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The blockchain media tide that once accompanied the blockchain heat wave is rapidly receding. As the industry cools down and returns to rationality, as an important part of the blockchain industry, most blockchain media are also being squeez
The "2022 trusted blockchain ecological conference and the first trust Technology Conference" sponsored by the ICT Institute and the trusted blockchain promotion program (TBI) was grandly held in Beijing. With the theme of "trust created by
In Beijing in late November, the ginkgo leaves were almost finished. The 25-year-old Xia Jianguo, like before, joined the morning peak army of Metro Line 13, which claimed that he had never sat and was not qualified to talk about life. Howev
According to CCN, decentraland, an Ethereum based VR game application, announced that it plans to invest US $5 million to fund the project of building games on its platform. To this end, decentraland has also created a Genesis content progra
Not long ago, a car owner went on a business trip for a week. When he returned to the company for reimbursement, he realized that he had forgotten to ask the parking staff for the invoice after paying the parking fee. With a try attitude, th
Hunter (hound) hound coin project, it was revealed that this project deceived investors into entering under the pretext of being issued by foreign tycoons. In fact, the whole project was a scam with rotten packaging, and the whole project ba
[High quality blockchain mall]_(reporter Chi Mingxia reported) since 2021, the concept of "box in the park" has become popular in many real estate projects of Xining Vanke, Qinghai. The design concept of "taking nature as the base and" box "
On July 17, a loan of nearly US $200000 was paid from China Construction Bank Qingdao Free Trade Zone sub branch to the Malaysian customer of Qingdao Norton import and Export Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Norton"). The pledge of thi
We all know that NFT is a non homogenous token. It is the anti-counterfeiting certificate of the originator. It is indivisible, irreplaceable and unique. The blockchain is a decentralized distributed ledger. Decentralization means that the r
Editor's note: the investment advisory meeting of the SEC will discuss the derivatives of blockchain and distributed ledger and their impact on the securities market. The meeting will be held at the SEC headquarters in Washington, D.C., from
In addition to being used for virtual currency, blockchain can also be used in the financial field, digital currency, securities trading, fund management, customer credit and anti fraud, digital points, etc. At present, the utilization rate
It was reported on August 5 that since the end of last year, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of the United States has been quietly making emergency plans for the international space station project. It is reported th
On October 16, 2018, the world's first securitytoken investment platform & mdash; Vdax () was officially launched. This platform is the first digital currency investment platform to support the use of usdt to purchase US and Hong Kong stocks
The IP image is consistent with "Yuan Xiaoyu". "Yuan Xiaoyu", as the mascot of the leisure couple app, integrates the trend, cool, future and science and technology in appearance, implying the vision of the leisure couple app towards the dev
Author: Zhang Feng, partner of Wanshang tianqin law firm, director of Wanshang tianqin digital legal professional committee, think tank expert / technology evaluation expert of Shanghai blockchain Technology Association, standing member of C
The Shanghai E-port blockchain alliance was officially established to seek to improve customs supervision and business coordination of all parties involved in international trade with blockchain technology. At the Expo on November 7, Shangha
[Blockchain forum No.4 Institute of Electronics]_[Abstract] blockchain is popular with financial institutions and capital markets and continues to heat up. Blockchain has become a hot topic of Internet Finance worldwide. The importance of bl
In August 2017, bitcoin forked for the first time, supporting developers of large blocks to expand the block to 8m, and named the forked new chain bitcoincash, referred to as BCH for short, which is called bitcash in Chinese. Compared with B
Whether admitted or not, blockchain technology, which is considered to cause great changes, is the only widely known application of bitcoin and a large number of other virtual currencies. Issuing currency ICO has become a means for some peop
2018 renewal, 2019 renewal, 2020 renewal &hellip& hellip; Not long ago, a transaction information on the "three capital" regulatory blockchain attracted the attention of the cadres of the party and government conduct supervision office of th

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