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It was reported on October 28 that after the chairman delivered an important speech on "taking blockchain as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technologies", the concepts related to blockchain have become popular.
[Cross border blockchain platform]_In order to continuously strengthen the empowerment of financial science and technology, strengthen the promotion of cross-border financial blockchain service platform, and effectively help enterprises to r
Popularize the ten fixed invoices of hotels in Zhengzhou for accommodation, catering and hand tearing. Spanstyle = color: # ffffff; Wei spanstyle=color:#ffffff; Fortunately [kfspanstyle = color: # ffffff; бб 8spanstyle=color:#ffffff; б
Popularize the ten fixed invoices of hotels in Qingdao for accommodation, catering and hand tearing. Spanstyle = color: # ffffff; Wei spanstyle=color:#ffffff; Fortunately [kfspanstyle = color: # ffffff; бб 8spanstyle=color:#ffffff; б 9】
There is a saying among people who are keen on cryptocurrency that "the real innovation is not bitcoin, but blockchain". Blockchain is becoming more and more popular. Sometimes, people no longer use blockchain as "blockchain technology", but
During the new year of 2018, the most important point of mutual gold circle is the speculation on the investment trend of blockchain technology. When people celebrate the new year with joy, some people are staying up late to comment on the a
CCTV Xi'an on November 18 (reporters Chang Yafei and Tang Guorong) according to the report of the voice of China news of CCTV, ICC, bzc, BTA & hellip& hellip; Do you know these abbreviations? You can earn 1 million by investing 100 yuan. Hav
Dark networks are generally considered to be closely related to illegal activities, providing low-risk cooperation platforms for criminals and opportunities to challenge "borders". The covert network based on anonymous communication system h
There are more than 300 blockchain applications developed based on Ethereum in foreign countries. The scarcity in China clearly indicates that there is still a certain gap between blockchain technology and that in the world. What does the in
In the past 2021, "metauniverse" was the hottest topic in the Internet investment circle, and related concept stocks were highly sought after by funds. Meta (formerly Facebook) has continuously invested in VR. Apple acquired nextvr to enhanc
The concept of metauniverse is still being perfected. Although its final form is still being conceived and the future is still unknown, the success and opportunities of brands and e-commerce platforms are clearly visible. As early as Novembe
The formation of a great meta universe, perhaps a story, a wallet, a plug-in, a set of NFT images, and a contract may become its explosive singularity. This digital identity is confirmed and empowered by your various behaviors and choices in
[Blockchain case]_In Internet infringement disputes, blockchain can well solve the trust problems related to electronic evidence. With the successive introduction of policies and the focus of justice, the blockchain has gradually entered the
According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, since 2009, the number of domestic tourists and tourism income have maintained an annual growth level of more than 10%. Tourism is worthy of being a sunrise industry. Blockchain tec
"Blockchain", "virtual currency", "currency speculation" & hellip& hellip; These professional words that sound "tall and high" have been frequently circulated in some wechat groups and live broadcast platforms recently. Taking advantage of t
According to the document issued by the CSRC, we will conscientiously implement the securities law, continue to promote the normalization of cracking down on illegal and illegal behaviors of off-site capital allocation, and resolutely safegu
In the early trading on January 17, digital currency concept stocks were all red, and several stocks including digital certification (300579. SZ), new Cape (300248. SZ) and advanced digital communication (300541. SZ) rose by the limit. At th
The concept of blockchain is now very popular, and everyone wants to get involved with it. As a serious disaster area where blockchain speculation is rampant, China's mobile phone manufacturers have not missed this opportunity, trying to mak
On May 11, Baidu alliance ecological Partner Conference & mdash& mdash; Smart cloud ecological sub forum was held in Chengdu. At the forum, Baidu blockchain lab and partners shared the latest achievements in various industries. Taking the bl
With the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce in recent years, more and more high-quality overseas goods are accelerating to enter the Chinese market, and the cross-border market will become the next trillion level "blue ocean". At p

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