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The Ministry of Finance issued the public bidding announcement for the construction project of Renmin University of China's blockchain teaching laboratory

Time : 04/12/2021 Author : pgixot Click : + -
        According to the report of world chain mining (China), on April 29, the official website of the Ministry of Finance released the public bidding announcement for the construction project of blockchain Teaching Laboratory of Renmin University of China. The announcement shows that potential bidders of the bidding project should sign up online to obtain the bidding documents and submit the bidding documents before 9:30 (Beijing time) on May 20, 2022, with a budget of 4.8279 million yuan. Suppliers listed in the list of dishonest Executees, parties to major tax violations or the list of records of serious violations of law and dishonesty in government procurement shall not participate in the procurement activities of the project. Go back to Sohu and see more.
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