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The first phase of the national blockchain policing training of okcloud chain was successfully concluded, and the intelligent police aid reached another milestone

Time : 27/02/2022 Author : 7sop9e Click : + -
        In recent years, the problem of new crimes in the field of blockchain has become increasingly prominent. When investigating cases, front-line police are faced with four major problems: high cognitive cost, difficult locking of funds and entities, difficult evidence collection and investigation, and difficult judicial expertise, which poses new challenges to the public security organs in combating crime. In response to the country's macro layout of blockchain technology development and practice of corporate responsibility, on July 11, the "national network security and blockchain intelligence analysis training" held in Jinan by okcloud chain group, together with Beijing Computer Society and Chengdu digital star, came to a successful conclusion and received extensive praise. With the strong support of Jinan Municipal Public Security Bureau, Peking University network information security laboratory, Beijing Deheng Law Institute and other units, the training activities invited a number of authoritative experts to attract backbone elites of the public security system from all over the country, extensively and deeply discussed various topics of encryption crime, and became a demonstration case of intelligent police assistance.
        On July 9, the opening ceremony of the training was held in Jinan, Shandong Province. Huang Zhenguo, leader of the network police detachment of Jinan Public Security Bureau, Zhang Chao, vice president of oukeyun chain group, and Wen Weiping, Professor of the school of software and microelectronics of Peking University attended. In his opening speech, Huang Zhenguo pointed out that in recent years, with the rapid development of network society, network security problems have become increasingly prominent, and the emergence of encryption crime has posed new challenges to public security organs. The holding of this training course on network security and blockchain intelligence analysis reflects the enterprise responsibility of okcloud chain group. Zhang Chao said that in recent years, encryption crimes have occurred frequently, which not only brings challenges to police personnel, but also puts forward higher requirements for the group's technology research and development.
        Polishing blockchain big data products needs to be willing to "sit on the bench and work hard". Okcloud chain continues to promote the iterative upgrading of products with higher standards, and continues to launch oklink multi public chain browser, SkyEye on the chain, master on the chain and other products. It deeply integrates the technical investigation methods with blockchain big data, adheres to technological innovation, and provides a "sharp tool for investigation" for public security organs and regulators. In order to ensure the cutting-edge and authoritative nature of the training, the training invited top experts in the field of national network security technology and blockchain technology, information warfare experts of the Ministry of public security, well-known professional lawyers in the field of blockchain legal affairs, and lecturers from leading enterprises of police information cooperation.
        Professor Chen Zhong, director of Computer Department of Peking University, put forward many new discussions on blockchain technology innovation and application in the subject of blockchain technology innovation and application. Professor Wen Weiping of the school of software and micro technology of Peking University, Shi Feng, a distinguished instructor of Sichuan Provincial Department and Sichuan police academy, and experts of oukeyun chain products, and other authoritative lecturers, also explained many topics, such as technological innovation, security foundation, police practice, judicial practice, sky eye traceability tool on the chain, police enterprise cooperation and so on, so as to help students gradually learn blockchain knowledge and improve the practical ability of encryption investigation. On July 11, the organizer issued the certificate of blockchain intelligence analyst to the participants. The participants said that they had gained a lot from the three-day police training, had a good understanding of the use of blockchain technology to combat encryption crime, and would carry out extensive practice in subsequent investigation cases.
        This training is the first stop for okcloud chain group to carry out blockchain police training in China, and it is also another milestone of intelligent police assistance. It not only reflects the technical advantages and influence of products such as SkyEye on okcloud chain, but also highlights the group's social responsibility and responsibility, and continuously contributes to the construction of a safe and healthy blockchain development. With the gradual maturity of blockchain technology and the gradual improvement of underlying platforms, more "blockchain +" projects will be implemented in more industry scenarios. Zhang Chao also said that okcloud chain will carry out more innovative exploration in the field of financial technology on the premise of legal compliance and controllable risk, and strive to deliver satisfactory answers under the wave of blockchain technology.
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