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Flyer Zhide communication electronic technology park project is one of the key introduced projects in Huadu District, Guangzhou. The project covers an area of 30 mu and has a total investment of 310 million yuan. After the completion of the
The next night, Bi'An unexpectedly announced that it was involved in "trading and mining". It seems that the "exchange war" broke out suddenly in the currency circle in a short month. In fact, history has long told us the script, but the evo
On September 22, Tan Yi Terry, chief operating officer of aifund (full name: Asia International cryptoassets Investment Fund), Chief Strategic Officer of met, founder of BAIC and former founder of, officially released his new book
With the No. 12 typhoon "Skylark" that brings cool and refreshing from thousands of miles, Shanghai ushered in the new ChinaJoy Conference on August 3. ChinaJoy is one of the most influential events in the field of digital interactive entert
For a time, the prospect of digital currency seems to be seriously questioned. The Chinese government prohibits the use of bitcoin and other online currency transactions. At least at this stage, J.P. Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon even categorically
[Ten blockchains and exchanges]_The article said that 2019 was an extraordinary year for the blockchain and encryption fields. We have seen the birth of new alliances, the emergence of new cryptocurrency trading products, the survival of bit
Recently, the blue book on blockchain application: Research Report on China's blockchain application development (2020) (hereinafter referred to as the "blue book") planned and compiled by the people's network blockchain Research Institute w
In January of this year, bitcoin once rose to 130000 yuan / piece. Jon, a VC investor in Silicon Valley, began to worry inexplicably: if the price of bitcoin rises to 100000 US dollars one day, what will happen to the world?. "The wealth wil
According to the "14th five year plan" strategic plan and the needs of business development, in order to further strengthen industrial coordination, improve the control mode and serve business development, the company has optimized and adjus
At present, there are many apps that can open accounts for digital currency transactions. The following series will take the coin exchange as an example to tell you how to open accounts for digital currency transactions?. 2. Click to jump to
[Is blockchain a national strategy]_Recently, under the guidance of the state Internet Information Office, sponsored by the national Internet Emergency Response Center (CNCERT / CC) and organized by Qiming star 002439) group, the "2022 19th
According to the website of the Ministry of Commerce, on August 18, 2022, according to the decision of the Joint Committee of the digital economy partnership agreement (depa), the working group on China's accession to depa was officially est
Recently, Bentley, a top luxury car brand, announced its entry into the NFT market on social media, and plans to release Limited Edition (208) NFT works in September this year. According to Bentley officials, the launch of NFT is the first s
Blockchain development (bottom Development) does not require project experience. Your experience in distributed storage development is enough. Bitcoin, Ethereum, fabric code, half a month is enough. For encrypted content, you can adjust the
On November 4, the 19th issue of chuangjian future "special session for enterprise digital tackling" & mdash& mdash; The offline Salon "how blockchain technology leads the industry wind vane" was successfully held in Hangzhou. "What impact w
The parent company of Alipay has used the abbreviation "ant financial service" for six years. Not long ago, it has adopted the new name "ant group", and its full name is "ant Technology Group Co., Ltd.". Ant financial service, established in
[When was the blockchain proposed]_On October 22, the "future on the chain & middot; 2020 China blockchain Industry Development Summit" (hereinafter referred to as the "summit") was held in Chongqing. More than 600 people from all walks of l
Monitoring and management service activities focus on monitoring and management services and related infrastructure, including user rights and system rights. This activity includes:. b) Obtain events and data important to the business of the
[The essence of blockchain is]_Although there are many examples of effective decentralized political system, culture and business in history, the main view of decentralization is that it is inherently fragile when facing the utilitarian effe
It is reported that Baidu's online blockchain pet leitzdog once again proves Baidu's determination and ambition to enter the blockchain. The impact of "laitzdog" on Baidu wallet is a huge sense of existence. It is reported that Baidu has inv

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