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2021 can be called the first year of the meta universe. After the explosion of this concept, overseas NFT and domestic digital collections have frequently appeared. Blockchain technology, Web3.0, gamefi, DEX, mint and so on... These terms ha
On April 28, the first "global blockchain elite summit" organized by the Organizing Committee of the global blockchain elite summit, hosted by fanstime, and jointly organized by many well-known industry academic institutions, blockchain comp
Distributed ledger refers to that transaction bookkeeping is jointly completed by multiple nodes distributed in different places, and each node records a complete account. Therefore, they can participate in monitoring the legitimacy of trans
On January 20, Grandway (301066. SZ) rose by 16% at the beginning of the session, and now it is reported at 27.34 yuan, with the increase falling to 7%, with a total market value of 3.67 billion yuan. The company will release the "digital co
Blockchain is the basic technology of cryptocurrency and has broad prospects. However, it has also been found that there are major vulnerabilities, which may cause users to lose billions of dollars. A study by the Massachusetts Institute of
The 2018 Russian World Cup will soon enter the final stage. In this passionate summer, the frequent and unexpected results of the matches make football lottery the hottest keyword of this world cup. According to the data of, the
[Is it risky to invest in blockchain]_Xinhua news agency, Tianjin, November 18 (reporter Guo Fangda) an electronic picture auctioned by Christie's auction house sold for 69.3 million US dollars. This picture labeled "NFT" is considered to be
In the era of digital economy, asset digitization and data capitalization have become a major trend. Various localities have promoted the construction of digital asset exchanges. 01 blockchain launched a series of studies on the construction
Recently, under the guidance of the big data Development Bureau of the autonomous region, the white paper on Guangxi blockchain industry development (2022) and the white paper on Guangxi 5g industry development (2022) compiled by the informa
"Blockchain virtual digital currency allows you to make a lot of money while lying down." "high end new financial products, senior stock analysts, professional traders" & hellip& hellip; Are you excited to hear such a high-yield investment?
On the evening of September 9, Beijing time, with a greeting covering all time differences, the last day of the third "the Belt and Road" tax collection and management cooperation forum was opened online. During the meeting, Wang Jun, chairm
Nowadays, blockchain is a super popular trend. There are thousands of projects in this field, and the demand for expert coders is real. Since we are still in the early stage of development, the competition for jobs is not as fierce as in com
In life, we always meet some tough people. Some people are good at calculation, some people are strong, and no one can deal with them. If you want to fight with them, you simply want to find abuse. In astrology, there are also some people wh
At 14:00 on January 31, NGK will hold the "2021 NGK Singapore blockchain summit" in Singapore, and will start synchronous live broadcasting in the world. It is understood that this summit will bring together more than 20 top blockchain exper
The first half of the year has come to an end. Looking at the world's economic situation, the most noteworthy thing this year is undoubtedly the market situation of bitcoin. Attracted by the waves of dividends, bitcoin seems to be open. Not
Xiaohongshu recently completed a new round of US $500 million financing, led by Temasek and Tencent, followed by Alibaba, Tiantu investment, Yuansheng capital and other old shareholders. The post investment valuation is as high as US $20 bil
[Chinese blockchain listed companies]_Tonghuashun 300033) financial research center on December 8, an investor asked zhidu (000676) how do you do, Secretary Dong? How many enterprises have your supply chain financial platform cooperated with
Recently, the State Council held a national teleconference on stabilizing the economy, printed and distributed a package of policies and measures to stabilize the economy, and proposed that "financial institutions and large enterprises shoul
Japan Economic News reported on the 10th that in order to carry out business structure reform, Samsung Electronics will promote mergers and acquisitions. The reason is that despite the excellent performance of the semiconductor business, Sam
This report is the research result of blockchain technology, referring to several research reports from investment banks and consulting institutions, introducing the technical characteristics and operation mechanism of blockchain, and explai

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