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What is the favorite game for primary school students in summer? "My world" can definitely top the top three. As a game with hundreds of millions of players in the world and known as the embryonic form of the meta universe, it is not surpris
Not long ago, many companies and teams made the idea of "minecraft" and used the game's world files, skin packages, etc. to NFT. A few days ago, mojangstudios issued an official announcement to announce that minecraft client and server appli
This is actually distributed accounting. For example, in our family, mom used to keep accounts, but if dad thinks this is unfair and thinks that one person's accounting is easy to be watery, how can it be more fair? Well, now we keep account
Explorers of traditional public welfare organizations are actively engaged in a new experiment to change the public welfare ecology. At present, the Alipay love donation platform under ant financial has fully introduced the blockchain techno
A few days ago, the Ministry of culture and tourism and other 10 departments jointly issued the guiding opinions on promoting the high-quality development of rural homestays, which defined the overall objective of the high-quality developmen
Recently, China Computer Society (CCF) series activities & mdash& mdash; The theme activity of "intelligent infinity" CCF member day was held in Tongji University in Shanghai. At the sub forum of blockchain theme, Ma Xiaofeng, President of T
The closing price of Zhongke Jincai was 15.68 yuan. The stock was trading at 10:40, but the trading limit was not opened. As of the closing, the sealed capital was 59.6282 million yuan, accounting for 1.28% of its current market value. In te
[Development status of blockchain Finance]_At present, China's Internet finance is in the stage of rapid development, and various Internet technologies and products emerge in endlessly. This paper focuses on Internet lending, Internet paymen
According to cointegraph, on December 18, Atari, a mainstream game company, announced that it had reached a cooperation agreement with animoca brands, a blockchain start-up company, to produce two blockchain versions of mobile games. It is r
[Blockchain transmission protocol]_The highly concerned personal information protection law will come into effect on November 1. How to fully release the value of the majority of personal data on the premise of legality and compliance?. For
First of all, the existence of cross chain bridge is actually based on the core assumption of the Multi Chain ecological pattern in the future; Second, the significance of the cross chain bridge lies in promoting the flow of assets and infor
◆ some currency issuing institutions, big V celebrities, investors and other stakeholders use the attributes of the media platform to wantonly advocate digital currency, mislead the public, and circle money by issuing tokens in disguise, w
Only when enterprises take the initiative to "voice" can they expand the overseas market's understanding of blockchain, digital currency and exchange platforms. Through the collection of search engines, they can comprehensively display the d
On July 6, the "digital collection application reference" edited by the blockchain copyright application center of the Key Laboratory of science and technology and standards of the State Press and publication administration was released. "Di
In recent years, thanks to the continuous strengthening of anti pyramid schemes, pyramid schemes under the banner of "investment in shares" have become increasingly unpopular. As soon as you hear that you want to throw money in first, ask a
According to public information, the total number of members in the field of mutual assistance has exceeded 150million, becoming an emerging part of the social security system. This just confirms the theme of the global conference of bee cha
It is inevitable to talk about "blockchain". Newspapers, politicians and even comedians mention it almost every day. Although the call for distributed ledger Technology (DLT) is unstoppable, the blockchain based platform adopted by instituti
On July 30, the "2022 Taier Yingfu strategic conference" was successfully held in Shunyi District, Beijing. The conference was guided by the Shunyi District People's Government of Beijing and the China Academy of information and communicatio
As the true pioneer of the era of smart phones, iPhone has also been pursued by countless consumers. It is precisely because of the emergence of iPhone that the era of smart phones has come, and mobile Internet has become a reality. At the s
On August 23, according to, Ping An insurance of China released a "smart city white paper", which mainly uses Zhang blockchain, AI big data, cloud computing and other technologies. This. On August 23, according to, Ping

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