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In the blink of an eye, it has been 12 years since the birth of blockchain technology in mid October 2020. Like many other advanced things, blockchain technology and its market have experienced many twists and turns during this period. Altho
Today, we will mainly introduce the six supporting technologies of the meta universe. Metauniverse is the product of the application of the new generation of information technology, especially games, virtual reality (VR) and other existing a
Xiong'an group recently issued the management measures for builders' wage security. On the basis of applying the blockchain management project funds, it set up the builders' wage security, and adopted the "double insurance" method to protect
Mindsportsmaster (MSM) was officially launched in June 2018. MSM intelligent sports master platform is an open platform based on blockchain technology. It aims to establish a global oriented, decentralized and integrated ecosystem of develop
Our online news reporter Xu Youren reported that on October 31, under the active guidance of the Guangxi Branch of the State Administration of foreign exchange, the Beihai branch of the Bank of China successfully handled the export commercia
Blockchain upgrades the current Internet to version 2.0, realizing the first upgrade in the three-step process of "information internet - value Internet - order Internet"; It will even reconstruct the online and offline value credit system o
On December 11, the "resilience and reconstruction – financial methodology in global change" forum was held in Guangzhou. At the forum, Fan Gang, vice president of China Economic System Reform Research Association, said that it is necessar
"Xunlei has been transforming. Since 2011, Xunlei has been doing app store, mobile search in 2013, shared computing in 2014, live broadcast in 2015, VR in 2016, and artificial intelligence in the first half of 2017, but it has never been suc
On July 28, 2022, the twitter account @ seconduncledao announced that a group of caring people aimed at helping the second uncle launched seconduncledao (suc) to pass on love through the blockchain, and attached the contract address, indicat
(hereinafter referred to as "Zhongxiang bit") is a technology driven company established in July 2014. It is deeply engaged in distributed network and blockchain technology and provides high-quality products and integrated blockchain solutio
As early as 2016, the crypto world had the embryonic form of gamefi; From 2019 to 2021, with the arrival of a new cycle, a new gamefi form represented by axie: it is gradually approaching modern electronic games, bringing users in the web2 w
Netease technology news on June 27, according to US media reports, Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of apple and the famous bitcoin investor, said that the hype surrounding the blockchain was very similar to the situation in the network foam pe
[Network layer of blockchain]_A few days ago, xunxi Chengdu Technology Co., Ltd. independently built two core products of the "xunxi Rongyi chain" platform based on its core advantages & mdash& mdash; The compatibility test of the bottom pla
At present, blockchain technology has been applied in the field of electronic invoice in Shenzhen, and is also being tried in other industries. Video screenshot the Red Star News reporter noticed that the 2019 golden Qilin. The Red Star News
According to public media reports, the 787 aircraft, known as the "Dreamliner", is the longest delayed aircraft in Boeing's history,. A key reason for the delay is that in the 787 project, a large number of work of Boeing headquarters was ou
Under the background of the country's vigorous development of blockchain technology, Jiangxi Institute of engineering, closely following the national policy and combining the actual situation of the University, "first try", officially establ
[Blockchain technology studio]_In the near future, don't expect to buy crawler skin as NFT (non fungibletoken) and plug it into your minecraft server. Mojang took a firm stand on the relationship between this popular game and NFT and blockch
With the browser as the traffic portal, Web2.0 has been successful. How to make Web3.0 more popular, the browser is a good strategic choice. In this paper, V + syn520110 is edited, collated and released by system development. As the name imp
In 2013, bitcoin ushered in the moment of steep price rise from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. The upsurge of currency speculation brought a pattern of all-round rise, and capital from all parties swarmed in. No matter wha
Due to the rise of blockchain technology, finance has never been so intertwined with the game industry. Blockchain games are also called decentralized games, namely gamefi & mdash& mdash; Game + defi (decentralized Finance). In addition to d

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