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Richard heart, who calls himself the "bitcoin thought leader", vigorously publicized the project on twitter. The project boasts the attractive benefits of "buying bitcoin with one dollar" and "more than 10000 times return in two and a half y
The gathering of people and money is the best reflection of the prosperity of the blockchain. According to the statistics of the daily economic news, from March 1 to March 9 alone, seven blockchain media obtained financing. "There are 5 Fina
Three months ago, a new continent was trampled into a muddy soup: hundreds of blockchain media emerged in one month. A soft article asked for 100000 yuan, and a training opened for 80000 yuan. One we media account can raise tens of millions
[Blockchain financial function]_In order to give full play to the economic and social value of the data elements of the financial industry, implement the requirements of the financial science and technology development plan (2022-2025) (here
It is reported that recently, taiken planet and flash chain have reached friendly cooperation and jointly launched the activity of "taiken planet sunshine season, joint flash chain to send benefits", aiming to send more surprises to users of
Before the early trading on October 28, nearly 100 individual stocks included in the blockchain concept by institutions had their trading limit. After the opening in the morning, Guangbo shares, Jinglan technology, Cultural Great Wall, Zhong
Create a decentralized cash alternative in the form of digital currency bitcoin. The ripple and Monroe coins are examples of two special coins. Many of these new coins were created by crypto fork rather than by chance. Simply changing the pr
In February, a number of new laws and regulations were formally implemented, including the new regulations issued by the Ministry of public security to safeguard the law enforcement authority of the police; The Supreme Court issued a judicia
Dear shareholders, the author has more than 10 years of experience and has been baptized by two bulls and bears. At present, a perfect system has been formed, which can be exchanged, shared and promoted. There is no best market, only better.
[Blockchain URL]_Our correspondent (que Mei, Yang Xue) recently, China Merchants Bank initiated the blockchain direct cross-border payment application technology to realize cross-border payment for Nanhai Holding Co., Ltd., a registered ente
[Quality of blockchain development]_"Affected by the changes in the international situation such as the epidemic and the war between Russia and Ukraine, new changes have taken place in the international trading system and the currency settle
[Blockchain, blockchain]_On August 7, 2022, the Korean blockchain week (kbm2022) opened in Seoul. According to statistics, this activity attracted nearly 10000 people. According to jeonseon IK, the CEO of this activity, this year's activity
In Jinan high tech Zone, there is a high-tech enterprise. Relying on the blockchain technology with completely independent intellectual property rights, they pioneered the mode of "intelligent automatic assembly line for government affairs s
On August 19, the southern part of the first "spark Cup" blockchain application competition and the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan competition areas were held in the Science City Conference Center of Huangpu District, Guangzhou. All elite teams
Zhongqing online news (China Youth Daily & middot; Zhongqing online miles announced the launch of the smart business contract blockchain cybermiles (CM). 5miles is a mobile e-commerce platform founded by Chinese entrepreneurs. The R & D team
On June 7, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the central network information office issued the guidance on accelerating the application of blockchain technology and industrial development. It is proposed that by 2025, t
As the core technical feature of the blockchain, decentralization has been continuously explored in recent years and has become the cornerstone of many future industries, such as Web3, metauniverse, and current NFT / digital collections; Fro
The falling price of bitcoin makes it appear on the headlines again. So far, many people still think that bitcoin is a scam. They believe that bitcoin cannot maintain such a high value without the continuous inflow of funds, and the so-calle
The traditional way of copyright protection is to apply for copyright registration and judicial appraisal. In the field of digital copyright, copyright protection needs to be combined with digital technology. Using blockchain for copyright p
What are the top ten blockchain wallets in 2022? At present, virtual currency is more and more popular with investors. Although no one knows the future of virtual currency, it is undeniable that virtual currency now has a certain value, and

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