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The first "Tongchuan forum" in 2020 was held in the report hall of the municipal library. Wei Kai, deputy director of cloud computing and big data Research Institute of China information and Communications Research Institute, gave a special
Hong Kong, July 19 (reporter Gu Yuqing) the 2018 global media blockchain summit was held in the financial hall of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on July 19. A number of media participating in the summit made suggestions on deepening media bloc
CNR Ningbo, August 22 (reporter Zhang Wenwen) recently, the reporter noticed that a pop-up link of "landmark code" appeared on the homepage of the "Ningbo trademark brand work platform". It is understood that this link is a geographical indi
When talking about the bitcoin boom, Gu Xiaoxu said that there is a certain reason for the emergence and attention of any new thing, but it must be developed on the basis of norms in order to be long-term and sustainable. On December 16, Gu
Previously, Wang Lu, deputy director of the credit investigation center of the people's Bank of China, said in public that under the situation that the current credit investigation system has seriously lagged behind the needs of economic and
Shanghai Securities News China Securities Network (reporter Sun Zhong) on December 5, Cai Esheng, chairman of South South cooperation financial center and former vice chairman of China Banking Regulatory Commission, said at the International
As the name implies, a contract is a contract (agreement) reached by several individuals. For example, a contract signed with a company in your life, or when you log into wechat and Baijia, you have the corresponding permission only after ag
[Blockchain application scenario (English)]_The "networking Conference - Zhejiang blockchain project matchmaking conference" was held in the Jingxing Hall of the Wuzhen Internet Conference. After multiple rounds of certification and confirma
If blockchain 1.0 is bitcoin and 2.0 is Ethereum, then 3.0 is DAPP, or blockchain + app. DAPP is a distributed application or decentralized application. DAPP is applied to the blockchain, just as app is applied to IOS and Android. App is bel
As a "decentralized" emerging technology, the popularity and attention of blockchain technology have gradually increased. It can help enterprises to break the information island, make data more errands, make data storage and interaction more
Recently, I have been writing Shiba, and there are several memes on the line. To be honest, Shiba is no better than the mainstream mint, and there must be some underlying logic. I want to talk to you about things around me. First of all, dis
In 2019, with the gradual sinking of the blockchain technology, the project landing has become a consensus of many parties, and the competition between different public chains has become increasingly fierce. Why is public chain competition s
On July 27, the people's Government of Xuchang City issued the "14th five year plan" for the development of modern supply chain in Xuchang City, which clearly stated that by 2025, a modern supply chain system driven by innovation, strong coo
[Introduction to blockchain application development]_As one of the important layouts of the short video platform, enterprise number mainly helps enterprises to use content to accurately target the target audience. Through periodic content in
The measures for promoting the development of Chongqing urban block chain Digital Economy Industrial Park (for Trial Implementation) has been approved at the 123rd executive meeting of the district government, and is hereby printed and distr
On August 17, it was reported that qianmeng art, a high-quality original platform in the field of domestic cultural and creative arts, and Dunhuang Fine Arts Research Institute jointly released the meta universe 3D skin of Dunhuang Flying sk
As a company founded in 2003, Xunlei has been known by the majority of netizens as "the best download tool in China". But just about three months ago, Xunlei began a vigorous Revival: its share price rose from $2.9 to $18, and the maximum fl
On July 15, according to the news from yiou, JD Digital Technology launched two initiatives in the blockchain field in succession, aiming to optimize the business environment of small and medium-sized enterprises: first, it released the "uni
At present, the digital economy has become an important engine of a new round of global scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation. With the acceleration of the digitization process of the whole society, the fundam
Climate warming is a common problem facing the world today. Countries have continuously introduced policies and regulations to deal with climate change. Not long ago, the European Union formally adopted the proposal on carbon border adjustme

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