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What technology does blockchain need,Blockchain development guide, what technology does blockchain development need?

Time : 25/03/2021 Author : v16eyn Click : + -
        So I began to learn relevant materials. The first thing I thought of was that we opened the forum. After reading the God posts of several colleagues, I spoke in a simple and easy way, which is much better than those difficult and difficult articles on the Internet. We must manually praise the forum and the great gods. This article is mainly based on my own. The working principle of is incorrect. Please tap it gently. OK, let's get to the point. The demo project has only 3 documents in total. Is a programming idea, which can be realized in any programming language in principle. For example, C + +, Java, JavaScript, Python and go can be implemented.
        Integrated service provider. It was invented by a person or group of people under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Through distributed rather than replicated digital information,. In ancient Rome, "multiplication" was a profound concept that only royal mathematicians could understand, and when Arabic numerals appeared, children could calculate on paper. New tools not only improve efficiency, but also can be unmatched by predecessors. As active. Language (future currency) definition: Java is an object-oriented programming language, which not only absorbs the advantages of C + + language, but also discards the difficulty of understanding multiple inheritance in the concepts of C + +, pointer and so on. Therefore, Java language has two strong and easy-to-use features.
        Professional skills: I. in terms of programming language, C / C + + (must be familiar with C + + language), golang (must be familiar with go language), python, Java and solidity can be independent., HTML5、DIV、CSS、JavaScript、node. JS, react, Web3 in-depth research includes GCC, llvm, Open64, ev. Relevant data DAPP architecture DAPP, namely decentralized application, decentralized application. As we know, generally, a complete project includes: presentation operation layer, logic layer and storage layer.
        1. Distributed ledger: in short, distributed ledger is an asset database maintained and shared by multiple people. In essence, distributed ledger is an asset database that can be shared among multiple sites, different geographical locations or networks composed of multiple institutions. Participants in a network can get a copy of a unique and true account book. Any changes in the ledger will be reflected in all copies, and the reaction time will be a few minutes or even seconds. The assets stored in this account book can be financial, legally defined, physical or electronic assets. In this ledger. It is just a protocol that can be implemented in various programming languages.
        Take the following example: bitcoin is implemented in C + +. Ethereum has reference implementations in three different programming languages: geth client using go Lang, ETH client using C + +, and pyeth application using python. It is a brand-new distributed infrastructure and computing paradigm that uses distributed data structure to verify and store data, uses distributed node consensus algorithm to generate and update data, uses cryptography to ensure the security of data transmission and access, and uses intelligent contract composed of automatic script code to program and operate data. In short, in. And cannot be tampered with unilaterally. Any information can be modified only with the consent of the agreed proportion of subjects, and only new information can be added.
        A few days ago, we have learned how to learn the "Tao" and "art". After learning, we should put it into practice. Through continuous practice, we can turn these knowledge resources into our knowledge capital. If after reading the previous article, you think it's very good, and then you lack thinking and action, then you won't have it. In order to better guide you how to practice, in this article, I will share with you how I transform knowledge resources into my knowledge capital. If you start to focus on the application of Ethereum_ yan_ DK's column NPM installation Web3 $npminstallweb3 -- save checks whether the installation is successful. The $noderequire (Web3) is displayed as follows: description Web3 JS has been successfully installed.
        Install testrpc (an Ethereum environment simulated by using memory locally) npminstallethereumjs-testrpc-g. after the installation is successful, start testrpc. There are a lot of hash and encryption algorithms in the application, which requires high computational efficiency. Therefore, interpretative language is not suitable. Bitcoin, the ancestor of virtual currency, uses C / C + +. From the point of view, this is a distributed database that sacrifices consistency efficiency and ensures final consistency. Of course, this is one-sided. From the perspective of economics, this peer-to-peer network with strong fault tolerance just meets the low-cost trusted environment that must be required by the sharing economy.
        This paper focuses on the alliance. Detailed explanation of the redundancy detection of the POTU S7 storage area, and the detailed explanation of the redundancy detection of the POTU s7-scl storage area. Detailed explanation of the redundancy detection of the POTU S7 storage area, and the detailed explanation of the redundancy detection of the POTU s7-scl storage area.
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