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[What is a blockchain mall]_On December 11, the official wechat of the people's Bank of China announced that recently, some institutions trade related products under the name of "DC / EP" or "DCEP". The people's Bank of China issued an annou
As we know, blockchain is defined as revolutionary mining by subverting tradition and improving tracking and data sharing. According to the global law firm White & amp; According to a paper published by case and palainvestments on Thursday,
In recent years, with the continuous promotion of the "blockchain +" industry, the application prospect of blockchain in many fields has attracted the attention of the capital market, and the application of blockchain technology in various s
[introduction] on April 1, Cai Hengjin, Professor of the school of computer science of Wuhan University, and Qu Lin, director of the blockchain industry center of the National Technology Transfer East Center, visited the 145 online Wenhui le
"No matter is clear, it is effective; no theory is definite, it is proved". At present, the scale of shared products and continuous profits, and the shared rechargeable treasure industry is booming, implying that the shared economy has been
Thanks to the popularity of blockchain in 2018, even when the market focus is still on the financial field, more people are beginning to notice the potential of applying blockchain technology to public services, industrial applications and o
Blockchain technology network is a blockchain we media website. In an interview with C on July 1, blockchain technology network refuted the downward pressure of the current bitcoin market. Last week, the price of bitcoin fell below $6000 for
[Blockchain coding]_Us online art auction padde8 and Swiss technology company the native have jointly launched a blockchain based art authentication service. Padde8 will provide a digital certificate named p8pass for every thousands of artwo
Original title: [Houren daily news] who renamed monkeypox virus; A number of large technology companies are increasing their investment in blockchain and other encryption companies. one ️⃣ The who renamed monkeypox virus and its variants
As of 10:30 on April 22, according to the big data of okex trading, the number of long and short positions in BTC contracts was 0.92, and the number of long positions in the market decreased; The quarterly contract basis and the perpetual co
With the popularity of the game market, an e-commerce platform specialized in providing relevant transaction services for online games has emerged. The e-commerce platform provides comprehensive services including online game consignment tra
When it comes to blockchain, many people will think of one word & mdash& mdash; Traceability. From milk powder, grain and oil, tea, pork and beef, seafood products, high-end famous wine and other daily consumer goods, to vaccines, health pro
Original title: Tianfu on the chain & middot; Application Innovation: the first Sichuan blockchain vocational skills competition results conference and the Digital Economy Industry Development Summit Forum on the chain were held in Dujiangya
Notice of the industrial development promotion center of the Ministry of industry and information technology on convening the 2022 video Defense Review Meeting (the first batch) of key special projects such as the national key research and d
Ouyi is the world's No. 1 virtual currency exchange, providing online transactions of bitcoin, Ethereum, dogcoin and other virtual currencies. You can buy, sell and query the latest virtual currency market online. Bi'An exchange app and Ouyi
The application of blockchain technology in the tax field provides a new direction for improving taxpayers' tax compliance, provides a new idea for improving taxpayers' tax services, and provides a new blueprint for improving the tax environ
The blockchain is simply understood as a distributed ledger or a database. When the blockchain is studied and adopted in various industries by virtue of its unique technical characteristics, how does the blockchain protect the privacy and se
The vigorous development of "Internet +" brings great convenience, but also inevitably brings about a series of problems. How to improve the traceability of network behavior and how to improve the ability of collecting, preserving and examin
China Securities Network News (reporter Peng Yang) according to the news of China Internet Finance Association on August 18, in order to give full play to the economic and social value of the data elements of the financial industry, implemen
"In blockchain entrepreneurship, people born after 6070 wear shoes, and those born after 8090 are barefoot! Barefoot people can definitely wear shoes." The first blockchain wonder said that 20 experts argued fiercely on the spot that "who is

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