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At present, the most profitable business in the tourism industry is captured by global OTA giants such as Expedia and trivago. In order to grab a larger market share from OTA giants, tui, the world's largest leisure tourism enterprise, annou
According to British media, a Chinese insurance company is looking forward to changing China's chicken supply chain to use blockchain technology. According to the report on the website of the financial times on March 21, Zhongan online Prope
This examination marks that Tencent has established a mutual recognition mechanism for enterprise certification and vocational skill level recognition in Guangdong Province, explored the talent evaluation mode of "one test and two certificat
This year's government work report puts forward "promoting the development of the digital economy", and stresses "releasing the potential of data elements, improving application ability, better enabling economic development and enriching peo
On July 25, iResearch consulting and tianxiaxiu jointly released the report on the development of China's red people new economy industry in 2022 (hereinafter referred to as the report). The report has carried out a detailed and systematic s
→& rarr; This website (Wang Wenhua) Sichuan news on the morning of September 28, "the tradition is still in the future & mdash; & mdash; in the next 20 years, holding hands with the blockchain and dancing with the digital economy" Sichuan
On March 25, the first blockchain Innovation Summit Forum of China Association of small and medium sized enterprises, hosted by the industrial blockchain special committee of China Association of small and medium sized enterprises, will be h
On September 12, the Hong Kong International New Economy Research Institute jointly issued the white paper on the chain energy economy (hereinafter referred to as the white paper) with a number of institutions, putting forward the concept of
With the development of application scenario exploration, blockchain is expected to become an important engine for future industrial transformation. The baas (blockchain as a service) platform, as an important service form to accelerate the
On the evening of January 16, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange announced that it would strengthen the regulation of blockchain concept speculation. On the same day, according to a report on China Securities Network, the Shanghai Stock Exchange ha
With the continuous development of the blockchain field in 2019, the blockchain policies of various countries have also changed accordingly. According to the statistics of public data, there were 181 policy information related to blockchain
In 2020, the hottest topic in the cryptocurrency market is "halving". Driven by the halving market, the halved currencies led by BTC showed a strong upward trend. How to seize this wave of market and evaluate the right time? Of course, the a
2021 is the first year of the "14th five year plan" and also the year of the digital economy. As the underlying system of the new generation of Internet, blockchain has profound practical significance for further accelerating the development
Ma Le first came into contact with domestic digital collections in mid May. That afternoon, a friend suddenly sent a poster with a QR code via wechat, inviting him to scan the code and join a digital collection platform. Ma Le opened the pic
Recently, Ping An's one account financial released a white paper on blockchain. From building IFAB trade financing network, helping the Hong Kong Monetary Authority launch the international trade financing platform (etradeconnect), to becomi
On January 3, 2009, Nakamoto "dug out" the first bitcoin block in front of the computer and got the world's first 50 bitcoins. These bitcoins, which were not valuable at that time, are the footnotes of today's hot blockchain technology. The
After nearly two years of development, the topnetwork main network has achieved a major technological breakthrough, becoming the world's first full state fragment public chain, and will be officially released at the "second world blockchain
On the evening of January 4, the price of bitcoin plummeted to $28273.28, down more than $5000 from the peak of the same day, leading to a collective explosion of positions among highly leveraged long bitcoin investors. According to bitcoin
Continue with the topic related to halving, because I am really interested in the process of halving. The change of price, computing power, block out time, and the difficulty adjustment process of BTC, BCH and BSV are all very interesting th
The "media convergence chain" blockchain copyright platform developed by Xinhua News Agency China search was officially launched on the 28th. As the licensing unit of the "copyright protection new technology research and promotion site" of t

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