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On June 21, 2022, cloudflare, a global network infrastructure service provider, failed, resulting in the disconnection of hundreds of large websites, including discord, medium, coinbase, nordvpn and feedly. This large-scale network outage ca
[Who proposed the concept of blockchain]_The new book "blockchain revolution" just released was edited by me. I agree that blockchain is the only keyword. Looking back on the three industrial revolutions in the history of human civilization,
In order to promote the development of the blockchain industry and build a trusted blockchain ecosystem, on July 14, 2022, under the guidance of the China Institute of information and communications (hereinafter referred to as the "China Ins
"The sale is instant", "the purchase is instant", "the second-hand transaction can be speculated to nearly 100000 yuan" & hellip& hellip; Recently, digital collections that "can be seen but not touched" have been popular. The Xinhua Daily Te
As the central government pointed out that blockchain technology is an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technology, the application of commercial banks in the field of blockchain technology has received unprecedented
Li Dawei: in 2011, you won the Nobel Prize in economics for your achievements in the field of "empirical research on causality in macroeconomics". As a famous macroeconomist, what do you think of the challenges brought by the COVID-19 epidem
Based on ant blockchain, provide efficient and judicial based on ant blockchain, provide efficient, judicial credible, light-weight and convenient electronic contract certificate storage solutions, ensure that the contract is authentic and c
Xinmin Evening News (reporter Yang Shuo) on November 1, the personal information protection law, which will be formally implemented, stipulates for the first time the relevant content of "personal information portability". According to the p
The 2022 World artificial intelligence conference is jointly sponsored by the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of science and technology, the national Internet Info
We know the consensus mechanism of blockchain, so what is the consensus mechanism? Consensus can be simply understood as the consensus on a certain aspect of the common understanding, values, ideas, etc. sought by different groups. The conse
1. Symmetric secret key and other encryption segments solve the bottleneck of information security: Shanda public chain provides a feasible solution to the problem of information security with its symmetric secret key and other encryption se
Overview: China Mutual Fund Association and the World Bank jointly established the global digital finance center; Huangpu "blockchain 2.0" policy implementation rules were officially issued; The sudden "coup" in Bitian mainland brought Wu Ji
According to the tracking of the slow fog security team, about $580million of encrypted assets, including exist, went to four attacker addresses. There is no final conclusion about this incident. Blockchain security analysts said that unlike
[Ranking of blockchain application companies]_Recently, Cathaya software password module, a blockchain product of oneconnect, passed the test of Shanghai Testing Center of the State Password Administration and issued a test report, becoming
We can see how popular blockchain is now by looking at the price of bitcoin. However, as a qualified programmer, we should not only pay attention to the value of currency (why I didn't buy bitcoin, T-T), but also pay attention to the essence
Oracle is a mechanism and protocol to obtain data outside the blockchain, including data from other blockchains and traditional Internet. We know that various applications on the blockchain will generate a lot of data, including capital flow
Xinhua news agency, Sanya, December 1 (reporter zhouzhengping) - an important pilot project in the construction of Hainan free trade port &mdash& mdash; Hainan International Offshore innovation and Entrepreneurship (Sanya) pilot zone was ina
On May 23rd, 2017, the offline Salon of "the correct landing posture of blockchain application of lydo College", CO hosted by lyun and wedo joint venture society, came to an end. Dozens of practitioners in the blockchain field and enthusiast
Recently, the Hong Kong University of science and technology announced the establishment of the world's first digital twin campus metahkust in metauniverse. It not only provides an immersive learning experience, but also an integrated platfo
The first blockchain electronic invoice in China has been implemented in Shenzhen. Blocks are linked with traditional electronic invoices and simple electronic invoices. The blockchain electronic invoice launched this time integrates the two

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