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Blockchain,Laymen do business, OK capital do business - "blockchain content copyright industry report"

Time : 11/07/2021 Author : 2me6ct Click : + -
        For our friends in the coin circle, if they don't read several blockchain industry reports every day, they are embarrassed to say that they are people in this circle. There are too many reports, and all kinds of research institutes should strive to be the industry benchmark in this circle. Brother Big coin can cite some: whale quasi Research Institute: blockchain Vertical Industry Report - tracing. For our friends in the coin circle, if they don't read several blockchain industry reports every day, they are embarrassed to say that they are people in this circle. There are too many reports, and various research institutes should strive to be the industry benchmark in this circle. Brother Big coin can cite some:. Big coin has read too many industry reports. The names just listed are still some names, but it is difficult to say what are the highlights. Moreover, most of the current industry reports have the following common problems:.
        The content is filled with water, often dozens of hundreds of pages: more than ten pages have passed, and they are still writing industry profiles. The content is Patchwork and has nothing to say. Lack of pertinence: lack of accurate analysis of the industry and forcibly pull into the concept of blockchain. There is no accurate grasp of the representative projects of the market and the current media. The publisher is not a professional organization: each platform does not know who is publishing blockchain industry reports. Various media, even we media, have even started to write their own industrial reports. There is no way to verify the data source: they all claim to be the benchmark of blockchain industry report, which is the most complete in history. They start random analysis with some data maps without knowing the source, and the data lacks reliable basis.
        For example, in this report in February this year, kcash was put on the trading platform with an ignorant face. Logical confusion: most reports lack the overall judgment of the market and in-depth understanding of the blockchain industry. They cannot comprehensively evaluate the actual situation of the combination of an industry and blockchain technology from the aspects of trend, stage and segmentation, so they have no practical significance and reference value. The foreplay is over, but the high-quality products of the industry report can't be missed, especially the vertical industry report. Let's talk about the dry goods in this circle today. This "blockchain content copyright industry report" freshly released by OK is deep, multi angle, and all dry goods.
        Big coin can't help but attach a link to the text. Don't thank you for taking the report!. At present, there are as many as 40 online trading platform projects in the global blockchain content copyright field. In 2017 alone, 17 copyright projects were launched. In the first half of 2017, they have almost reached the annual level of 2017. It can be seen that the popularity of the content copyright industry continues to rise. In such a hot field, there are no targeted industry reports in the market. OK, the value and weight of the "blockchain content copyright industry report" released this time are naturally not comparable to other blockchain industry reports. Big coin doesn't recommend everything. A good industry report should at least meet the following points, and OK's report not only did it all, but also exceeded big coin's expectations:.
        Subordinate to okgroup, it has always focused on venture capital funds and industry analysis in the field of blockchain, with many years of experience in the blockchain industry. The blockchain industry weekly newspaper published before was reprinted by many media and we media every time, and the reading volume was amazing. Content: simple and clear, direct to the main points; Simple and easy to understand; There are only 24 pages in the full text of OK, which is well reasoned and follows the hot spots. The content is compact and has a strong sense of reading. Why do you choose to write content copyright? Big coin believes that other fields and blockchain technology are still in the running in period. Copyright content has always been a hot spot. Rampant piracy is an indisputable fact, and the combination with blockchain technology is most likely to change this crux. How can this topic not attract much attention?.
        Through consultation, market survey, in-depth research and analysis of market pattern and industry-related content, sort out the historical evolution, and redefine the blockchain content copyright industry. It is targeted to take us to understand the blockchain content copyright industry from macro, micro and future development trends!. Big coin has always been optimistic about the combination of blockchain and content copyright. Because compared with other areas that need to be verified, the business model of blockchain content copyright is very clear. List all the relevant items on the market, and then casually extract a few paragraphs from the white paper to make up the number of words. OK's report only selects four items and focuses on in-depth analysis.
        I just said that big coin has always been optimistic about the combination of blockchain and copyright, and tokens in related fields have always been what big coin is willing to invest in, just because he doesn't have time to do his homework. This time, OK industry reports directly help us to do our homework in good detail. Can you take a good look?. I believe you are also like big coin. When reading other reports, you always have doubts about the data in them. Is it because I don't know where these data come from, whether they are fabricated or based on evidence? The irresponsible attitude of many reports has no data source at all. The industry report of blockchain is in the stage of improvement, so there is a gap.
        However, OK can be regarded as the conscience of the industry. All information sources are identified, fair and transparent, and establish a new benchmark for the reporting standard of vertical industries in the blockchain industry!. When we study a project by ourselves, there will always be some problems, but we don't necessarily know the project team, and no one can solve the problems. I have to search the official website myself and interview the project party. OK's industry report contains multiple information points on understanding business trends, including interviews with the project team, white papers, official websites, coinmarketcap, etc., and the source of information is transparent and reliable. Brother Big coin has really worked hard. No matter how well written the industry vertical report is, big coin will not read it if it is not illustrated, friendly to read and skill design.
        Excuse me, can brother Da coin show you the ugly report? Do I have that spare time?. After reading this research report, big coin has a general understanding of the pain points of the industry, how to combine blockchain with copyright content industry, industry map, investment logic and future trends. For those partners who want to enter the blockchain copyright industry in the future, this industry report will be of great help to your future white paper writing. Big coin couldn't help praising OK for being so diligent and conscientious in producing such a deep and responsible industry report. Although the industry report can not be used as all the basis for investment, OK's intentions do provide a lot of references for big coin.
        There's nothing else to say. Brother daicoin quickly read it again and absorb the dry goods!.
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