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Although there are many examples of effective decentralized political system, culture and business in history, the main view of decentralization is that it is inherently fragile when facing the utilitarian effectiveness of centralization. Th
After AEX and hoo, another virtual currency trading platform announced the suspension of deposit and withdrawal and trading functions, causing a storm in the currency circle. On August 11, the crypto trading platform hotbit released an annou
In the past few months, the high-profile bankruptcy of Terra and other projects, as well as the downturn of token prices, have made many people suspicious of this field. The market crash triggered the overall fear around p2e games. Contrary
On August 29, Huayu software (300271 shares) announced that it received a notice from the Beijing Municipal Supervision Commission on March 22 to file a case for investigation on the illegal issue of Shao Xue, the chairman and general manage
From the perspective of the form of listed companies participating in the blockchain, most companies have arranged their business by cooperating with blockchain technology enterprises to establish blockchain companies. For example, the subsi
[Meaning of blockchain]_People's Political Consultative network, November 24 - from November 16 to 20, Paris time, the 2020 global blockchain policy forum hosted by the organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD, hereinafter
Blockchain technology includes distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, encryption algorithm, and intelligent contract computer technology. It has unimaginable cross era development space in the commercial
On January 5, glonhui (08005. HK) announced that based on the fast-growing demand and popularity of the concept of meta universe and the concept of intelligent life, the company has made phased achievements in the development of new products
…& hellip; Banks need not fear bitcoin or blockchain technology at all. Blockchain technology, this incredible technology, is still maintaining the operation of bitcoin at this moment. In fact, it can provide trust and identity confirmatio
On March 5, Li Ming, director of the blockchain Research Office of China Institute of electronic technology standardization, Ministry of industry and information technology, was invited to give a report entitled "blockchain standardization a
Recently, Marc Andreessen, a star investor of a16z, was "resented" because he failed to answer the specific advantages of Web3 for some industries. Relevant videos have been widely circulated in the industry. This institution is one of the m
[Blockchain mechanism]_On February 27, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Finance and ant financial took the lead in launching blockchain donation of electronic bills. The first batch of five public welfare organizations in Zhejiang Province
The full name of the public chain is "public chain", which refers to a blockchain that can be read by anyone, that can send transactions, that can be confirmed, and that can participate in the consensus process. It is generally considered to
Cultivating high-level artisans from large countries in the digital field is an important path to promote the innovative application of digital technology and facilities and equipment by manufacturing enterprises, accelerate the development
On November 9, it was sponsored by the associated press of finance, jointly sponsored by the China financial information center and the science and technology innovation board daily The border intelligence "blockchain product series irita su
In order to provide users and partners with more secure and reassuring services, Woye has been actively docking with relevant departments since its establishment and carrying out the filing of relevant qualifications required by the platform
It can be seen that many people pay great attention to category issues in the process of publishing blockchain media. Why should we pay attention to this type of issue? The reason is very simple. Only when we pay attention to this type of pr
After the savage growth of Internet finance, it also ushered in a tide of runaway and bankruptcy. At the same time, new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain are leading the new development direction of Intern
[Excellent service of blockchain consulting]_From the end of 2018, hashquark began to lay out and develop the infrastructure business of the blockchain, and create value while protecting the security of the underlying chain of the blockchain
Since the beginning of this year, the blockchain industry has been very busy. The latest news is that Baidu has quietly launched the blockchain pet dog project, and named it laizi dog. The play method is similar to the previously popular cry

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