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This article comes from the professional analysis of Luo Mingke, planning director of toto blockchain advertising planning company. We welcome your comments and opinions, and work together to improve the knowledge level and professionalism o
What are the characteristics of a new thing, a new idea, in its early days? If we want to judge it, we must first understand it. If we can not fully recognize it, we can always recognize its most basic characteristics. Let's say three points
Golem is a typical representative of application blockchain projects. It is a computing resource trading platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. How can it reduce the cost of computing power? See blockchain 100 Q episode 82 ~. Golem is th
Padata reported on January 19 that according to the statistics of the third-party patent search website soopat, the number of blockchain patent applications in China in 2020 was 8623, which was basically the same as the number of 8614 in 201
In the stock market trading, we often hear a saying that we should choose hot topics and buy leading stocks. Because hot topics can gather market popularity and attract market funds, leading stocks can drive the whole plate out of the rising
[Abstract] in the past two years, 5g, big data, artificial intelligence and other new technologies have advanced by leaps and bounds. The application of these new technologies has brought opportunities and challenges to media development, pu
As long as the manuscript is uploaded, the system will automatically generate a set of data, which is the only electronic ID card of the manuscript. It is also a certificate that is recognized by the court by using blockchain technology, and
"What are the two mountains pressing on the shoulders of entrepreneurs? One is the monopoly of the head, and the other is the monopoly of traffic and channels. When blockchain was born as the underlying logic of bitcoin, the business rules y
In the first year of metauniverse, foreign technology giants such as meta, Microsoft and NVIDIA entered the market, while domestic companies such as Huawei, Tencent, Baidu, ByteDance and Netease actively deployed. According to enterprise sur
International Online Internet finance channel comprehensive report (reporter Xu Yang intern Xu LAN): according to the quotation released by Huo coin, the price of bitcoin has a wave of unstable rise this week (September 22 - September 28), w
Translator: how to build an economic model of a game to ensure its maximum vitality? Both traditional game manufacturers and gamefi developers need to seriously think about this issue. On the issue of curbing in-game inflation, traditional g
Since last year, "blockchain" has become the hottest term. Some people believe that this is a big fraud, while others believe that this is a big change. Xu Xiaoping called it a "great technological revolution in which those who follow prospe
Zhidu shares closed at a limit of 5.98 yuan. The stock rose by the daily limit at 9:30, but the daily limit was not opened. As of the closing, the sealed order capital was 66.4297 million yuan, accounting for 0.88% of its current market valu
At the beginning of 2022, zero one think tank released the "Atlas report 2021 of China's digital technology service providers", which reviews the service providers that have played a central role in the wave of the digital economy with the t
In simple and fast terms, Web3 is an Internet integrated by blockchain, or an Internet that integrates cryptocurrency and NFT on the platform. In a more complex expression, Web3 is the so-called "user owned Internet". Cryptocurrency supporte
On September 17, 2019, the fifth blockchain global summit with the theme of "blockchain new economy: a new decade · a new starting point" was held in Shanghai, and mazhitao, vice president and CIO of Weibo, was invited to deliver a speech.
Recently, the local "two sessions" have been held successively to review the draft of the "14th five year plan" in various regions, and digital currency has become a hot word. Experts suggested that during the "14th five year plan" period, w
It has been more than ten years since the birth of blockchain. In recent years, with the increasing maturity of blockchain technology and the continuous enrichment of application scenarios, blockchain has attracted more and more attention. E
On August 25, China's first university blockchain research laboratory was announced to be established in Beijing. The laboratory was jointly built by Beijing blockchain and Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications. At the same time
China business intelligence network news: blockchain is a term in the field of information technology. In essence, it is a shared database, the data or information stored in it; From the perspective of science and technology, blockchain invo

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