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On July 23, ant group's press conference attracted the attention of the market. The project ant chain, named by Ma Yun himself and claimed to be no less than Alipay, has also become the focus, which makes the related concept stocks of ant gr
Report Download: add the 199it wechat official account [i199it], and reply to the keyword [2022 global blockchain talent report]. With the in-depth development of the digital economy, Web3.0 innovation with the blockchain as the underlying i
According to two patent applications issued by the US patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on Thursday, Wal Mart, a retail giant, plans to use blockchain technology to store payment data, ensure the security of payment data, and ensure that p
A few days ago, at the swearing in session of finacerun's press conference on July 7, a video of less than 1 minute aroused a lot of doubts from some people with ulterior motives. Why do people react so strangely when they see positive energ
On July 25, the Information Office of Chongqing Municipal People's government held a press conference for the 2022 China industrial software conference, introducing the relevant situation. Photo by Gong Haoyue at the press conference. Huang
Abstract: with the rise of blockchain technology and concepts, the blockchain social platform has gradually become the "cake" in the eyes of many blockchain industry practitioners. With the rise of blockchain technology and concepts, the blo
As a beginner, how to understand the blockchain technology, blockchain thinking, and the financial principles of bitcoin in the shortest time? This article attempts to make people understand the technical essence of blockchain from a macro p
Chinanews, Beijing, August 6 (reporter Ying Ni) on August 5, the new infrastructure of cultural digitization strategy and the ecological construction of cultural and art chain, sponsored by the art development center of the Ministry of cultu
Good morning, everyone! I am very pleased to hold the "2022 China Industrial blockchain conference" in Nanjing. On behalf of the China Federation of logistics and procurement, I would like to welcome you and thank all sectors of the society
[Real time market of blockchain]_The Shenzhen blockchain 50 Index selects the top 50 stocks of listed companies on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange from high to low according to the average daily market value in the last half year to form the sam
Sichuan Furun cloud chain blockchain Co., Ltd. is a limited liability company (invested or controlled by natural persons) registered in Tianfu New District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province on November 15. Its registered address is located in Huaya
On December 25, Taiyuan Public Security Bureau released information to the society. After more than a month of continuous struggle, Taiyuan public security Yingze Branch successfully cracked the first blockchain virtual currency network frau
This is a sharing that has triggered heated discussion in the overseas developer community. Compared with the caution of domestic game developers, many overseas developers obviously have Wilder fantasies about NFT games. Especially in the co
Blockchain is currently very popular. Many people want to know how blockchain will develop. I want to use a historical moment to compare the current blockchain, that is, the operating system before dos3.0. At the beginning of 1975, MITs comp
[Ranking of blockchain application companies]_[Securities Network] in the past, data sharing between government departments sometimes had to wait for a month. Not long ago, Beijing's first online data sharing process was launched, using bloc
With the promotion and operation of blockchain service network (BSN), many urban nodes in the future, as well as the servers and participants in them, will enjoy more convenient and transparent public services. Although the behavior of issui
[Complete set of blockchain system development]_On the afternoon of October 24, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held the 18th collective learning on the current situation and trends of blockchain technology development. At
On August 31, Shanghai Phoenix Bicycle Co., Ltd. filed a petition, once again pushing the capital chain issue of ofo to the forefront. Phoenix Bicycle sued ofo shared bicycle operator Dongxia Datong for the arrears of bicycle payment of 68.1
Cooper technology officially appeared at the "17th China Enterprise Development Forum and China blockchain Enterprise Forum" held in the Great Hall of the people on December 21. As a formal invitation for enterprise representatives at the co
If you are looking for a word to summarize the work of enterprises in the blockchain field in 2019, please try the word "experiment". The hype surrounding blockchain is fading, and more and more enterprises are actively trying to find out ho

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