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New technology has played a very important role in the rise and further development of populism. Algorithmic populism is a new product of the failure of representative democratic system to enter the algorithmic system, which has a profound i
In the current era of Internet and digital transformation, one of the most important characteristics is "digitization", and the basis of digital activities is the digital identity of users. Only by ensuring the authenticity and validity of t
[Network layer of blockchain]_Web3.0 is mainly related to decentralized and non-homogeneous tokens based on blockchain. In Web3.0, users interact to meet their own needs, and use blockchain technology in the interaction to realize the creati
With the promulgation of the "14th five year plan" for digital economy development in 2022, the development of digital economy has risen to the national strategic level. The plan emphasizes that digital economy is the main economic form afte
"Blockchain is the core component of the next generation digital economy. The inherent transparent and tamper proof characteristics of blockchain make it possible for the fair distribution of benefits." Li Lin, chairman, founder and CEO of H
In recent weeks, as the macroeconomic headwind and the implosion of Terra ecosystem continue to reverberate, bitcoin (BTC) and the broader cryptocurrency market provide little comfort. However, if we ignore the current price trend, we will o
Blockchain has built a highly trusted network environment with decentralized design. This unique mechanism has brought higher security and privacy to the Internet, which is favored by many people. At present, blockchain has been widely used
Webmaster's home note: yesterday, at the second world intelligence conference, Ma Yun talked about the Internet of things, chips and artificial intelligence. He said: "we are still in the kindergarten of the intelligent era, and the IOT era
April 2017 was the 26th Tax Publicity Month in China. The New Left Banner Local Taxation Bureau and the New Left Banner National Taxation Bureau jointly launched the "first Publicity Day" of the tax law publicity month with the theme of "dee
On July 31, Sheikh ·, a member of Dubai's ruling royal family, was in the office building of Dubai's Ministry of economy; Puti · Prince Maktoum joined hands with openservice, Yinghui SME accelerator in the United Arab Emirates, Aihua
Qicai chemical 300758) announced that as of July 31, 2022, the company had repurchased 6.923 million shares through the special securities account for share repurchases through centralized bidding transactions, accounting for 1.69% of the to
It is recognized by many people not only because it has the tamper proof characteristics of blockchain, but also because of its low transaction cost and the confidentiality of information between the buyer and the seller. First of all, the c
Talents should take the lead in industrial development. On September 10, the "first batch of industrial and information technology blockchain industry talent capacity improvement enterprise internal training class. The fire chain technology
Luckykey, also known as lucky key, aims to attract more encrypted and non encrypted blockchain enthusiasts and bring blockchain into mainstream, NFT, metauniverse, game entertainment and other ecological fields through the advantages of real
One of the websites that Macao people like to watch is the powerful information infrastructure. In terms of network facilities, China has built the world's largest and most widely covered optical fiber and 4G networks, and the number of 5g b
The 9th China (Hangzhou) international e-commerce Expo is now scheduled for August 3, 2022 — On the 5th, it was held at Hangzhou International Expo Center. 2022 industrial blockchain digital intelligence Economic Development Forum ". Feng
Blockchain technology is a new technology vigorously promoted by the country. The integrated application of blockchain technology plays an important role in new technological innovation and industrial transformation. In the context of the co
Xincheng has set up the first blockchain technology security service station. In the future, cooperation will be mainly focused on blockchain technology research, blockchain enabling entity industry, blockchain standard formulation, data ana
In recent years, domestic blockchain technology has developed very rapidly, and various blockchain applications continue to be implemented. Both giants in traditional industries and new blockchain enterprises are involved in it. For the deve
[orange tourism] in 2018, there is no hotter term than "blockchain". This "grassroots accounting technology" is called "an important achievement of the fourth industrial revolution after steam engine, electrification and computer" by Klaus S

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