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It is learned from ICBC that relying on the advantages of financial technology, ICBC released an enterprise level blockchain technology platform with independent intellectual property rights in 2018. At present, the platform has made more th
On August 24, the scientific and technological achievements evaluation committee of Shandong science and Technology Consulting Association organized experts to hold an on-site scientific and technological achievements evaluation meeting for
So far, there is no definite data on the actual rate of return of blockchain projects. Recently, there was a survey of 550 executives. At the same time, according to the analysis of 79 blockchain projects by the World Economic Forum (WEF) an
Original title: a Web3.0 Industry Guide: Ouyi OKx and LinkedIn launched the global blockchain talent report - Web3.0 direction. On August 4, Ouyi OKx and LinkedIn launched the first global blockchain talent report - Web3.0 direction (hereina
"Although the distance is far, the service is not reduced." After the outbreak of COVID-19, local tax authorities have continuously innovated the "non-contact" tax payment mode, and launched a number of warm and powerful new measures to faci
Solemnly declare that all information (including but not limited to text, video, audio, data and charts) published by users in the fund bar / fortune number / stock bar and other communities only represent personal opinions, have nothing to
[Blockchain Market]_Related concepts: more than 100 shares were auctioned, and the price limit was increased, and the amount of sealed orders of new, new lake Zhongbao and easy to see shares of exceeded 4 billion yuan. Not only the A
Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi has issued a series of important expositions focusing on the construction of a network power, and put forward a series of new ideas, new viewpoints and ne
In order to comprehensively promote the digital transformation of the economy and society and strive to create a new engine of the digital economy, on the afternoon of June 9, the digital economy innovation and development forum and the 5g b
From the suspension of the registration of users in Chinese Mainland to the mandatory removal of users in Chinese Mainland, under the continuous crackdown of the regulatory authorities, the domestic virtual currency transactions have been co
On August 5, the online media conference of "2022 global blockchain talent report - Web3 direction" jointly produced by Ouyi OKx and LinkedIn was successfully held. Many scientific and technological media and crypto media witnessed the relea
Metaverse can be generally understood as a virtual world parallel to the real world. What people can do in the real world can be realized in the metaverse. "Meta universe" emphasizes the integrity of ecology and the subjective initiative of
What is a blockchain? What can blockchain do? How can blockchain make money? Trust is a new term, and many netizens show that they can't find their brains. So how can we better understand the blockchain and make this new skill work for us? T
The development cost of blockchain projects is generally estimated according to the technical difficulty. The estimated development cost of Fangwei technology ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions. The development cost is mainly calc
Golden finance report, kristinsmith, executive director of the US non-profit blockchainassociation, said on social media that cryptocurrency will always exist. This year has tested our macro conditions. Although the project failed, the indus
[Blockchain project investment]_2020 is the fourth year of Chongqing whole house custom home exhibition. From 2017, the first Chongqing International Architectural Decoration Expo was held in Chongqing International Expo Center, 2018, 2019 a
Host: Good morning, audience friends. Welcome to pay attention to the Party style, government style and business style online. I'm Wu Hui. The unit that launched this year is the office of Weifang International Kite Association. We invited Z
[Blockchain stock leader concept]_Today, the index rose and fell, with the Shanghai index rising 0.58% and the gem index rising 0.77%. The northbound capital continued to flow in substantially, and the overall atmosphere was acceptable. Them
The thing is like this: Zhu Xiaohu bought a pair of shoes, ran a step and sent a circle of friends; Generally speaking, buying shoes is not new, sending friends is nothing, and running is not uncommon. But what's strange is that he aims at s
Mining machine coin digging refers to the process of producing virtual currency through a large number of precise calculations by computers. In the world of bitcoin, the total production per day is about 1800. Mining can be abstractly unders

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