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Rio cocktail and Hello Kitty, white rabbit milk candy and smell library, people's daily and China Li Ning & hellip& hellip; In recent years, IP co branding has become the main form of energy exchange between brand cultures. However, the prob
On April 27, 2022, Liu Guohong, assistant to the president of China (Shenzhen) Comprehensive Development Research Institute, said at the Weizhong blockchain brand launch event that the cross-border financial link, which was first implemented
Bianews note: in April this year, when Sequoia Capital and Bian went to court for the investment agreement, we still felt: one day in the currency circle, one year in the world, and Sequoia is still acting according to the old rules and fall
[How to understand blockchain]_It is easy to build a blockchain Oracle network. But what is a Oracle network? Let's understand why the Oracle network is important and how it adds superpowers to the blockchain network. In short, the Oracle ne
Traceability is to track and record the circulation chain of tangible goods (logistics) and intangible information (information flow). It is mainly used in three categories of supply chains: food products (meat, vegetables, fruits, aquatic p
Bayesian networks and their applications? See below for details. Bayesian network is a method that uses strict mathematical methods to simulate a world. It is flexible, suitable for any level of knowledge you have, and also a method of compu
The future is around us. Since childhood, now is what we said at that time. If you look at the traffic situation in our country now, you can recall that the past was an earth shaking change. With the development of intelligence, traffic poli
To develop a DAPP, you first need to understand what problems the DAPP can solve. Secondly, you need to write a project white paper describing the technical principles and consensus mechanisms used by the DAPP. It is too complicated to devel
Yili has established a product quality traceability system based on blockchain and other technologies. The system applies big data, blockchain and other technologies to provide a platform for consumers to query the production date, batch, ma
On January 21, gaotu classroom announced that, according to the national policy requirements, the discipline training service of gaotu classroom in the compulsory education stage had been stripped off on December 31, 2021. Some of the teache
Blockchain may be the hottest concept since 2018. In 2017, after experiencing the ups and downs of 180000 to 2 million in the coin sea, and then becoming 120000 in the ashes, you will find that this technology is not strange when you re-exam
The hash value in the blockchain is a process of converting an input string of arbitrary length into a password and outputting it fixedly. The hash value is not a "password", and the original data cannot be retrieved by decrypting the hash.
From the integration of the Internet of things (IOT) to start-ups without bank accounts, all expressed their expectations for the blockchain in 2019. It has been more than ten years since Satoshi Nakamoto's famous white paper introduced bloc
On the 28th, Alibaba Dharma academy released the top ten scientific and technological trends in 2021. Breakthroughs in technology and application will be achieved in materials science, quantum computing, AI, biomedicine, industrial Internet
There is a saying among people who are keen on cryptocurrency that "the real innovation is not bitcoin, but blockchain". Blockchain is becoming more and more popular. Sometimes, people no longer use blockchain as "blockchain technology", but
Xinhua news agency, Beijing, August 30 (Meng Xin) nowadays, the value of patents for blockchain technology is constantly recognized. How can enterprises use blockchain patent layout to promote application landing and obtain the strategic com
On July 29, 2022, in order to implement the State Council's new generation artificial intelligence development plan, systematically guide all localities and entities to accelerate the application of artificial intelligence scenarios and prom
[Blockchain currency]_It was exposed that Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste contained tranexamic acid, a component of hemostatic western medicine, which attracted the attention of consumers. Some people questioned whether the hemostatic effect of Yun
According to the news of Shanghai Securities News on September 11, the reporter of Shanghai Securities News learned that in order to strengthen the guidance and regulation of blockchain technology and promote the safe and orderly development
Digital RMB business has become the focus of lakala's "payment service". Lakala has the market leading digital RMB payment acceptance capacity, and has served 1.55 million merchants. At the same time, lakala has achieved many national firsts

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