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In recent years, distributed ledger Technology (DLT) and blockchain have made great progress in function and complexity, and can provide solutions for various industries including the financial sector. Some central banks have carried out pil
Recently, the state Internet Information Office issued the announcement on the release of the fifth batch of domestic blockchain information service filing numbers, in which the products of Yuanguang software (002063) blockchain electronic c
July 30, Changyu & amp; The launching ceremony of Tencent blockchain cooperation project was held in Changyu Wine Culture Museum. Ma Bin, vice president of Tencent group, and Zhou Hongjiang, chairman of Changyu company, jointly represented C
"The sale is instant", "the purchase is instant", "the second-hand transaction can be speculated to nearly 100000 yuan" & hellip& hellip; Recently, digital collections that "can be seen but not touched" have been popular. The Xinhua Daily Te
[Blockchain investment]_In order to implement the spirit of the service enterprise week to support the reform and development of private enterprises and help the enterprises of the chamber of Commerce to resume work and production, on April
It is mentioned in the speech of the political bureau that major countries in the world are accelerating and laying out the development of blockchain technology. China has a good foundation in the field of blockchain. Therefore, it is necess
Don't use the rise of digital currency to prevaricate your shortcomings in the blockchain. This is the truth we must understand at present. Nevertheless, we still see so many people using the market of digital currency to verify their vacanc
Not long ago, mojang studio issued a public statement that "my world" does not support the use of NFT digital currency and blockchain technology in the game. In response to this statement, nftworlds, a company that provides NFT trading servi
It is reported that six newly discovered domestic virtual currency trading platforms have been closed since 2019. At present, relevant departments have processed 203 overseas virtual currency exchanges through technology in 7 batches, and cl
2019 is drawing to a close, and 2020 is on the way. Looking back on 2019, the blockchain industry has gone through a year of popularity and uproar, and the industry has ushered in major development opportunities. At the policy level, the cou
As early as April this year, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the opinions on building a more perfect system and mechanism for market-oriented allocation of factors, which for the first time listed data as the same prod
[What is the hottest platform in blockchain]_According to statistics, among the 31 Listed Companies in the A-share "blockchain" concept sector, 15 companies' share prices rose by more than 15% last week, of which the largest increase was as
On July 28, Lou Jianxun, vice president of ant chain, Shi Ning, director of key customers of mobile communication, and his party visited the Shenzhen headquarters of Dudu power exchange. The two sides had in-depth discussions on blockchain i
After entering the bear market, there are not so many chicken blood projects, most of which are silently promoted. I don't know which can survive the downturn market and usher in the outbreak. Learn more in the bear market and record the pro
Recently, Xi'an Zhigui Internet Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhigui Technology) successfully won the bid for the blockchain technology consulting service project of industrial and Commercial Bank of China to jointly promo
Digital economy is becoming an important engine of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation in the world. Facing the challenges brought by emerging digital technologies and complex digital scenes,
The top ten blockchain trading platforms are a very formal blockchain trading software, which brings a lot of monetary resources. Users can master the latest monetary direction online! All the platforms are free to help you avoid risks and i
The share price of Xiangyou technology has risen for three days in recent three days, up 5.2%. In 2022, the share price rose 11.45%, with a market capitalization of 2.292 billion yuan. From the perspective of the gross profit rate of Xiangyo
(reporter Meng fanxia intern reporter Liu Sihong) as the new year approaches, on the other side of intensifying the crackdown on the hype of virtual tokens in various regions, the new developments of the blockchain national team have also at
Recently, the "2021 Fourth National College AI big data blockchain Innovation Forum" was successfully held in Beijing. At the meeting, the "2021 list of 60 blockchain innovators in China" was announced, and Professor Xia Qi, founder and CEO

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