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National "four departments" layout IPFs technology helps the development of distributed storage industry

Time : 07/03/2021 Author : p723lw Click : + -
        First of all, we should understand why IPFs technology will be strongly supported by the national "four departments". At present, the demand for data storage is expanding and the storage cost is increasing, which is a headache for many enterprises. As the storage data becomes larger and larger, security will also be the most important one. Enterprises have to improve their data security costs. At present, the three major problems of centralized storage have also been highlighted. After reading it, you can understand why IPFs & fil can not be liquidated in China. With the rapid development of computer technology, information network has become an important guarantee for social development. Information network involves many fields such as the government, military, culture and education of the country. Many of the information stored, transmitted and processed is important information such as government macro-control decision-making, commercial and economic information, bank fund transfer, stock securities, energy and resources data, scientific research data and so on.
        Many of them are sensitive information, even state secrets, so it will inevitably attract various man-made attacks from all over the world (such as information leakage, information theft, data tampering, data deletion and addition, computer viruses, etc.). Usually, it is difficult to leave criminal evidence by using computer crime, which also greatly stimulates the occurrence of computer high-tech crime cases. With the rapid increase of computer crime rate, the computer system, especially the network system, in various countries is facing a great threat, and has become one of the serious social problems. Kohler bathroom stores across the country use cameras with face recognition function to steal face data without consumers' knowledge. CCTV 3.15 party roll call exposure.
        Together with "Wuxi BMW 4S store, Ruiwei information technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd." was also commented and exposed by CCTV. Various industries have higher and higher requirements for data security and technology. At the same time, they also encounter a variety of server failure problems, but network attack is the biggest harm, which has caused unnecessary losses to enterprises. In the early morning of March 3, 2019, Alibaba cloud's downtime caused an uproar, affecting many Internet companies in North China, and paralyzing apps and websites. At 2:37 a.m., Alibaba cloud's official website announced that it had been urgently investigated and handled. It is reported that at present, 40% of websites in China are operated on Alibaba cloud.
        According to the market share report released by market research firm IDC, Alibaba cloud ranked first with a market share of 45.5% in 2018; Tencent cloud has a market share of 10.3%, ranking second; China Telecom ranks third, with a share of 7.6%. On March 10, 2021, according to overseas media reports, a fire broke out in the data center of OVH, Europe's largest cloud service and server hosting service company, in Strasbourg, France, in the early morning, resulting in the damage and failure of large partition servers. OVH, a French company, is a cloud computing provider and hosting service provider. Its operators have data centers all over the world, and these data centers provide services for enterprises everywhere. The data center of the fire is located in France. Enterprises in France and Europe are seriously damaged, and the most serious loss is the game company rust, Due to the damage of the data center, all the data of rust has been lost.
        In today's network society, the threat of data security comes not only from hackers, but also from the erosion of natural disasters and the destruction of human factors. Therefore, in the future data storage, the distributed storage of IPFs will usher in a very promising development. The birth of IPFs perfectly solves the problems existing in http. IPFs stores data in a distributed way, which makes hackers lose their attack targets and the security of data is higher. IPFs adopts distributed multipoint transmission, which greatly improves the transmission speed of IPFs and saves about 60% of network bandwidth. In addition to making the data more secure and faster to access, IPFs also has a very important point that IPFs uses hash de duplication to store data, which will greatly reduce the storage cost of data.
        This will be the driving force for IPFs to truly defeat the underlying business of HTTP. Safer and faster may not replace the old technology, but if it can reduce the cost at the same time, it will overturn the traditional model faster. Just like e-mail replacing traditional letters, it is an irresistible process of scientific and technological development. (the following figure shows the principle of comparison between IPFs distributed storage and traditional storage). Although I don't know how many people can understand it, this technology undoubtedly reduces a lot of storage costs and security costs of enterprises, which is the future CF password. Let's take a look at the attitude and position of the "four departments" towards IPFs. After all, so far, no blockchain technology and cryptocurrency other than IPFs & fil have been officially recognized by the state.
        In April 2019, the IPFs professional committee was established to rectify the industry chaos and introduce relevant policies in the future to ensure the sound development of IPFs in China. On November 6, 2020, the State Administration of radio, film and television and the general office of the State Administration of radio and television issued a series of white papers on the application of blockchain technology. The content review chapter specifically mentioned IPFs distributed storage technology in the chapter of basic layer. On January 27, 2021, people's cloud announced the use of IPFs technology. People's cloud network is a blockchain distributed storage data center network under people's data (national big data disaster recovery center), a joint venture between people's network and the Ministry of industry and information technology.
        Finally, we can only say that IPFs and fil can be expected in the future. The tuyere doesn't come immediately. You don't have vision and courage. When the tuyere comes, you will only think it's a tornado.
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