurement supply chain financial service platform, and its partner is IBM.
        In November of that year, easy to see shares overweight the blockchain and set up a blockchain investment fund. Partners include Yunnan International Trust with Yongjin background and Zhejiang zheyin Hongwan. Yiqiao said that Haoxin Internet, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, recently launched the world's first blockchain E-sports acceleration basic service & mdash& mdash; Haoxin Jingdou cloud is an E-sports entertainment intelligent terminal, which can bring users an E-sports pan entertainment experience by enjoying the blockchain technology. Gaoweida said that up to now, the company's business income in 2017 did not include the business income directly generated by the R & D achievements of blockchain technology. Storm group said that BFC broadcast cool cloud, the world's first basic service platform of BCN blockchain, was launched by Beijing storm Xinying Technology Co., Ltd., which is not a subsidiary within the scope of the company's consolidated financial statements.
        The so-called blockchain is to ensure the authenticity and non tamperability of information by establishing a group of public account books on the Internet, which are jointly recorded and verified by all users in the network. The reason why it is called blockchain, as the name suggests, is that the structure of blockchain data storage is a chain composed of storage blocks on the network, and each block contains all the information exchange data in the network within a certain period of time. This chain will grow over time. Blockchain technology is the underlying technology of bitcoin. Without the operation and management of any centralized organization, bitcoin has operated very stably for many years without any problems. Therefore, someone noticed its underlying technology and abstracted the bitcoin technology, which is called blockchain technology or distributed ledger technology.
        In other words, bitcoin is an application of blockchain. In the early morning of January 10, Kodak announced that it would cooperate with wenn digital to release Kodak coin. It is said that Kodak coin is "a cryptocurrency with pictures as the core, which will help photographers and agents have more control over image copyright management". Renren, which was popular in its early years, released the rrcoin white paper on January 2, announcing that it would launch the blockchain project "Renren square" and the token "rrcoin"; At the time of the release of such transformation, its share price also soared. After launching the shared computing intelligent hardware "gamer cloud" in August last year, Xunlei launched the virtual token "gamer coin" based on blockchain technology at the end of October, which will serve as the medium and reward medium for users to exchange and obtain computing resources.
        On the afternoon of September 9, Xu Xiaoping, founder of Zhenge fund, released a message promising blockchain in a large group of 500 people. He said, "the blockchain revolution has arrived. It is a great technological revolution in which those who follow will prosper and those who go against will die. It will subvert the tradition more rapidly and thoroughly than the Internet and mobile Internet". Xu Xiaoping called on entrepreneurs to take action, "don't doubt or hesitate about blockchain, and immediately mobilize all employees to learn how to embrace this revolution". Xiaoping is not the only one who is optimistic about blockchain. Yao Jinbo, the founder and CEO of 58 in the same city, once said frankly that blockchain may be as great as the Internet.
        Yao Jinbo said: "I'm now launching the whole company to look at the blockchain to see how it affects 58 cities. Blockchain and 58 cities may naturally combine, so we take the initiative to embrace and explore blockchain. Blockchain has the characteristics of decentralization and disintermediation, which may be as great as the Internet, which may be a subversive historical opportunity than artificial intelligence. In addition, blockchain is different from AI, and AI is still the application of technologies in the past Blockchain may be as great as the Internet. Blockchain can enable the whole society to operate at a very low cost and eliminate many intermediaries. ". However, many people have expressed deep concern about blockchain. As one of the first investors in the traditional investment community to pay attention to digital currency and blockchain, Xue Manzi believes that the venture capital circle is "like chicken blood and too excited".
        Xue Manzi said that the decentralized and distributed blockchain technology will completely change the existing currency trading mode, and its contribution to the future of mankind will greatly exceed that of the Internet. It can be said that the future of blockchain industry is very bright, but the road will be extremely tortuous and the challenges are unprecedented. Say the important thing three times: there are risks in the market. Be careful when investing! To invest in blockchain, you should have feelings, adhere to value investment, be knowledgeable and identify the team. Otherwise, don't lose the hard-earned money. Zhu Xiaohu, managing director of Jinshajiang venture capital, said that Jinshajiang and himself would not participate in any ICO projects, and said that 99.99% of the ICO projects were malicious fraud.
        In addition, at the end of last year, Buffett first talked about bitcoin, saying: "you can't value bitcoin because it doesn't create value." In fact, as early as 2014, when the value of bitcoin was not so high, Buffett said: "stay away from it. Basically, it's just a mirage. In my opinion, it's just a joke to say that it has great internal value.". Guojin Securities believes that blockchain technology is still in its infancy and there is no clear profit model for the time being. For blockchain layout companies based solely on speculation in digital currency, it is recommended to treat them with caution. China Merchants Securities said that at present, blockchain applications tested by major Internet companies are still dominated by issuing "tokens" or realizing "point management", with relatively single functions and still in the primary stage.
        The real potential application space of blockchain (finance, government affairs, medical treatment, etc.) is still huge, which needs to be explored slowly in time. In the short term, it does not have the conditions for large-scale implementation. Guohai Securities stressed that the application of blockchain technology by enterprises with the advantages of relevant sharing scenarios can realize the surge of user activity, loyalty and profit contribution, and rejuvenate their vitality. However, at present, a shares do not have the subject of pure benefit of blockchain. Huatai Securities research report pointed out that once the blockchain technology and business model are mature, it may have a disruptive impact on money, business and the world. Although bitcoin domestic transactions are banned, the central bank still explores the application of blockchain technology and studies and issues legal digital currency; The characteristics of blockchain decentralization and distrust are expected to create a real point-to-point business model, the centralized financial industry and sharing economy will be reshaped, and the cost of Internet of things centralized server is high. Therefore, the relationship between Internet of things and blockchain is also inextricably linked.
        In terms of a shares, since bitcoin trading is banned in China, the commercial application of blockchain is the decisive factor of the theme of blockchain. We believe that blockchain has a wide range of applications, and companies that give priority to blockchain technology are expected to receive a premium.
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