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Blockchain concept collective Carnival: the sector index rose 885%, and these listed companies have the latest response

Time : 18/11/2021 Author : 45qi6x Click : + -
        As of the closing of the day, Fuguang shares (688010. SH) rose by 20% and closed the trading limit. Individual shares such as 2345 (002195. SZ), Kaiying network (002517. SZ), Guangbo shares (002103. SZ), Jinglan Technology (000711. SZ), Tianxia wisdom (000662. SZ), great wall of culture (300089. SZ) and Zhongyuan shares (300018. SZ) closed the trading limit. In this collective Carnival of blockchain concept stocks, the funds for closing the trading board are also considerable. Among them, companies such as Xinhu Zhongbao (600208. SH), Zheda Wangxin (600797. SH), Yijian Co., Ltd. (600093. SH), Annie Co., Ltd. (002235. SZ), Chenxin Technology (002447. SZ), Hailian Jinhui (002537. SZ), Hanwei Technology (300007. Sz) and Xinchen Technology (300542. SZ) are more favored by funds.
        As of today's closing, Xinhu Zhongbao had 5.14 million closed shares. According to the daily limit price, Xinhu Zhongbao's closed capital reached 1.6 billion yuan. In addition, has closed more than 1.4 million new shares, 730000 easy to see shares, 440000 Chenxin technology, 400000 Annie shares and 310000 Hailian Jinhui. In addition to the blockchain concept, on that day, the stock price of the mainstream digital currency concept of A-share rose collectively, and smart government concept stocks such as people's network (603000. SH) also rose. From the perspective of market attention, the carnival of blockchain concept stocks can be called "epic".
        According to media statistics, as of 21:00 on October 27, 830 questions related to blockchain in the interactive trading of Shenzhen Stock Exchange in the past two days. According to the incomplete statistics of the interface news reporter, as of the morning of October 28, at least 18 listed companies have announced that the company or joint-stock companies are involved in blockchain technology, or have applied blockchain technology in the business field. In addition, some companies stand at the outlet of the blockchain by replying to investors' questions and answers on the interactive platform. Many institutions are optimistic about the continuous market rise that blockchain will bring. According to the latest research report of BOC International, the strategic position of blockchain is improved and is expected to become an incremental investment opportunity.
        The birth of blockchain technology is expected to detonate the capital market with tangled recent trends, drive the rebound of computer and technology sectors, and the leading stocks of relevant concepts are expected to obtain higher returns. As the technology is still at the bottom stage, it is difficult to see the repair of profits by reducing costs in the short term, so the rise of stock price basically comes from the rise of valuation. The current stagflation expectation restricts liquidity, which is not conducive to the comprehensive repair of valuation. Therefore, the performance of relevant concepts and stock prices is likely to be in place in one step. Whether there is a second wave of relay remains to be seen; On the other hand, the concept of blockchain involves a wide range, and new companies continue to emerge. There may be cognitive misunderstandings in the market in the short term, which can be excavated in increments.
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