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Blockchain and innovative thinking,Jayden, Wei, co-founder of hyperdao: innovative thinking and expanding contacts are the basis for the success of blockchain entrepreneurs

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        Original title: exclusive interview with jaydenwei, co-founder of hyperdao: having innovative thinking and expanding contacts is the basis for the success of blockchain entrepreneurs. On October 25, 2019, Xinhua News Agency issued an authoritative document. The central leadership held the 18th collective learning on the development status and trend of blockchain technology on the afternoon of October 24. The meeting stressed that the integrated application of blockchain technology plays an important role in new technological innovation and industrial transformation. Blockchain should be regarded as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technologies, clarify the main direction, increase investment and strive to overcome a number of key core technologies, Accelerate the innovation and development of blockchain technology and industry.
        The meeting stressed that relevant departments and their responsible leaders should pay attention to the development status and trend of blockchain technology, improve the ability to use and manage blockchain technology, and make blockchain technology play a greater role in building a network power, developing digital economy and boosting economic and social development. The attention to blockchain has its realistic background. At present, information technology, especially the new technology with digital economy as the core, is becoming the highland of global scientific and technological innovation. Among them, blockchain technology has attracted much attention. If blockchain technology, which is regarded as "next generation Internet", can be combined with real industry economy and existing business model, it will play a greater role and form a technology driven blockchain industry.
        Among many enterprises aiming to become famous in the blockchain field, hyperdao is becoming an outstanding representative of the blockchain industry with its unique service content. Hyperdao founder Jayden Wei said in an interview that hyperdao is committed to creating an efficient, transparent and achievable digital asset financial ecosystem and creating a one-stop platform to meet all users' financial needs. Hyperdao will gradually transform the existing centralized business model into a decentralized model jointly managed by community members. Through decentralization and community governance, hyperdao has taken a solid step towards a truly decentralized society and will strive to achieve transparency and autonomy in the decision-making process.
        During the interview, it is not difficult to find that the advantages of hyperdao lie in the rich blockchain experience of the founding team and the in-depth layout formed in the blockchain ecology. From the perspective of "gene", hyperdao is regarded as the "front-line service provider" of blockchain ecology. It early positioned itself as a bridge between blockchain projects and the general public, and based on this, it has made the world-famous crowdfunding platform "instant net", the most convenient exchange group and a safe and convenient wallet for financial management. It is a long process to accumulate users, cultivate brand loyalty and build their own ecological community. Hyperdao team has been deployed since four or five years ago. Its territory extends from Australia to 6 countries and 15 cities around the world, with 12 blockchain segments. Its crowdfunding platform "" alone has more than 50000 active users around the world.
        Hyperdao's eight systems are interlaced layer by layer to build a decentralized and full financial ecological blueprint. Hyperdao uses the way of asset mortgage on the chain to create stable currency, allowing users to exchange digital assets for stable assets linked to a variety of legal currencies, such as hyper-usd, hyper-eud, hyper-cny, etc., while hyperdao's mature infrastructure such as wallets and exchanges creates an application ecosystem for the stable currency produced by hyperdao. After hyperdao is built, it will support more complex assets in the market than most of the existing hyperdao platforms.
        Hyperdao's mechanism is simple. It adopts the collateralized debt commitments (CDC), which is similar to the collateralized debt bonds in the traditional financial market. In essence, it uses valuable assets to gather together to generate structured credit products, and confirms the mortgage ratio according to the asset value and liquidity. More details will be shown in the next article. It is worth mentioning that in the hyper stable currency system, hdao holders will play a decisive role in system management and can vote to implement a series of risk management measures, thus ensuring the "complete decentralization" of the system.
        For more information about hyperdao, please see the QA Q & A of reporter and founder jaydenwei:. Jayden: I have been in the blockchain industry for more than five years. I am one of the early participants in the blockchain. I am the founding partner of keyin capital, the founder of leek crowdfunding platform and the founder of hyperdao. I have invested in and served hundreds of blockchain projects and successfully quit. Some people say that investment is more successful than entrepreneurship. Now I want to do a hundred times better project and practice financial innovation through long-term and practical efforts. Q: what market opportunities and user pain points do you see and what opportunities do you decide to do hyperdao?.
        Jayden: Dao (decentralized autonomous organization) is an autonomous organization on the chain, but many problems occurred in the early days of Dao. The biggest one was that it led to the bifurcation of Ethereum into Eth and etc. Chain autonomy is a beautiful vision, but it still needs a lot of technological progress to build an excellent Dao. I have invested in and served many blockchain projects, met many entrepreneurs, met many pseudo entrepreneurs, and been cheated of a lot of money. I named this project hyperdao in the hope that we can truly achieve autonomy in the chain, from dontbeevilto can & rsquo; Tbeevil ", I'm just one of the explorers on the road of Dao.
        Therefore, I also position "hyperdao" as a "defi" project, continue to provide financial services and decentralize the originally centralized business. This requires a process. At present, it is still in the stage of semi decentralization, and decentralization will be truly realized in the future. HyperDAO1. 0 is a basic financial service business, which we have been doing for a long time. It already has a certain user base and business volume, including mortgage lending of digital currency, crowdfunding business (formerly leek business, exchange (HPX business). At present, I have integrated leek and HPX. Mortgage lending business, that is, the sector of stable currency mentioned in the white paper, we learn from makerdao, and they do well.
        However, at present, maker mainly supports eth, and we have the ability to surpass them in some fields and markets. Our partner hyperpay / Hoo wallet has always had this lending business. In the early stage, these businesses are centralized, and in the later stage, there will be more community voting and governance, steadily entering a decentralized solution. We also reached a cooperation agreement with forceprotocol last week. In fact, this circle is very small. It's easy for everyone to unite and do something together. In fact, it's not easy to do 1.0 well. The most important part of this part is the basis of everything. I attribute it to 2C business.
        HyperDAO2. 0 is the extension after solid business on the basis of 1.0. The goal of 1.0 is to develop financial service products with good experience and trust, and realize the stable growth of users. 2.0 involves a higher-level asset management chain. It is more targeted at the financial services of professional institutions. I won't start the narration here for the time being. 3.0 is the bigger goal. Friends familiar with me should know that I also invested in bank licenses and blockchain special economic zones last year. At present, these are still advancing steadily. In fact, it will take 10 or even 20 years to improve gradually. Those resources will be the business of hyperdao2g in the future.
        For example, government information and data can only be linked, which will be a very grand plan. We aim far away and must work for a long time. Look up to the stars and be down-to-earth. Now we will focus on 1.0 and make the basic business practical. Q: you said that building hyperdao is a long-term process. The team should not only look up to the stars, but also be down-to-earth. What does "looking up at the stars" mean?. Jayden: as an industry pioneer, we have the responsibility to build infrastructure to ensure the long-term stability of the industry. We have been engaged in the blockchain industry for a long time, so we must build a service platform that we believe will continue to remain relevant and competitive in the next few years.
        We envision hyperdao as a platform that can meet customers' long-term needs and become one of the preferred platforms for financial services. So "looking up at the stars" means that we conceive and build a product that can last and have vitality. Q: as a symbol of the blockchain industry, the price of bitcoin has increased significantly compared with last year. Therefore, how do you see the development trend of the whole blockchain industry (including chain circle and coin circle)?. Jayden: compared with the brutal growth of the whole industry from the second half of 2017 to the beginning of 2018, the cryptocurrency market is undergoing a fierce transformation. With the improvement and implementation of laws and regulations, the cryptocurrency industry will become a healthier and safer investment field.
        I believe that in the next few years, you will see more mainstream adoption in the blockchain industry, but most of it will be carried out at the enterprise level and through private chains. Traditional enterprises begin to understand the value of blockchain and implement blockchain in their business, which will also have a positive impact on smaller participants who can provide blockchain technology as a service. With this development trend, we will see better development products and more practical use cases in the blockchain industry. Q: what capabilities and resources do you think entrepreneurs should have to succeed in the blockchain industry?. Jayden: entrepreneurs should have the ability of innovative thinking and the resources of contacts.
        First of all, we must be highly sensitive to the needs of the industry and adapt to the needs of the industry. In addition to keeping up with the development of the blockchain industry, it must also be able to quickly adjust its products and services to maintain competitiveness. A successful entrepreneur cannot stay in one place, but must innovate constantly to keep pace with the times. Successful entrepreneurs should be able to break through traditional thinking and actively influence the people around them. As the current blockchain industry is still small, it is very important for people in the industry to cooperate closely and exchange ideas to grow together. We must seek mutual support.
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