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[What kind of blockchain]_In recent years, the blockchain has become popular, and some illegal activities seem to be making a comeback. Under the banner of "financial innovation" and "blockchain", some lawless elements absorb funds by issuin
Focusing on promoting the implementation of the "three high and four new" strategy, how can Hunan use the new momentum and advantages of high-quality development to promote the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure in an ord
"Mr. Yang Zhiwei of the national sharing economy innovation and trade demonstration center is nothing to be proud of. He just accepted the appointment in the office of the relevant department of the State Council! The national emblem is hang
On the evening of October 26, Zhuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau invited experts from intelligent Yunnan Jing Information Technology Co., Ltd. to teach the city's public security police a training video conference on blockchain and vir
Recently, intellectual property industry media iprdaily and incopat Innovation Index Research Center jointly released the "2019 global blockchain invention patent ranking list (top 100)". This list makes a statistical ranking of the number o
In 2018, the blockchain technology originally hidden behind bitcoin gradually came to the front of the market. The initial emergence of blockchain is undoubtedly inseparable from the rapid rise of bitcoin and other digital currencies. In the
"After entering the app, click the & lsquo; photo and certificate & rsquo; section to take photos of the evidence you want to save, and the photos will be automatically uploaded and saved in the certificate storage platform." Under the guida
The blockchain concept "knocked" by Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Shanghai Stock Exchange suddenly "cooled down". On January 17, affected by the news of the regulation of blockchain speculation by Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges, blockchain co
Many young trendsetters flocked to it, and it sold out in a second. Several mobile phones were robbed at the same time, and digital collections were frequently searched. More and more people paid attention to this field. In order to better m
In recent years, blockchain has been highly praised by professionals in the Internet and other fields, and is widely praised as one of the basic protocols for the next generation of global credit authentication and value Internet. On July 20
Every graduate student must write an MBA thesis, which is not only a necessary link to obtain a degree certificate, but also an important process of MBA education. Some people are facing the task of writing MBA theses for the first time. The
Is investing in "binemon" a wise decision? Let's first learn how this game works & mdash& mdash; How is binemon different from other large-scale games on the market? How will it shake the vision of the entire industry?. Binemon is an irrepla
[The first public storage chain of blockchain]_The public chain is open to all people in the world, and everyone can become a node in the system to participate in the accounting blockchain. They usually combine the incentive mechanism with e
Application hyperledger fabric currently supports SDK of Java, nodejs, go and python languages for users to choose different languages. Step 1: configure fabricsdk hyperledger fabric to officially provide the gosdk file package we need. From
International online news from Sichuan (Zuo Renyi): Recently, Yu Guocheng, President of Sichuan ecological civilization promotion association and former deputy director of Sichuan water resources department, Luo Yi, deputy director of the st
The report on market dynamics and development prospects of China's blockchain financing industry in 2022-2028 released by Zhiyan consulting has 13 chapters. First, it introduces the market development environment of the blockchain financing
Guangdong released the action plan of Guangdong Province for cultivating strategic emerging industrial clusters of blockchain and quantum information (2021-2025) (hereinafter referred to as the "action plan"). The action plan points out that
Since the birth of blockchain, the whole industry has experienced several cycles. At present, Ethereum, which has the richest ecology and the largest influence, has been criticized for its performance and cost problems, and has been constant
If you are not worth more than ten million, you should pay attention to this guide. Some experts pointed out that blockchain is a once-in-a-century opportunity to create wealth. How to collect wool correctly? We found three shortcuts: run a
The Mawei Xingang community in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province has used the blockchain technology to solve the pain point of government informatization and launched the application of "blockchain + community certification". "This application ea

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