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[Blockchain definition]_On August 28, the Hobbit blockchain Research Institute and Baidu jointly launched the third live broadcast of the "hobbit lecture" series, which was watched online by more than 500000 netizens. Hobbit blockchain resea
At present, the state attaches great importance to the technology of blockchain. The central bank has issued an electronic bill system based on blockchain, and Guiyang has also issued its own white paper on the development and application of
On August 5, the blockchain technology and application summit and the results conference of the Fifth China blockchain development competition hosted by Jiangsu Provincial Department of industry and information technology and China Institute
This digital Expo is based on the new development stage, implements the new development concept, integrates into the new development pattern, and takes the annual theme of "digital intelligence changes things to make new". Among them, the em
3. Justin bons, founder and chief investment officer of crypto venture capital cybercapital, said in a long article on social media that Solana (SOL) has too many danger signals. He first stressed that the blockchain should never be shut dow
At the beginning and end of the year, the days of the coin circle are still not peaceful. According to media reports, the Renren blockchain project rrcoin, which has been privately placed a while ago, has been interviewed by the regulatory a
Food safety has always been the most important issue of the government and the most concerned issue of consumers. Blockchain tracking and traceability will ensure the safety of food. With the improvement of social living standards, people's
At present, the world is still working together to combat COVID-19. However, the traditional medical service system can not guarantee the privacy and security of health data due to problems such as cross medical data cannot be shared and the
On April 21, 2018, the 20th technology salon with the theme of "techneo" hosted by 51CTO was held as scheduled. The purpose of the event was to open the mysterious veil of the blockchain, investigate the technical logic behind it, and interp
A meeting of the Party Central Committee triggered a wave of speculation. Today's media has evolved into a booster of speculation. Heizui, heizhuang and Guozhuang borrow hot spots to cooperate with speculation. Ordinary retail investors must
Recently, in order to help the digital development process of small and medium-sized enterprises, JD digital technology has launched two important measures by using blockchain technology. First, it released the "universal cloud signature" pl
At present, the most popular concept abroad about the impact of technology on finance is fintech (Financial Technology), which refers to the changes and innovations in financial transaction means, transaction methods and material conditions
Digital currency sounds very complicated. In short, it is money in another sense, which can be used to buy things. At present, most of the digital currencies in the automotive industry are bundled with the concept of the meta universe, carry
When the boom of blockchain continues to ferment and major exchanges are constantly digging for high-quality projects, Huo coin labs held the "launching ceremony of Huo coin labs world good project incubation plan" in Beijing. At this launch
According to the incomplete statistics of rights protection groups, investors in the six degree chain entered the company as early as early January. At the latest, before the Spring Festival, more than 200 people invested in the six degree c
[Making blockchain]_200 lines of code realize a minimum workable blockchain, and 1500 lines of code realize a cryptocurrency network system. If you can't understand blockchain this time, hit me! If you understand, you reward me. Give me a st
From 0:00 on January 5, 2022 to 24:00 on January 5, 2022, there were 63 new locally confirmed cases in Xi'an. From 0:00 on December 9, 2021 to 24:00 on January 5, 2022, 1856 locally confirmed cases were reported in the city. At present, all
Metauniverse is a fusion of various technologies. In the eyes of many people, metauniverse is a highly immersive digital space, and virtual reality technology is the core technology in metauniverse. However, in fact, although virtual reality
The Internet era has entered a peak period, and the next era is blockchain. In the years of rapid development of the Internet, the impact on the new retail industry is undoubtedly huge. E-commerce, led by Taobao and, has completely su
Distributed account books with built-in support of complex smart contracts are often referred to as the second generation blockchain. Today, such blockchains include Ethereum (buterin, 2015), Neo (Neo, 2016) and icon (iconfoundation, 2017).

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