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Blockchain is one of the most promising technologies in the future. Blockchain can make operation records and data transparent, and its role is to make those organizations applying this technology transparent, democratic, clear, efficient an
Recently, the sandbox game minecraft has updated its user guide. In order to ensure that minecraft players have a safe and inclusive experience, it announced that minecraft client and server applications are prohibited from integrating block
The Ministry of finance of Nigeria is working with the country's securities regulatory authority to establish a new framework for blockchain and cryptocurrency and provide a regulatory environment for blockchain and digital assets. This move
In September 2018, the Ministry of information technology and industrial development of the national information center and the Shenzhen Cultural Exchange jointly set up the "cultural and art copyright blockchain application base", and the N
On August 10, the OT global blockchain application summit Dongguan station was successfully held in Dongguan Convention and Exhibition International Hotel, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. Wen Jing, partner of lightening community, Chen Bo
In recent years, the "blockchain" pyramid scheme has become rampant. Many investors do not understand the blockchain and rashly follow the trend. As a result, they are either "cut off leeks" or fall into the pyramid scheme. So, what is the b
From an academic perspective, blockchain is a new application mode of computer technology such as distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism and encryption algorithm. Blockchain is essentially a decentralized
Every time AI express is sent, investors ask questions on the investor interaction platform: Shanghai environment and energy exchange realizes the integration of blockchain and carbon trading, which is a new breakthrough in the global carbon
[Blockchain Product Manager]_Tokensoft, a regulated securities token platform in the United States, has cooperated with signaturebank, which is headquartered in New York, to create a securities token platform for real estate investors! Throu
[introduction] how to integrate blockchain technology with artificial intelligence and which enterprises are commonly used? On April 1, Cai Hengjin, Professor of the school of international software of Wuhan University, and Qu Lin, director
As an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technology, promoting the development and application of blockchain technology has become China's national strategy. As a financial science and technology innovation technology,
1. The user's direct or indirect use of the services and data provided by Huibo investment research information will be deemed to have unconditionally accepted all the contents of this statement; If you have any objection to any terms of thi
[Real blockchain farm]_In recent years, the popularity of the "distributed business" model, which is mainly characterized by the sharing economy and value link, has given birth to a large number of new cross agency innovative cooperation sce
If you want to invest in cryptocurrency but don't want to take risks, buying blockchain stocks is an investment channel. Blockchain concept stocks generally fluctuate with the price fluctuation of bitcoin. The recent rise of cryptocurrency i
In order to promote the unification of the applicable law and give play to the exemplary role of excellent cases, the official wechat official account of the Shanghai Higher People's court has opened the column of "case reference book", whic
Compared with real gold and silver in the real world, digital assets seem to be "visible" but "invisible". Even so, digital assets are still "hot" at a rocket speed!. In recent years, with the rapid application and development of big data, b
At this stage, especially the metauniverse games and the land in the metauniverse are very hot. As long as you get involved with metauniverse, no matter how ordinary NFT paintings can be sold at a high price, no matter how boring games are,
The quotation of bitstamp, a trading platform, showed that bitcoin broke through the $10000 mark for the first time since February 24. Since the lowest bottom to $3850 on March 13, the cumulative increase of bitcoin has reached 160%. Bitcoin
Blockchain technology is becoming a "sharp blade" to solve trust problems and achieve efficient collaboration. Due to its "natural gene" which is open, transparent, tamper proof, peer-to-peer and easy to trace, blockchain + commodity traceab
In recent years, the electronic game industry has developed rapidly. Especially in technology, it not only followed the pace of the development of new technology, but even went ahead of new technology for a time. When it comes to the combina

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