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On September 6, the 2018 national mobile Internet innovation competition blockchain application technology special competition and forum was successfully held in Beijing under the guidance of the China Association of science and technology,
According to the cryptolates report on August 21, David Chaum, the godfather of cryptocurrency and cryptographer, said in an interview that "it is very good that bitcoin has raised its vision image to a level that the authorities can not ign
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In line with the requirements of the technological development of the times, under the guidance of the State Administration of Taxation and the Guangzhou Municipal Taxation Bureau, Guangzhou Metro issued the first blockchain electronic invoi
A fire bull video user disclosed to blue whale finance that after the platform used high return as bait to induce its recharge, it recently changed the rules greatly, reducing its income by a thousand times, directly causing its economic los
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Technological changes and iterations have been developing rapidly. As a program developer with 15 years of experience, I often think about how we should change and what we should learn to keep up with the changes of the new era, maintain our
The development of blockchain has brought many inspirations and innovations to identity and access technologies. Based on the decentralized network structure of the blockchain and the technical characteristics such as the data on the chain i
In 2020, the cryptocurrency market was in a bull market. The total market value increased from about US $191863 million to about US $76056 million, nearly quadrupling. In such a hot market, many new investment hotspots have emerged in the bl
However, technological equality may not be real equality, and sometimes even greater inequality. Everyone's quality is completely different. There is no doubt that some professionals are more suitable for Web3, although Web3 is constantly br
On February 2, local time, Forbes magazine of the United States selected the top 50 global blockchain companies of "blockchain 50" in 2021, which is the third consecutive year. Chinese companies on the list are listed in alphabetical order:
At present, the extremely popular industry belongs to the blockchain industry. All kinds of blockchain news on the Internet are overwhelming. All industries know that blockchain technology is the trend of the times and want to do a big job a
NFT is a concept that exists relative to the homogenized token. Homogeneous tokens, namely ft (functional token), are tokens that can be replaced with each other and can be split at will. For example, the bitcoin in your hand is essentially
In order to accelerate the gathering and training of compound talents centered on blockchain and algorithm, and accelerate the creation of a domestic leading and internationally renowned scientific research platform and Innovation Center for
On November 2, the city's first blockchain artificial intelligence project was officially launched. Liu Xiaofeng, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and vice mayor, attended the launching ceremony and delivered
The blockchain platform is an economy written in code. The goal of any blockchain based platform is to let participants (such as buyers, sellers, miners, voters, etc.) connect with each other to trade and create value. Participants in the bl
Perhaps, this is exactly the opposite of your impression & mdash& mdash; The blockchain is getting rid of the difficult labels step by step and going to the fields and the depths of the city. Behind the health code you open, behind the elect
At present, domestic e-commerce payment methods are nothing more than Alipay, TenPay, etc., although there is no need to worry about safety, timeliness and handling fees. However, with the expansion of the scale of e-commerce, the collection
[Blockchain travel]_Blockchain 1.0 basically represents various cryptocurrencies. There are certain innovations in different applications and technologies. Among them, bitcoin accounts for about 90% of the market share. The innovative crypto
Recently, a delegation composed of Chen Jianrong, member of the working committee of the Guangzhou Development Zone, Secretary General of the administrative committee of the Guangzhou Development Zone, director of the office of the Huangpu D

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