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I've heard of bitcoin, but I don't believe that bitcoin can be circulated one day, which means you may have already out. Microsoft accepted bitcoin payment. The price of a single bitcoin is about 3800 yuan. In the world of digital currency,
On July 22, 2018, the blockchain Shenzhen brand global conference of "link the world, link the brand" organized by Yichen technology in conjunction with Lido capital, non small, future finance and Hong Kong Xiaobei was successfully held in S
Today's market can be described as hot. The A-share index rose across the board, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index rose by nearly 1%, and the growth enterprise market rose by nearly 2%. The total trading volume of the two cities also exceede
Entrusted by the logistics management center of Tianjin Customs of the people's Republic of China, Tianjin Kangqiao Economic Management Consulting Co., Ltd. is now conducting competitive negotiation and bidding for technical services such as
Since the economic recession, crypto virtual currency has been highly sought after and is called a good medicine to solve the problems of unfairness and corruption in the traditional financial system. Supporters are convinced that with the r
The leading role of modern finance is the central bank. Over the past four hundred years, the central bank has grown from scratch, from weak to strong. From the earliest Swedish central bank to the Bank of England, to the Federal Reserve and
On the afternoon of January 27, the work promotion meeting of Chang'an chain ecological alliance was held in Beijing.||||At the meeting, the first domestically controllable blockchain software and hardware technology system "Chang'an chain"
On August 9, Cai Qi, Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party committee, when investigating the application innovation center of "yuanuniverse" in Zhangjiawan Design Town, Tongzhou District, stressed that "yuanuniverse" is a "new blue ocean"
On August 19, local time, the three major indexes of the US stock market opened low. The Dow index fell 0.47%, the NASDAQ index fell 1.03%, and the S & P 500 index fell 0.6%. Blockchain concept stocks fell, with marathon digital down 8%, coi
[Introduction to blockchain application development]_The reason why we choose voting as our first blockchain application is because of collective decision-making & mdash& mdash; Especially the voting mechanism & mdash& mdash; It is a core va
Bearing the important task of institutional and mechanism innovation and the construction of pilot Free Trade Zone, the Qingdao area of China (Shandong) pilot free trade zone has ushered in the third anniversary of its official approval and
However, artificial intelligence is not only a tool that brings convenience to people, but some of the most significant advances it brings are also reflected in the field of medical care, and relevant technicians are pursuing more applicatio
[Jiaqin comments] Tencent's blockchain patent improves the efficiency and security of the resource aggregation process by obtaining the target qualification certification data from the blockchain by the first node device based on the resourc
[Blockchain Zodiac stickers]_On the evening of August 8, China Unicom released the semi annual report of 2022, which showed that the company realized an operating income of 176.261 billion yuan in the first half of the year, with a year-on-y
In April this year, the Bank of China capsule tower in Tokyo was demolished due to its long-term disrepair and high maintenance cost, which caused the construction industry to lament. However, in just four months, it was reversed& mdash; The
At the invitation of the school of publishing, printing and design art of Shanghai University of technology, on the afternoon of September 18, Yue Yetu, the founder of the chain game player, attended the activity of "national first-class und
Bitstamp platform shows that bitcoin has hit the integer mark of $34000 for the first time in its history, and the latest quotation is $34057. The active votes of A-share digital currency include: zhidu shares, Xinchen technology, Feitian in
A few days ago, the state Internet Information Office officially released the names and filing numbers of the ninth batch of 348 domestic blockchain information services. The Jianzhan BSN blockchain anti-counterfeiting traceability system of
On the afternoon of January 22, at the "first China blockchain Industry Economic Development Annual Conference" held by Tsinghua University, Liu Quan, vice chairman of China blockchain ecological alliance and President of CCID blockchain Res
[Briefly describe the classification of blockchain]_From the mandatory waste classification in Shanghai to China's refusal to import foreign garbage besieged by the world's garbage, to the marine life threatened by the global garbage, the to

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