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Broadly speaking, blockchain technology is a brand-new distributed infrastructure and computing paradigm that uses block chain data structure to verify and store data, uses distributed node consistent algorithm to generate and update data, u
"I can give you a coin in three minutes." At a blockchain related salon attended by renminct (ID: renminct), the host introduced a technician sitting beside him. "As for whether you can go to the exchange or not, it depends on your own opera
On the morning of September 8, the "blockchain + service trade and Application Conference and the Establishment Conference of the blockchain Innovation Service Industry Committee of the China International Chamber of Commerce" sponsored by t
[Blockchain economy]_The coin scholar sorted out the major events of development since China's reform and opening up. Throughout history, the country has prospered and developed rapidly, which is very gratifying. At the same time, as the sec
"I first met bitcoin at the age of 17, won the bronze medal of the Olympia information award at the age of 18, studied at the University of Waterloo in Canada at the age of 19, won the 2014 it software world technology award at the age of 20
[Columbus blockchain scam]_In December 2015, the U.S. Department of transportation (USDOT) launched a project called "smart city challenge" (SCC), which requires medium-sized cities in the United States to provide comprehensive and innovativ
According to the research conducted by grandreview, the blockchain market will reach US $394.6 billion by 2028, and there is no sign of any slowdown in its market growth. When the blockchain was in its infancy, it was mainly applied in close
Golden financial forwarding, according to the future value report of blockchain faction network, the fifth is the generation of one million + node miners, tens of millions of wallet addresses, 580W + block heights, blockchain browsers, walle
The full name of ICO is initialcoinoffering, which is called initial currency issuance, which means that smaller companies can raise funds publicly by issuing their own virtual currency at the beginning of establishment. It is a new concept
[Alibaba blockchain platform]_Blockchain is a product of the new economic era. With people's understanding and application of blockchain, blockchain will be a new growth point of the next generation of Internet in the future. Compared with t
Lei Feng: if 2017 is a year of virtual currency, the blockchain in 2018 will be a year of ecology and application, followed by new ways of playing and new ways of making money. To this end, Lei Feng launched the "ten people talk on blockchai
BlackRock (also known as BlackRock group), one of the world's largest asset management companies, ranked second with a turnover of US $1170.7 million, and only ranked second in the three rounds of financing of cryptocurrency startup circle,
Digital tools are being extended to the medical industry to become a key part of its services and promote the development of the whole society. More and more people are inclined to lower cost digital solutions instead of traditional telephon
With the rapid economic development, the new generation of information technology has gradually become an important driving force for economic development. Blockchain is one of the core technologies and has become a hot topic in recent years
The Ministry of industry and information technology announced the publicity of the preparatory scheme of the National Technical Committee for standardization of blockchain and Distributed Accounting Technology yesterday. The preparatory appl
[Free blockchain]_Philanthropy in China is developing rapidly. According to the "2018 World donation index" released by the British charity aid foundation, the number of charitable donations in China has ranked the third in the world. Howeve
[Blockchain Forum]_CCTV Chongqing news on August 20 (reporter Zhao Congcong) the reporter learned from Yuzhong District of Chongqing that on August 27, the 2019 China International Intelligent Industry Expo blockchain Summit Forum will be of
In the coming year, the company will continue to invest in the blockchain field. With the promotion of the maturity of blockchain products and solutions, it will focus on the layout of related NFT applications such as digital copyright and e
In China, there are many companies that are really doing blockchain technology, such as quchain technology, Vientiane blockchain, energy chain group, complex technology, Galaxy blockchain, Zhigui technology and medical chain group. They are
② Advanced trusted blockchain cross chain technology - NRT (Nanjing digital copyright trusted blockchain Technology) protocol, which is fully independently developed, supports cross chain calls and trusted interactions of heterogeneous sys

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