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What is the most popular investment outlet in the capital market? Blockchain is one of the inevitable answers. From the sharp rise and fall of stock prices of various blockchain concept stocks to the glittering of various investment and star
In recent years, China has paid more and more attention to blockchain and issued blockchain support policies intensively. At present, the blockchain is developing rapidly and gradually penetrating into all fields of China's economic developm
Last week, there were 12 investment and financing events in Jiangsu's venture capital industry. Among them, there were 4 medical and health cases, 5 advanced manufacturing cases, 1 blockchain case, 1 enterprise service case, and 1 agricultur
CETC gives full play to the advantages of the new generation of information technology and cooperates with many financial enterprises to jointly explore the overall solutions for the informatization construction, intelligent development and
From February to now, Yu Lingxiong, who has issued an average of one coin a month, has taken action again. This time, he is interested in the automobile industry. On June 27, the project named "car chain (CSL)" began to circulate wildly in Y
China Youth Daily client Beijing, August 8 (Zhongqing daily & middot; reporter Qiu Chenhui) China's independently innovative blockchain software and hardware technology system "Chang'an chain" welcomes the latest news today: up
Beijing, Feb. 7 - today, Huobi Research Institute, Tsinghua University Internet Industry Research Institute and blockchain service network (BSN) jointly released the annual report global blockchain industry panorama and trend annual report (
(Global TMT, August 16, 2022) recently, the foresight Unicorn Summit Forum and 2021 annual high growth enterprise awards ceremony were held in Beijing Kandan Unicorn innovation base. At the meeting, the top 100 list of high growth enterprise
In the second half of 2022, the general office of the Shanghai Municipal People's government issued the "14th five year plan" for the development of Shanghai's digital economy, which mentioned that "leading enterprises should be supported to
[Technical support of blockchain]_As a new type of data storage mechanism, blockchain has fully proved its value in the process of digital transformation. As we all know, carbon neutralization is a high-level form of digital application, so
[Blockchain app ranking]_According to the information from, according to the data and Research Report provided by the information network of the United Nations WTO and the world trade organization, the relevant departments in T
[Profitable blockchain]_On the evening of October 28, Chenxin Technology (Stock Code: 002447. SZ) released the third quarter report of 2018. In the first nine months of this year, Chenxin technology realized a revenue of 214 million yuan and
In order to prove that I have experienced enough DAPP / smart contracts, I can skip the first half of this article. In the second half, I will talk about some ideas on the characteristics of smart contract / decentralized application. OK, le
In recent years, with the accelerated innovation of Internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other technologies and their increasingly integration into the whole process of economic and social development,
Original title: 2019 digital currency exchange's latest ranking of the world's top 10 how many do you know? At the beginning of 2019, various senior coin circle information rating websites at home and abroad issued their 2018 annual reports.
Nowadays, blockchain is hot, and enterprises have a huge demand for blockchain talents. Blockchain may be as great as the Internet! At present, the blockchain is very attractive both in terms of popularity and industry salary. According to t
[Blockchain stocks]_According to the financial report, Jianan technology achieved a revenue of 1.65 billion yuan in this quarter, with a year-on-year increase of 52.8% and a month on month increase of 21.9%. The company's net profit attribut
Want to build a complete set of blockchain payment system platform? Or looking for blockchain payment interfaces and channels? Or do you want to access the blockchain payment system in the platform? Choose to be the payment platform of usdt
Can a novice be a contract agent? What is a blockchain contract agent? Where can I be a contract agent? What is a contract agent? What are the requirements of being a contract agent? Is the contract easy to make? Is contract agency a scam? I
It has a broad application prospect in many important fields such as finance, credit investigation and auditing. However, the existing distributed ledger system based on bitcoin style has encountered improvement bottlenecks in scalability, t

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