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It was reported on July 21 that according to the existing information, this year's iPhone 14 series will have the coexistence of Liu Hai screen and the new exclamation screen (double hole digging). However, a road map shows that next year's
Recently, the transport blockchain white paper (2020) (hereinafter referred to as the blockchain transport white paper) was released for the first time at the "transport blockchain technology and Application Forum" of the world Transport Con
On December 14, the 2021 China Tencent Education Summit Forum was held in Beijing. Huoda education won the honorary title of "2021 influential education brand" with its outstanding performance in the blockchain education field. The next day,
Beijing, April 24 (reporter Wu Jingyi) a sudden epidemic has made "biosafety" a hot line day. The "medical material chain" system management platform jointly released by China food and drug blockchain special committee and zhidu intelligent
On the same day, Zhengdong New District announced the measures of Zhongyuan science and technology city for promoting blockchain technological innovation and industrial development, and formulated various subsidy policies for blockchain ente
Since the beginning of this year, the trip team has started to enter this industry, and completed the project in the mass consumption field in May. It does not engage in air currency, nor does it engage in speculation, that is, it really rec
Ethereum merger is in the final stage of the long-awaited Ethereum merger. The last test run is planned to be conducted on goerli test network from August 6 to 12. If all goes well, the merger will take place in September. Although the merge
The backbone node of "Spark & middot; chain network" aims to create a green digital asset blockchain infrastructure serving "individuals, governments, enterprises, verification, consulting and regulatory institutions". It is reported that as
The code of conduct of wechat public platform has added relevant provisions on digital collection trading, which clearly states that engaging in virtual currency or digital collection business is an illegal operation, and providing secondary
As the epidemic has brought great pressure on daily business, enterprises urgently need to accelerate the digital transformation process. In the development of the next few years, the blockchain technology is likely to bring the most revolut
[Software blockchain]_In order to vigorously support the integration of young talents from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan into the national development strategy, according to the relevant work deployment of the China Association for science and
On November 27, 2020, at the first blockchain service network BSN global technology innovation and Development Summit held in Wuhan, Hubei Province, Ma Xiaojun, CTO of Beijing Hongzao technology, Wang Honglong, vice president of entropy chai
The blockchain technology in 2017 has become the focus of the new technology revolution, with some momentum of today's "meta universe". Both blockchain practitioners and innovators of traditional industries are keenly aware that blockchain t
[Androstamine blockchain management platform]_On the afternoon of May 8, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ICBC & mdash& mdash; ICBC Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "ICBC technology") officially opened in xiong'an new area, signe
[Blockchain, data analysis]_[toto blockchain advertising planning company: a brand studio focusing on blockchain project copywriting planning, graphic design, business model innovation and network marketing promotion!]. As the merger date ap
Since the speech of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee on collective learning of blockchain technology was delivered on October 24, blockchain has once again become a hot topic of discussion among the whole people. Subsequentl
[Blockchain Forum]_Start. At that time, blockchain practitioners from all over the world will gather together to look at the industry imagination of the infinite future with the attitude of the world in mind. Elites in various industries wil
The "digital economy" has strongly entered our lives. Sharing bicycles, sharing cars, taking out, special cars, Internet finance, paperless office, online shopping, etc. are all manifestations of the digital economy. In recent years, the sta
On May 22, it was reported that the "hearsay blockchain" under FM had obtained an angel round financing of 8 million yuan from huangtao capital, and now it has realized independent operation. According to the official introduction, "listenin
According to statistical data, at present, there are 68 concept stocks involved in the layout of digital currency in the A-share market. The disclosure of the performance of the third quarterly report has come to an end, sorting out the conc

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