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2020 is "not very friendly" for Global trade. The superimposed impact of adverse factors such as the global economic downturn and anti globalization has continuously impacted the global supply chain, and the market uncertainty has risen shar
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After the collective "explosion" of the blockchain concept at the end of yesterday, the trend of the blockchain plate was significantly differentiated as soon as the market opened today. Fengfeng Group fell by the limit at the opening of the
[Blockchain game publishing network]_1. At present, there is a blockchain game platform called qubit. Qubit wants to build a fair, open and transparent game platform based on the blockchain. The fairness of the game is built on the blockchai
Recently, the word "blockchain" has exploded our social circles. Both Xiaobai, who has just learned this term, and the chain circle veteran who has been involved in the blockchain industry for many years, are mentioning a term, that is, bloc
Hotel reservation platform, boutique tourism routes, study tours, agricultural products & hellip& hellip; After these various tourism related contents are endowed with the blockchain technology, they have the characteristics of being tampera
To truly influence the world, blockchain has a very important breakthrough, which is the combination with artificial intelligence. For start-ups, the biggest bottleneck in the development of artificial intelligence is the lack of enough high
The blockchain was fermented over the weekend, and the market consensus was expected to be too strong. In the front row, Xinhu Zhongbao, Zhejiang University net new, easy to see shares, and Donggang shares were all sealed by large orders, an
According to the compilation of Huobi blockchain Application Research Institute, physical gold is about to usher in the digital gold rush called blockchain technology - one of the companies is working hard to ensure its responsible procureme
[Blockchain tutorial]_Grant, whose Chinese translation is "subsidies and grants", is an original concept born in Web3. It is playing an important role in expanding the ecological environment in the red sea of the public chain. It also provid
On March 16, koala Haigou upgraded the full link traceability system of goods. On the basis of the original anti-counterfeiting and anti malicious unpacking technology, it introduced the blockchain Traceability Technology to realize one clic
Backend as a service is a cloud service that provides back-end storage, computing and other support for web, Internet of things or mobile applications. It is also the earliest meaning of baas. In general, an application is divided into two p
[Blockchain, block]_Sina Financial News reported on November 7 that the two markets opened slightly lower, and then the overall market was stronger. The three major stock indexes turned red, and the index rose by more than 1%. On the disk, t
Real estate registration information has not been fully shared among departments in China. In order to improve the efficiency of registration and query, we must break the "data island" and realize the full circulation of registration data. T
On January 8, 2021, the price of bitcoin exceeded 40000 US dollars. That is to say, if you own a bitcoin, you can exchange it for almost 260000 RMB. You should know that when bitcoin was first introduced ten years ago, the price was only a f
"Lawyer, I saw a photo on the Internet and wanted to use it as a publicity picture of the enterprise. How can I do it without involving infringement?" Recently, a small and medium-sized enterprise operator in Chaozhou City raised a question
[Blockchain coding]_People's daily, Beijing, December 2 (Zhao Zhuqing) the reporter learned from China Aerospace Science and Industry Group Co., Ltd. that the company's cloud marketing platform uses blockchain technology to establish a safe,
With the price of bitcoin hitting a new high, the blockchain technology behind it has also become a national strategy, and the relevant technology has once again let people focus. However, this time it is no longer the hype and application o
On January 15, the real estate sector made a collective effort in the afternoon, and the consumption and financial sectors also showed strong performance, leading the Shanghai and Shenzhen indexes to close higher. As of the closing, the Shan
After several months of hard development and active preparation, in October this year, China Merchants Bank successfully launched the first receivables financing business for strategic partners through the "bay area trade finance blockchain

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