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2020 coincides with the halving of bitcoin block rewards. What consensus will be reached by domestic and foreign blockchain related enterprises, investors and developers before the halving, which is likely to affect the next market trend, in
Polaris smart grid online news: due to the lack of traditional infrastructure, Africa is generally trapped in the slow and backward power industry, which greatly hinders the economic growth of the region. As one of the regions with the highe
This group of word orders has no meaning. What really makes them valuable is that this word order is specially produced for me by a software called metamask. Expressed in cryptography terms, it is called seed phrase. This group of words soun
With the domestic and foreign tycoons calling and platform again and again, blockchain, a rare and unpopular technology, is finally as popular as predecessor 3, and the small editor also hurried to make up for his lessons. Two days ago, Xu X
"Chain labs has persisted since 2018. My deep feeling is that this era is really good. People who really want to do things have countless opportunities for you to do it." Recently, yes,. It is reported that chain labs was established in Sept
Recently, according to the regulations on the management of blockchain information services, the state Cyber Information Office released the names and filing numbers of 348 domestic blockchain information services in the ninth batch. Several
In the past half month, the central bank has repeatedly stated its position on promoting the research and development of legal digital currency, which has triggered the market's expectation of accelerating the implementation of DC / EP pilot
Chengdu has unlimited opportunities to share new opportunities and build an ecosystem. On April 16, 2020, the first centralized signing activity of major industrialization projects in Chengdu in 2020 was held in Jincheng Park, and 33 project
On July 30, "the launching ceremony of Changyu &tencent blockchain cooperation project" was held in Yantai. With the cooperation with Tencent, Changyu has started the whole process of digital transformation. Based on Tencent cloud platform a
On December 4, China Securities Journal learned from Shenzhou information that the company was officially included in the "blockchain 50 index". Shenzhen Stock Exchange blockchain 50 index takes the companies whose business fields involve th
Hash function is a kind of mathematical operation process, which accepts input values of any size, and can quickly give a fixed length output value after some operation,. Just as for twins, their fingerprints are also unique. The design of h
On March 3, the person in charge of the blockchain company's coin core technology market released a censure article &mdash& mdash; "Black PR, sorry! Your black coin core technology is not afraid of blackmail" has aroused widespread attention
"When it is warm and cold, it is most difficult to rest." This word is suitable for this season. In the late winter and early spring, although it has warmed up, it is still the most difficult to fall asleep when the cool comes again. The spr
There is no shortage of concepts in the blockchain world, because the coin circle, chain circle and pass school, which are known as the three major schools of the domestic blockchain industry, are very obsessed with constantly creating conce
Note: on the afternoon of October 19, 2018, the third salon of "Taiji on chain" jointly hosted by nuclear finance and economics and Shanghai Academy of Finance and law was held in Shanghai. This salon focuses on "how blockchain can help the
Speaking of what is the hottest this year so far, I have to say blockchain. In the first half of this year, blockchain almost covered all major platforms and even the circle of friends. In other words, "blockchain" has become a hot word that
Chinanews, Beijing, June 6 (Xinhua) the reporter learned from the Beijing microchip blockchain and edge computing research institute on June 6 that recently, the blockchain technology system "Chang'an chain" independently innovated by the Ch
In the second half of 2016, bitcoin was at its worst. Liu Qiang (hereinafter referred to as cabbage) chose to start a business at this time, "I have been involved in the blockchain industry for a long time, and I have been preparing to start
It is certain that blockchain will grow significantly in the future, because blockchain is not only a technology, but also the development of society. From the development of money, it can be seen that money has developed from the initial ph
On the morning of July 29, 2022, 2022 open atom global open source summit &mdash& mdash; The blockchain sub forum was successfully held in Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center of Beijing Economic and Technological Developm

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